Best Email Marketing Softwares

Automated marketing platforms provide campaign based reporting and analytics to engage with an increasingly fragmented audience.

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  • Provides the ability to edit rich texts
  • Auto resend and RSS campaigns
  • Builds attractive web forms and pop-up notifications.
  • Audience segmentation and customer surveys
  • Subscriber and mailing list management
  • More than 17 attractive template designs
  • Flexible user subscription management
  • A/B split testing functionality
  • Create dynamic emails with merge tags
  • Extensive reporting capabilities with unlimited emails
  • List segmentation feature
  • Email, phone and chat support
  • Intelligent third party application integration
  • Reporting and split testing system
  • Responsive email designings
  • Performs analytics and webinars
  • Professionally designed ready-to-go templates
  • Email creator of A/B testings
  • Lead score and Analytic tracking system
  • Cloud base marketing tool
  • Drip campaigns and event-triggered emails
  • Innovative marketing automation integration
  • Beginners friendly tools with low maintenance
  • Geo tracking and page visit reportings
  • Image library and template management system
  • Easy to use responsive email creator
  • API integration with JSON, XML and PHP strings
  • Zero tolerance policy protection
  • Integration of social media and CRM’s
  • Customizable templates for both mobile and templates
  • Automatically removes duplicates and unsubscribed contacts
  • Integration with various list building tools
  • Provides different level of account access
  • Deployment of Cloud and SaaS
  • Great task and territory management
  • Unlimited possibilities to create unique sites
  • Personalized email messages for leads
  • One place for managing and tracking
  • Marketing automation integration system
  • Well connected and mobile ready layouts
  • Provides accurate and confidential reports
  • SEO optimized content for business growth
  • Compact and easy to use funnel marketing tools
  • Excellent end-user support interface
  • Multi-currency and discount management
  • Payment gateway integration with invoice history
  • Subscription billing and MIS reports
  • Full pledged API and third-party integration
  • Intuitive dashboard with the interface system
  • Simple and powerful drag and drop functionality
  • Nurtures and tracks the score leads automatically
  • Monitors real-time customer behaviour
  • Enables multi-channel communication
  • Performs quick email campaigning
  • Convenient and Simple drag and drop editor
  • Advanced geo-optimized sharing of files
  • Smart sendings with scheduled plans
  • Collection of impressive and responsive email templates
  • Campaign and form analytics
  • Advanced personalized newsletter templates
  • Artificial intelligence subject line score
  • Website behavioural tracking system
  • Unlimited emails for targeting recipients
  • Dedicated technical and customer support
  • Easy to use interface platform
  • Offers high deliverability
  • Features amazon simple email service
  • Great live chat support
  • alerts/escalation and interaction tracking
  • Automated routing of multi-channel communication
  • Customizable branding and email interaction system
  • Click through tracking feature
  • Wide range of image library
  • Handles large number of emails in a single time
  • Full integration with e-commerce platforms
  • Chrome extension for contacts
  • Quick email verification system
  • Browse leads based on specific domains
  • Narrows search of business and emails
  • Web-based, cloud and SaaS deployment
  • Template management of reporting and analysis
  • Email monitoring and spam protection
  • Professionally designed templates and layouts
  • Dynamic Opt-in and Opt-out forms
  • Manage cross channel communication
  • Dashboard provides real-time visibility
  • Mailing list management of dynamic content
  • Event-triggered emails with autoresponders
  • Create highly targeted strategies
  • Provides behavioural targeting audience dashboard
  • Single-step automation of email notification
  • Multi-step custom workflows
  • Run social media ads directly from dashboard
  • Fairly intuitive design with solid reporting systems
  • Managed IP warm-up process
  • API access for integration
  • Powerful audience management portal
  • Tailored made managed email delivery
  • Unlimited email campaigns and subscriber
  • Track categorized emails and funnels
  • Cross marketing platform for mobile and desktop
  • Conversion track dashboard for performance
  • Visual emails with automated workflows
  • Process automation of subscriber taggings
  • Webform with dynamic email validation
  • Compare data from previous campaigns
  • Simple one-click for adding images and icons
  • Unlimited campaigns and storing of contacts
  • Advanced sign-up forms
  • Dynamic email content and HTML emails
  • API integration integrable sign up forms
  • Social media and e-commerce integration
  • In-depth reports and analysis for performance
  • Autoresponder template feature
  • User-friendly tools for creating emails
  • Provides advanced reporting and analytics
  • Dedicated drip and email campaigns
  • Intelligent data-driven smart pop-up system
  • Anti-spam compliance ISP relations
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How to Choose the Best Email Marketing Services?


Do you think so much of technology advancements are eliminating the need for email marketing services? The thought is so obvious when social media and other progressive digital marketing tools are delivering the best of brand exposure, customer engagement, and also instant feedback in real-time. Although traditional by nature, email marketing remains the efficient choice for small businesses if not so large businesses to connect with site visitors, build customer loyalty and drive higher conversions. 

Owning to increased brand recognition through an affordable business communication component, email marketing services can give you an edge to stay competitive in your specific industry. The good news is you can leverage great amounts of business benefits and also optimize your investment. To get the best out of this marketing campaign service, your careful approach must coalesce your business purpose with business outcomes.  Here we present some of the great tricks to choose the best email marketing services.

