Best Shopify Themes

Shopify themes provides a full content module with multiple styles and layouts to improve the efficiency of the site.

By Customer Feedback

  • Multipurpose design with Ajax Mail Chimp filters
  • Validated HTML5 and CSS3 table-less design
  • Sticky menu with powerful theme options
  • Preview capability with unlimited header and footer styles
  • Unique homepage layouts with elegant animations
  • Animation and multi layouts for mega menus
  • Quick view types with 8 different home pages
  • Mobile friendly blog layouts
  • Isotope commercial developer license
  • Video tutorials for easy understandings
  • Advanced product filter system for easy navigation
  • Ajax infinite scroll module for current pages
  • Custom contact page and blog page design
  • Layered navigation with automatic image resize
  • Responsive design with unlimited colours and layouts
  • Quick zoom and magnifier support
  • Elegant animations with different header and footers
  • Auto currency and currency switcher support
  • Compatible design for laptops, mobiles and tablet
  • Trending product carousel of promotional banners
  • Extended documentation with eye catching galleries
  • SEO optimized typography options
  • Fast performance scroll animations
  • Built in share option social media integration
  • Multiple header styles with page scroll animations
  • Full width image banner for Ajax pagination
  • Custom content section and google integration
  • SEO optimized google rich snippet tool
  • Unique lazy load effect and age verification system
  • Built in live search and variation swatches
  • Auto height option to adjust the images
  • Quick view with product hover option
  • Multiple header designs with extensive options
  • Animated counter and team member shortcodes
  • Unique google rich snippet support
  • Translation ready mega menu option
  • Advanced theme and page heading options
  • Portfolio style of hiding text on mouse over
  • Dynamic homepage section list
  • Multi styles of gallery images
  • Shopify fonts of advanced typography
  • Unlimited layouts collections of lazy loading images
  • Advanced colour settings with unlimited skin colours
  • Support multiple currencies and languages
  • Responsive design flexible mega menu functionality
  • Unique banner slide in category page
  • SEO friendly grid layouts and list modes
  • Simple drop and drag theme with unlimited options
  • Translation ready lifetime auto updates
  • Boxed, wide and full width general layouts
  • Custom google map integration with color schemes
  • Styled banner sections of page heading images
  • Custom image sizes with advanced filtres
  • Single product support
  • Drop down menu and social media support
  • Responsive layout for quick shopping
  • Easy translation and switching modes
  • Super mega menu with unlimited colours
  • Variant images with a beautiful slider options
  • Easy customization with responsive design
  • Google snippet tools for SEO performance
  • Revolution slideshows with unlimited colours
  • Well documented admin panel control
  • Built in blog post and brand logo slider
  • Amazing sliders with product zoom In option
  • Validated HTML5, CSS3 and Sass CSS format codes
  • Elegant Ajax layered navigation feature
  • Variant colour options of themes and templates
  • Infinite scroll module with lazy loading images
  • Zoom and lightbox effects in product images
  • Advanced custom grid layouts and filtering
  • Unlimited colour options for blog skins
  • Off canvas fast search of products and descriptions
  • Simple drag and drop for content add and remove
  • Extensive documentation with quick tutorials
  • Unique custom thumbnail crop script
  • Custom buttons and tabs with social sharing
  • Mobile compatible code and design
  • Currency automatically changes based on location
  • 5 new skins with unlimited options
  • Sub collection and gallery page
  • Group variants with powerful banners
  • Extensive feature of shopify payment gateway
  • Effective themes for affiliate marketing
  • Beautiful product pages with shop layouts
  • Coding free premium plugins
  • Fully Compatibility with oberly
  • Mega Menu vertical and horizontal layouts
  • Supports Google rich snippet tool
  • Advanced mobile friendly design
  • Dynamic checkout button with catalog mode
  • Minimalistic design of search and filter system
  • More than 75 unique homepage layouts
  • Different page variants with footer combinations
  • Supports Multiple header options
  • Numerous product filters with image ratios
  • Custom and question popup system
  • Advanced mega menu with different banner buttons
  • Individual setting of more than 30 themes and widgets
  • Versatile design interactive sliders
  • Flexible layouts with easy banners
  • Custom fields of spider navigation
  • Sales and GDRP pop notifications
  • Optimized UI and UX elements
  • Advanced vertical mega menu builder
  • Dynamic OR checkout buttons
  • Customizable front pages with large sliders
  • SEO friendly responsive design
  • Full width page layouts of contact form
  • Custom styled checkouts of social media sharing

Shopify Themes Buying Guide - How To Pick Most Popular Shopify Themes?


Ever wondered what attracts a user who just landed on your website, Any guesses? Well, it's your beautiful theme. You can easily catch the attention of any user with your mind-blowing templates if optimized correctly. With a wide-range of Shopify Themes.

Online platforms are difficult to compete as compared to physical stores. In a digital network, you need to focus on every visual element so that it adds a great experience of the customer.

Is it tough to find the best theme for your online shopping store? Don't worry; we'll help you out in solving all your queries. Sit tight and relax!! We'll take you on the journey on how to choose the best theme and necessary points before making a purchase.

When it comes to choosing the best shopify website themes, then it becomes one of the tedious tasks to do. We know you have time restrictions and to solve this, we have bulletined the points so that it's easy for you to analyze the content and catch the vibe.

Make Sure Your Shopify Theme Matches Your Niche

There is a saying that your website must match with your theme and it should be obvious and self-explanatory. Your theme should not be messy and difficult to understand by the user. Is your theme is difficult to operate, then your customers are more likely to bounce back.

