Best Cooktops

Modern and stylish designed cooktops comes with 100% stainless steel material, digital temperature control, auto shut off and child lock protection for seamless cooking experience.

By Customer Feedback

  • Perfect electric cooktop for moms, housewives
  • Frustration-free certified cooktops
  • 15000 BTU power boil burner for fast heats and boils
  • Best gas cooktop for cookware
  • Safety/USA and Canada ETL certification
  • Best ceramic cooktop with minimal counter space
  • Four radiant cooking elements
  • Powerful downdraft exhaust system
  • Induction technology for instant cooking
  • Individual 150 minutes timer for each burner
  • High-level of thermal performance
  • Support light-weight containers
  • Downdraft exhaust with black glass surface
  • Sealed cooktop burners
  • Eco-friendly and handy cooktop
  • Five heating elements to control the temperature
  • Timer, hot, lock touch control elements
  • Best ceramic cooktop for quick meal preparation
  • Ceramic glass allows easy to clean surface
  • Perfect cooking with high heating levels
  • Multiple cooking modes with lock function
  • Best cooktop for all cooking types
  • Power-sharing technology between burners
  • Serves as portable cooktop for RV’s, and dorms
  • Residual heat indicator, glass-ceramic material
  • Ul and EGO safety-approved burner cooktop
  • Thermocouple protection for gas leakage
  • High-quality stainless steel materials
  • Durable german Schott ceramic glass panel
  • Safety devise with flameout detection feature
  • Maximum 15000 BTU power for fast heating
  • Deep-recessed to fit in small hollow space
  • Electric induction cooktop with 4 booster burner
  • Tempered glass surface for spotless cleaning
  • 36-inch induction cooktop with 5 cooking zones
  • Scratch-resistant vitro ceramic glass
  • Includes thermocouple flame out failure system
  • Elegant brushed stainless steel finishes control knobs
  • Flush mounted rotating electric control
  • Aluminium mesh filters with an electronic rotating disc
  • Dual ring burner, hot-surface indicator
  • Auto shutdown, child lock feature
  • Suits to traditional and modern kitchens
  • Heat protection and safety lock features
  • Intuitive control board allows power setting
  • Best energy-efficient ceramic cooktop
  • Budget-friendly gas cooktop
  • Spill-proof design for hygienic kitchen
  • Well suited for every home use
  • Easily adjust low, medium, and high flame
  • Simple cleaning with cast iron grates
  • Space-saving cooktop for convenient kitchens
  • Perfect for a beautiful look in countertop kitchen
  • Premium europe heating element for instant cooking
  • Best electric cooktop for small space
  • Built-in design complements kitchen interiors
  • Prevent from scratches, stains and rust
  • Auto on/off system for overheating
  • Stainless steel design body
  • Cast iron materials for durability
  • Polar series with push to turn controls
  • Heat limiting cooking surface protector
  • Child lock option to protect from damages
  • Electromagnetic induction technology
  • flawless smooth tempered glass surface
  • High power heating with deep fry and grill
  • Adaptable with magnetic cookwares
  • Best ceramic cooktop for singles, dorm’s students
  • Edge to edge heavy cast iron grates
  • LPG and natural gas nozzles for multiuse
  • Auto shut-off gas supply system
  • Well suited for a single-family home
  • Smart key to select rice, milk, fry functions
  • Best magnetic induction cooktop for home purpose
  • Reliable and fully equipped cooktop
  • Pre-installed gas regulator, power cord and LPG nozzle
  • Five gas burner allows different heat levels as frying, searing
  • Energy-efficient and less expensive cooktop
  • Five sealed burners with different heat settings
  • Protect against overheating and gas leakage problems
  • 2 fans for efficient heat dissipation
  • Child lock safety with ultimate reliability
  • Power boost function for 5 minutes
  • Auto shutdown and overheating protection
  • Plush-to-turn knob and indicator lights to ensure safety
  • Best for commercial and outdoor use
  • NSF and ETL approved induction cooktop
  • Affordable and energy saving option
  • Flexibility heating temperatures
  • Numerous safety for unexpected accidents
  • Best ceramic cooktops for adventure-seeker, campers
  • Heat-sensitivity with infrared technology
  • Over-heating protection system
  • Best ceramic cooktop for housewives
  • CSA certified convertible stainless steel cooktop
  • Six heaters with adjustable feet
  • Aluminium or copper layer to transfer heat
  • Offer plain exterior to keep tidy
  • Great for everyday use in dorms, and offices
  • Electronic temperature control system
  • Compatible with a tea kettle, glass, aluminium
  • Ideal ceramic cooktop to scramble eggs, soups
  • Durable and sturdy heavy-duty cast iron grates
  • Ergonomically design metal knob for easy operation
  • Best in quality, reliability and safety
  • Sealed gas burner make easier for cleanup
  • Low simmer burner help for general food items
  • Cast-iron grates to balances heavy pots and pans
  • Compatible with LPG adapter
  • Non-allergic stainless steel material
  • Electric ignition and automatic re-ignition
  • 300CFM exhaust rating with downdraft ventilation
  • Latest auto shut off protection technology
  • Capable for multi-use of RV’s, light cooking family
  • Budget-friendly cooktop
  • Chassis design to stop airflow from combustion stability
  • Digital LED sensor touch control panel
  • Ultra-thin and lightweight design fit for an island kitchens
  • Premium quality Italian burner
  • Stainless steel Hand-finished cooktop with 6 burners
  • Compatible with magnetic cookwares
  • Adjustable 15 power levels like stir and deep-frying
  • 6 different pre-programmed temperatures
  • 100 hours of cooking functionality
  • Push-button controls with digital display
  • Maximizing power technology with overheating sensors
  • NSF listed and ETL sanitation approved induction
  • Precision control with timer
  • Compatible with iron and stainless steel utensils
  • Best magnetic induction cooktop for outdoor parties
  • Multi-functional induction cooktop
  • Easy to use digital plush button control
  • NSF and ETL approved induction cooktop
  • Ceramic glass top for gentle cleaning
  • 180 minutes built-in programmable timer
  • Versatile, sleek, and portable induction cooktop
  • Premium glass wear resistance
  • Sensitive touch buttons for enhanced usage
  • Automatically shut-off technology
  • LCD control panel, pan detection
  • Flameless burner designed stove
  • Stain-resistant nature for quick clean
  • Adjustable thermostat for cooking
  • Heavy-duty cast iron plates and non-slip rubber feet