Smart Tips To Choose The Best Email Marketing Services

To meet the purpose of audience engagement and lead generation, you ask yourself a few questions. This helps you discover the best tool for complementing your business needs.

  • What is an email marketing service?
  • How often do you need to monitor email marketing activity? 
  • Why is it still relevant? 

A SaaS-based digital marketing component to aid the creation, delivery and analysis of emails that engage with customers and boost business is called an email marketing service. 

As you use third-party services like MailChimp, HubSpot among others, it does not require week-by-week monitoring on your part. The third-party service is worth giving it a good check. Using weekly or monthly analytics on performance can help you achieve your business goals. 

With prelude to the earlier mention, social media dominance may tempt you to leave this email strategy as a promotional campaign. But, there are so many compelling facts in support of email marketing promotions.

  • There is no denying 91% of email users sneak into their inbox at least once a day.
  • Email marketing generates 2.3% of more conversion rates than 1% for the social media campaign
  • Every $1 spent on email marketing can fetch returns of about $ 42
  • Every email attract users’ attention as opposed to social media posts amid thousands of posts every second 
  • Email marketing being an integral part of social media posts, adding like or share buttons to your emails helps increase brand engagement.

While choosing the aweber service, you must determine that your email marketing efforts yield the results you are looking for through the most coveted service features.

Automated email marketing

As you target to reach every customer, you must be vigilant and send across emails repeatedly which is labor-intensive, time-consuming, and also needs attention. Automated email marketing service can be of great help. 75% of marketers are already using automation since custom automation workflow can perform best generating the highest click-through rates.

Facilitating the most effective email marketing automaton requires mapping customer data and creating personalized content based on this data. With automation in email marketing, you can enjoy its flexibility with different functions like,

  • Drip campaign creation
  • Creating email funnels
  • Email scheduling with follow-ups and reminders
  • Response/feedback collection 
  • Configurable role-based access
  • Audience re-segmentation 
  • Response handling 

Using these high prioritized capabilities, you can save time as it allows trimming down the to-do-list and focusing on high quality leads. When you look to automate, HubSpot can serve your purpose quite well.

Focus on user-generated content

Yes, you must harness the power of user-generated content. It is the same as any other content like blogs, images and video. But, they differ from the perspective of its creator that is the audience. 

Reviews and testimonials comprise this type of content. We already know user generated content is useful to encourage trust and facilitate communications between brands and audience. For any customer, reviews pay off at scale. At the same time, you just add customer reviews or their photos into emails instead of creating content and waste lots of precious time. UGC probably would work.

Quality matters not quantity

Out of 281 billion emails, 42% of them are checked by users on their mobiles or tablets. It means subscribers are more interested in content which is precise and easy-to-understand. More so, studies have reported that the highest click-through-rates come with a brief described content with only 75-100 words. Similarly, emails with multiple images in combination with 20 lines of text do wonder for click-through rates. 

While hiring an email marketing service, evaluate how they can serve up to your expectations and also how they go well with the “less is more” approach to target subscribers when they are on the go by downloading the convertkit email marketing software.

Personalized email templates

Customers today want more personalized experience from the brands they follow. AI and machine learning-based predictive analytics best suit the needs of the customers. Merge tags are a predictive analytics-powered tool. This helps insert code into customer emails for personalization by syncing customer data and email templates. Thanks to AI and machine learning that enable the following:

  • Creation of higher converting email subject lines
  • Determining to send time and frequency of email delivery 
  • Facilitating appropriate campaigns based on customer segmentations 
  • Access to real-time customer data

Keep this in mind as you leverage the email marketing service.

A/B testing for email marketing

Integrating A/B testing into your email marketing ensures you no longer waste time with an email that does not work. 

This testing tool helps you determine which campaign resonates with your audience, performs best in line with your activity frequency, and also which call-to-action generates most clicks for you. There are more advanced testing options for email marketing that fall into split testing.

As is with an advanced type of testing, it includes customizable tactics that add multiple elements such as messaging look and feel, image placements, and also personalization. While you prepare the most effective email campaign for your audience, it does not cost much while improving the overall email conversion. 

ActiveCampaign, Aweber, Twilio, SendGrid, MailChimp, and HubSpot integrate this feature in their email marketing software tools coupled with real-time analytics.

High Delivery And Low Bounce Rate 

The most common thing that happens with emails designed for marketing is that they most often find their destination in the SPAM. Assess the success rate of message deliverability and also low bounce. In order to avoid high bounce rates, you must check with the email marketing service and ensure they follow all the guidelines in line with CAN-SPAM rules. It involves valuable information, name, and address of the host and also a button of unsubscribing.

Wrapping up

Now, we have understood that overlooking the power of email marketing can be detrimental to our vision aiming to bring in robust promotional activities. With loads of effective marketing campaign features, email marketing can prove efficient for optimization efforts designed to offer maximum ROI. Although choosing the right email marketing tool or service is a tricky one, to be able to know your goals and take time to understand the best one among various options can help you make the right decision, check out the mailerlite email marketing tool for effective business workflow. 

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