Shopify themes for dropshipping websites are a perfect option for an eCommerce theme, the reason being; they have a simple and intuitive design which makes the customer comfortable in purchasing the product.

We've listed down some points that you need to make your theme more friendly-

  • Miss placing of Call to action, it should be placed properly aligning with the product and description.
  • Improper product descriptions might create confusion for your customers. Ensure you align descriptions properly.
  • Adding a review option can highly recommend your product to the visitors of business-page.
  • Adding high-quality images and attractive images grab the attention of customers, and the features of a product must be defined.

Think Of Your Resources When Selecting A Shopify Premium Theme

Highly attractive themes require a high budget to purchase. So before buying a theme, you need to understand the need for optimization and how much your pocket allows.

High visuals themes are appreciated by customers and help in better engagement, but if you are tight in budget, then you need to figure out the best way to invest. You can look for themes for your shop so that you can make your investment accordingly. If you don't want to spend on the theme, then don't worry there are plenty of free theme options available on Shopify which you can try, and also gives a good response to your eCommerce business.

View Your Products On The Shopify Theme

Before purchasing your theme, you must see how your product is visible on different Shopify themes. You can make use of templates available to analyze your online shop products.

Make Your Search Close To Lightweight Shopify Themes

Just avoid themes that have higher load time or graphic elements as it increases loading time and affects the user experience, resulting in bouncing of customers.

Users highly prefer shopify themes for clothes that are lightweight and take less time in loading. The lightweight theme gives an endless shopping experience to customers as they have less load time and saves the time of customers while browsing the website. As per the records, 38% of the audience bounce backs if they don't find a website theme attractive. This amount of audience you cannot ignore, so let's make everything on a website look attractive.

High-Quality Visuals

Don't you think high-quality content and images are an important part of a good theme? Why?
Your visuals can surely guide the customers in buying a particular product or service. Visual and genuine photographs provide a real experience to the customer and the most crucial for any seller.

As client capacities to focus are shortening, it's imperative to get their enthusiasm for only seconds when going to your site's customer-facing facade. For that, you'll need to search for a layout that permits you to offer advancements.

  • Do your themes allow the use of GIFs or short videos to showcase talent?
  • Is there a section for a promotional image to promote a product?
  • Can you share catchy lines with some amazing font styling?
  • Can you create a carousel effect on your theme? Carousels are mostly liked by users whenever they search for a particular product.
  • Does the layout offer a zoom work for item photos?

Mobile User-Oriented

As we all know that these days mobile users are increasing daily and doing their necessary shopping through mobile phones. So is mobile the next big thing? Yes, right! Your customer might be fidgeting with the phone and browsing your Shopify theme so that time you need to optimize your website to make it mobile-friendly.

Your theme must be responsive, i.e. it should be able to load properly on any devices whether it is laptop, mobile, or tablet. Individuals currently utilize their cell phones to shop more than they use PCs, so you need a Shopify format that is intended to give an incredible versatile encounter.

Here are some points that you need to consider-

  • Is the shopping basket experience consistent and simple to use on a telephone?
  • Is your website navigation clear and easy to access by customers?
  • Can your image be optimized for mobile use?
  • Is there a scroll option to simply navigate?

Simplified Yet Easy Design

Your Shopify theme must be simple and easy to navigate by the user so that he gets hassle-free shopping. A decent Shopify theme manages multiple clients at one go and caters products to enhance their buying experience. The theme adds on to the experience of clients and helps in easy sale funnel if it is oriented and designed properly.

Before starting your business online, you need to make sure that your website is crafted well so that users feel easy to navigate on the site and never face any difficulties while browsing for a product. Shopping is difficult enough without battling your way through the store.

Here are some points that you need to consider for the Shopify layout-

  • Can you link important pages to your page, i.e. it is customizable?
  • Is your website well organized?
  • Does your product have a well-defined call to action button, i.e. "BUY NOW"?
  • Is your layout SEO optimized?
  • Is your Shopify theme cross-browser compatible and highly responsive?

Simple Checkout And Functionality

Does your theme have a simple checkout option? If not, then you need to change your theme. A simple and easy add to cart option is really liked by the customers. Usefulness is the way into a decent checkout experience. This can incorporate record logins — particularly through web-based platforms. An easy checkout adds on to the experience of the customer and helps in making sales easily.

Here are a few interesting points that you need to know -

  • Are your checkout buttons oversized? Are they customizable?
  • Can customers view product images in no time?
  • How fast is your checkout process?
  • Is delivery and shipping details shown during checkout?

What To Consider When Trying Out Shopify Theme Demos

Demos give you a real theme experience to experience its detailing and working. There are mainly two types of demos available on the Shopify platform, i.e. standalone demo stores and the easy theme preview which you can use on your outlet as a demo.

How To Find Shopify Theme Demos?

If the theme which you're looking for is mentioned in the Shopify theme store, then you can easily try out the demo option available with Seiko mobile-friendly shopify for customers. Firstly, locate the theme in which you're interested and then click on the "View Demo" button or the "Preview in your store" button. Then through demo-only mode, you can align your store content with the demo theme and check its working.

Final Verdict

Filtering themes and choosing the best Shopify theme does take time. So, download the gecko takeaway points while purchasing an effective theme for your online store are it should be niche specific, effective visuals, lightweight, responsive, easy content orientation, design and checkout options. Always remember to check the demo of the Shopify theme before making a purchase.