Cooktop Buying Guide - How To Choose A Best Cooktop For Your Home?


Are you struggling between the best brand for induction cooktops modle? Or don't know where to start to choose the right cooktop? If yes, you have come to the right spot. 

It's pretty exciting to know the parameters like types, heating element, material quality, etc., while choosing a cooktop. You can simply filter out and shortlist the options according to your preferences. Our buying guide below will save your time, money by not opting for fraudulent models. Why wait? Let's get started!

Types of Cooktop

The first thing of course which you should keep in mind is the type of cooktop that you are looking for. If you do not know about various options available, you need not worry. We will go into the details of these options and their pros and cons to help you make that decision.

Gas Cooktops

The gas cooktops are famous for their precise heat control which means you shouldn't look beyond them. Moreover, the efficiency of gas cooktops for commercial use is higher than most electric cooktops, and cleaning them is not an easy task. In addition to that, they also comes with a mixed bag, making it a perfect choice. 

Electric Coil Cooktops

Many consumers believe that all types of electric cooktops are the same. It is a myth. Electric hobs can be divided into two types. The first one is the electric coil hob which uses metal coils to generate heat and can handle high temperatures. However, similar to the gas hobs, these are slow to heat, difficult to clean, and affordable compared to electric smooth top Hobs. 

Electric Smooth-top Cooktops

The electric smooth top cooktops are one of the most elegant options which you will find. They have a sleek look and are not that heavy either. Also, they have plenty of features like low heat setting, bridge element connection, and so on. It means that if you are looking for the most convenient models, these are the perfect ones. 

Ceramic Cooktops

Is durability your primary concern while buying a cooktop? If yes, you should check out ceramic cooktops. They are not only highly durable but aesthetically pleasing as well. Moreover, they are suitable for cooking delicacies that require low heat settings. The consistent surface means that they are easy to clean and maintain. On the downside, however, they take some time to attain the temperature which you require. Also, they are bulkier as compared to your ordinary cooktop. You have to keep these factors in mind and then make your buying decision.

Induction Cooktops

Induction cooktops are very popular these days. They use electromagnetism to radiate the heat to the utensils. That is why they are entirely different when compared with gas or electric ones. The primary reason why they have become so popular is that they generate heat almost instantaneously. 

A unique feature of these cooktops is that the hob does not get hot, while the magnetic field generates heat. Also, when you change the temperature, the response is instantaneous, which is another reason to go for it. 

Infrared Cooktops

With each passing year and advancement in technology, infrared cooktops are becoming more and more efficient. At the core, they consist of a lamp that gets radiated and heats the utensils. The best thing is that you can use it with any cooking pans.  The radiation of heat is quite faster, and hence, you will get the desired temperature pretty soon. 

Now, we will go into the subsequent factors below.

Size Of A Cooktop

One of the prime factors to consider while comparing different hobs is the size. These days, the space on our countertops or platform is at a premium. That is why; you have to always look at the measurements before making your decision.

