Smart Home

Make Better Choices with Premium Smart Home Appliances

Smart homes are a modern-day boon where convenience is king. These days everything can be remotely controlled, from your electronic appliances to your curtains and drapes, even your AC's, lights, microwaves, and doors. In such a scenario, one never has to leave the couch for anything! And frankly, who doesn’t want that?

But in this burgeoning market, tons of solutions exist that don’t deliver on their promise. Many fake brands and international knockoffs exist that can put your investment at risk, or worse, leave them susceptible to cyber-attacks. In this case, online guides like this one ensure you find the best additions to your smart home based on consumer reviews. These tried and tested products are sure to take your living experience a notch higher.

One of the most sought after categories in this segment is Smart Bulbs. Now you can change the lights of your whole house based on your mood. Dim them for a lazy evening or turn them into a jazzy color for those house parties. Some bulbs even add strobe effects for those late-night binge drinking sessions. These bulbs can change from a pulsating purple to a warm mellow white at the touch of your phone.

The best smart bulb in this category as per reviews is the Lifx Wi-Fi enabled light bulb with over 16 million colors so that each day is different if you want it to be. With voice command control options, automated wake-up schedules, and easy connectivity with Alexa and google assistant, these bulbs are the only kind you’ll ever need.

Another critical category in this smart home segment is motion sensors. These specially engineered devices can control everything, from alarms, cameras, and security systems to bulbs, AC’s, etc. These sensors allow for indoor and outdoor activities with smartphone integration for greater security. These sensors also help save electricity in commercial and personal spaces by switching off appliances when no one is present.

One of the best in this category of motion sensors is the Insteon Motion Sensor for home security. With wireless connectivity options, quick and easy motion detection, night mode to capture long-range objects and built-in LED lights for ease of operation, you will never have to rely on any other motion sensor for your safety. Insteon covers it all.

To summarize, many products are available in the market but few make the cut and deliver on their promise of quality and security. In such cases, quality guides like this will make sure you get your money’s worth and feel in control of your smart home system. Enjoy your days in ease and bliss with these smart add-ons to your home that make all experiences easier by a huge measure. Happy shopping!