How AI is Improving Social Automation Through Data

Zaid Ahmed | Aug 20, 2020


Since the introduction of social media in the early 2000s, the transformation of online media over the years has had an immense impact on the way people (users) interact with each other to how brands engage with their customers. The evolution of advertising from the first digital ad for AT&T banner to engaging creatives powered by AI has disrupted the online behaviour. In the current digital era over 52% of brands get discovered online through social feeds and marketers know the importance of standing out with their strategy to get the best interaction. In recent years, Artificial Intelligence (AI) continues to gain momentum in digital marketing as it helps brands increase their productivity and drive business growth by helping them achieve better ROI.

As social media advances, customer data is now available more than ever before, that has helped companies find new ways to integrate AI Marketing tools to connect better with existing and future prospects. Digitally native brands have already started to leverage AI technologies to enhance their advertisements to drive higher engagement and understand their audience. AI helps in streamlining major processes by understanding the present and future customer trends that help in delivering automated meaningful engaging content that builds trust and drive customer loyalty towards the brand. According to MarketsandMarkets global AI in Social Media Market is forecasted to grow to USD 2.2 Billion by 2023, among which Machine Learning and Deep Learning segment are expected to have the largest market share during the forecast. Major league players such as Google, Facebook & AWS are investing aggressively into AI technologies that can be integrated into existing machine learning systems but however alteration of the algorithm to better understand the needs of the consumers still continues.


AI disruption in the social media market has increased productivity to over 85% through automation of research, management and promotion according to an in-house study done by DeepBrainAI. Digital Marketers are stoked with the new AI automation that is helping them cut down enormous work times, however, they are also intimidated by the rate at which the industry size is growing for AI which could mean that their jobs could be easily replaced by machines. Lack of standards to manage increasing structured data with a limited number of AI experts and prolonged digitalization has been restraining the growth of AI technologies. Nevertheless, digital marketers have increased the implementation and usage of best AI Marketing Tools to accelerate consumer engagement and reach through research, management and promotion on these platforms.

Social Research Automation

Research is one of the most important factors that determine the success of social media strategy. Social media research is the process of analyzing social data to conduct quantitative & qualitative research in order to analyze how users respond to the content that is posted on the platforms using data extraction tools that save large amounts of time and help in creating meaningful content. Social media algorithms are evolving every minute and hence digital marketers keep optimising their research strategies and methodologies to understand the way users interact with the content that gets generated. Social listening & Social Media Monitoring tools help in tracking key social metrics like online brand awareness and social share of voice.

The best social media monitoring tools help you get valuable data from the past to analyze trends and capture what the audience has posted about your brand on social platforms. Social media monitoring tools are algorithm-based software that extracts data by crawling and continuously indexing the data from the site that can be recalled using queries or strings of keywords. Unlike social media monitoring tools that help in measuring the success of our strategy using historic data, social listening is about the future. Social listening is analyzing data for actionable insights, it involves improving strategic decisions that determine the future social marketing strategy like the type of content to post, the hashtags that are most influential and the best posting times to shift your brand's positioning strategy.


Engagement with followers and the creation of engaging content is the most crucial part of growing a brand’s social reach. Brand health management is one of the most important reasons to be constantly in touch with social monitoring analytics that help in comparing previous week/month’s movements with the current day. Social monitoring tools help you analyze which platforms create the most buzz and engagement for your brand, investing additional resources in social platforms that generate the most conversions for your brand can be very beneficial for the sales growth. Having social business intelligence for your brand and its competitors can give an additional advantage to optimize existing strategy according to the futuristic trends of the market.

Social Media Management Automation

The way marketers interact and use social media has changed over the past few years, digital marketers have additional responsibilities other than posting content on social platforms. Only a few have the bandwidth of staying online on all their social media platform to curate and share content all day long. Innovation and growth in the social media industry has influenced many individuals to create platforms that target specific audiences. Brands that are based on a specific niche have started to invest their resources into these new innovations other than the major league players like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest etc. Alongside the development of the Social Media Platforms, tools integrated with Artificial Intelligence to manage social platforms have also seen massive growth in usage. These tools are designed to make managing social media platforms easier and more efficient, their key features allow users to automate research and schedule shareable content accordingly on multiple platforms.


Streamlining posts by automating tasks using these social media automation tools has enabled digital marketers/businesses to spend more time on other tasks that also play an essential role in the growth of a brand. Social media management tools can be integrated with multiple social media platforms in a single account that allows you to monitor as well as collaborate with others to catalyze the process. Automation tools for social media help you schedule the content at the best possible times when users are most engaging according to the historic data analysed from the previous and competitor posts. Social media automation tools that are integrated with both features of monitoring and scheduling helps brands get the best possible organic growth that aligns with the algorithm that is beneficial for long term traction for the social account. However, social media platforms were formerly built with the main aspect of interaction with the other users on the platforms and the concept was set with the fact that the users be online while sharing the content and also engaging with the users ‘commenting’ or ‘liking’ in real-time rather than just scheduling automated posts using these tools.

AI Targeted PPC Automation

Majority of the businesses and digital marketers know that social media like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube are the most lucrative platforms for advertisers. Like any other advertising media, social PPC ads are naturally complicated and have a learning curve of split testing and implementing strategies before earning healthy profits. Once, your brand finds an ad that delivers content to the right target audience, you can simply scale your ad campaign by increasing the budget to get the best ROI. However, it can take a while and a large chunk of your budget spend until your brand finds the right audience and ad type that is the most conversion optimised. Evolution of AI in social media has changed the game for many digital advertisers by saving large amounts of time and money that otherwise would have been wasted in the split testing.


The best valued PPC automation tools help set up and manage multiple platform campaigns in a single place, along with automatically optimising or pausing less performing promotions. They help in analyzing the most engaging audience and target them specifically to get the best ROI. They create a conversion funnel using data and generate ads for your audiences at different stages of conversion; awareness stage, consideration stage & decision stage. PPC automation tools also get integrated with other leading email marketing software to target an audience based on the user data of the emails. They use email integration to analyze the existing audience’s demographics, interests and behaviours and generate a custom audience for detailed social targeting based on previous user data. Email integration also helps PPC automation tools to retarget audiences that have already converted before to increase the CRO% and customer retention rates.

Future Of AI In Social Media


We are already witnessing a major increase of AI integrations in the social platforms to automate every possible task that would otherwise require human intervention like AI chatbots to automatically address queries and get quicker conversions. Many Social platforms have already started to get integrated with AI-based push notifications that allow social platforms to send smart notifications to users based on their likes and dislikes since they are more likely to have a better click-through rate. Data Scientists at DeepBrainAI predict that automation of purchase for e-commerce through AI chatbots integrated into social platforms will be the next step in the development of AI. Another major influential trend that is starting to unravel in artificial intelligence and machine learning implementation is the AI machine learning generated social influencers. Rise of these human-looking AI influencers have already started to help brands like Prada or Vogue but however, we are still uncertain of what this technology might uncover in the coming future.

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