Generally speaking, the length varies between 21 inches to 28 inches. Many of them have up to 6 burners as well. The size of the hob is directly proportional to the number of cooking burners. You have to look at the amount of space available on your platform or island and then choose one to ensure that it can fit easily into the designated area. 

Heating Fuel

Another parameter to keep in mind is the fuel that the hob uses. It can be a gas, or electric-based or induction based. The gas one, as the name suggests, uses gas as the primary source of fuel. The electric ones require an electrical connection. The induction one still relies on an electric connection, but the heat generation and radiation mechanism are different.

Ideally speaking, the induction one is the most efficient option which you have. Also, since it works on electricity, you won't have to worry about storing gas in a separate canister when using the induction one. That is why; it is a convenient and economical fuel option when you're looking to buy one.

Construction Quality

The surface of the hob can be of stainless steel or tempered glass or other such materials. You have to always look at the construction quality of the hob before making your decision.

Stainless steel might seem more durable, but it is not is aesthetically pleasing. On the other hand, when you go with tempered glass, it has excellent aesthetics, but you will have to maintain it pretty carefully to avoid breakage. Each of the materials has its advantages and disadvantages, and therefore you need to decide the one you prefer the most.


Do you know how much maintenance a cooktop needs? Rather than just being attracted by the features, it is essential to look at the maintenance it needs. You should always choose a low maintenance design.

The more the heating elements, the higher will be the maintenance. However, when you're going with something like an induction hob, the maintenance is on the lower side, while the gas hob is on the higher side. The ceramic and induction hobs have low maintenance.

When comparing different options, it is better to check out the recommended cleaning mechanism. Once you do that, it will become easy for you to choose a low maintenance hob.


Many consumers these days want a cooktop that offers digital controls. While digital controls certainly add a bit of convenience but knob-based controls are not bad either. You have to decide the one you prefer before shortlisting the hobs that you want to buy.

We will go into the details of these control types below to help you understand which one is a better choice.

• Touch Controls: On the face of it, touch controls might seem like a pretty good option. However, touch controls mean that the surface will be more sensitive and prone to damage. On the flip side, the touch controls will provide you with a precise control mechanism, which is an advantage.

• Knobs: If you're a rough user, the knobs are the perfect option for you. They are easy to clean and can handle wear and tear as well. Thus, when comparing the two types of control options, you have to keep these factors in mind and then choose the hob.

Burner Specifications

Whether you're buying an electric cooktop or the induction one, you should look at the specifications of the burners. These will let you know the amount of heat that they can generate. The frigidaire cooktop comes in five burner featured for effective and fast cooking. 

The higher the amount of heat that they can generate, the better it is for you. At the same time, you must look at the lower heat limit as well. It will help you understand whether you can use the burner for simmering or just for heating the foodstuffs or both. The unit for burner heating capacity is BTU. So you can check the BTU reading of the burner to check the details. Thus, the upper threshold, as well as the lower threshold, needs to be taken into account while selecting the hob.

Ignition Mechanism

Does the hob really come with an auto-ignition mechanism? Yeah! These days, apart from some gas hobs, all others provide auto-ignition mechanism. It is a definite advantage and can save you a lot of time. For instance, if you are going for the gas cooktop, then only you need to think about the manual mode of ignition.


Cooktops these days are available in all shapes and sizes. The aesthetics and finishing can vary from one option to another as well. You must look at the interiors and the decor of your kitchen before choosing the hob. Only if the hob can amalgamate into the decor of your kitchen, you should go ahead and think about using it.

The excellent news about aesthetics is that irrespective of the type of hob which you are choosing, you will always find a model that matches your aesthetic requirement. It means that all you need is to search for the right model, and you can find one quite easily. You won't have to compromise on aesthetics in today's age.

Budget-Friendly Nature

We have knowingly kept this factor as the last one. If you just look at the budget, you might not be able to choose an efficient or reliable cooktop. That is why, only once you have considered the above nine factors, you should take the budget into account.

It should be the last factor to take into account. You can spend a little beyond your budget, but doubling your budget to buy the cooktop is not a wise decision. That is why; it is the last filtration criteria that will help you make that buying decision.

So, if you're confused about the cooktops which you should buy, our cooktop buying guide above will undoubtedly help you out. Our aim here is to make you aware of all the factors to consider while comparing. Once you are aware of these factors, it will become easy for you to pick the right cooktop.

Among the plethora of options available, only a handful will meet these criteria and would be suitable for you. Our guide above will help you choose between those handfuls of options so that you do not have to spend days comparing different choices available. Go; buy the GE cooktop by cooktop comparison from the above list!