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The Ultimate Guide to Buy Proxy - How To Choose A Proxy


No person in this extreme techie world can survive without the Internet! Have you ever wondered how the Internet works or what is all the “techie” mechanism behind its functionality? Did you ever give a thought about all the deep within things happening out there, so that you can access such fantastic entertainment stuff on the Internet out there? Well, the actual nuts and bolts about the working of the Internet is something which people often cannot stop considering.

What happens nowadays is, with all this fantastic stuff, come online frauds and thefts with great advertisement deals online, 24 hours news updates, etc. You can use a Proxies at your office, home, business places depending on the choice of interest.

What is a Proxy?

A Proxy is a server application which acts as a gateway between the Internet and processes requests coming from the clients for seeking resources from the servers. Your local computer sends requests to these servers, which processes them and returns the demanded resources. It happens when your computer connects through one of these servers.

The proxy server further investigates and evaluates the request and therefore performs the required network transactions. The complexity of the request can be controlled or simplified easily through this process.

Proxy servers offer a wide variety of benefits such as load balancing, varying levels of functionality, privacy and security, which entirely depends on the needs, case or company policy. A good proxy server protects the network from the bad content available out there on the Internet. The Internet traffic flows through the proxy server on its way to the address requested by the client. The requested resource returns through the same proxy server, which then forwards the data received through the website to the client. There are several purposes served by the proxies. Some of them are listed as follows:

  • Screen downloads and uploads
  • Shared network connections
  • Firewall and filtration of web content
  • Restriction of parental blocks
  • Provision of anonymity during Internet surfing

Why should you use a Proxy Server?

Proxies serve the purpose of making your machine IP address hidden from the rest of the world, in case you want to surf the Internet unidentified or unsigned. When your Internet is connected to the proxies, then the IP address of the proxy server is exposed, instead of the IP address of your local home machine. Few other reasons behind the use of proxy servers by individuals and organizations are:

Get access to blocked resources: Proxy serves enable bypass of the content restrictions which are imposed by governments or companies. Citizens from countries can access the uncensored Internet while residing in some other countries.

Improved Security: Apart from privacy benefits, proxy servers also offer security benefits. You can encrypt your web requests to prevent prying eyes from your transactions by configuring your proxy server.

Controlled internet usage of individuals, employees and children: Parents and organizations configure proxies to monitor and control how their kids or employees make use of the Internet. Access to some specific sites is denied to the employees at the company times by some organizations.

Bandwidth savings and improved speeds: A good proxy server provides better overall network performance. Proxy servers can provide the recent copies of the sites surfed when asked by caching the websites. It saves bandwidth and therefore enhances network performance.

How does a Proxy work?        

Every computer connected to the Internet needs a unique Internet Protocol (IP) address. This address can be assumed as your computer’s residence or street address. Just like a postman delivers your mail to your street address, the Internet knows how to send the data to the correct computer system through its unique IP address.

A proxy server maintains IP address, and when you send a request for the resources, it first goes to the proxy server, which then sends a web request on your behalf. It then collects the response from the webserver and forwards you the web page data.

Moreover, it alters your IP address while forwarding your requests. It conceals your location; no one can be able to identify where you are in the world. It can encrypt your data so that no one can access or read it during the transit.

Types of Proxies

A proxy server may be located on the client’s local home machine or at any other point between the client’s machine and destination servers on the Internet. Different types of proxy servers exhibit a different type of functionality and can meet different types of use cases.

According to the functionality

  • Open Proxies: Open Proxy, also known as Forwarding Proxy, is a proxy server which can be accessible by any Internet user. These proxies are further categorized into Anonymous Proxy and Transparent Proxy.
  • Anonymous Proxy: An Anonymous Proxy is a type of proxy server which admits itself as being a proxy but does not disclose its IP address of the client. It hides the originating IP address and keeps browsing private by preventing identity theft.
  • Transparent Proxy: A Transparent Proxy reveals its identity of being a proxy along with the IP address as well. The originating IP address can be retrieved with the support of some HTTP Header fields. Content filtering is quite simple because of which businesses, schools, etc. prefer this type of proxy. This proxy can be set up very quickly at both client and server-side.
  • Reverse Proxy: Reverse Proxy is a proxy server which acts as an ordinary server to the clients. The requests are taken care of by regular servers getting the forwarded requests from the proxy server. The response returned also appears as if it’s returned from a server. It is a counterpart of the forward proxy server, serving only a restricted number of websites.
  • Distorting Proxy: Distorting Proxy also identifies itself as a proxy, passing a false IP address. It is similar to an anonymous proxy, but bypassing a false IP address, you can access content restrictions by appearing to access it from a different location altogether.
  • High Anonymity Proxy: In this type of proxy servers, the IP address keeps on changing periodically. Hence it becomes tough to keep track of what traffic belongs to who.
  • Intercepting Proxy: In this type of proxy server service, the proxy server is combined with a gateway. Connection requests are managed through the gateway, being redirected to the proxies. It requires no configuration at the client’s end, and HTTP headers help in detecting the proxy. This type of proxy servers in much of an important purpose to the clients.
  • Shared Proxy: Multiple people or groups can use a Shared Proxy. It can be used to conceal one’s identity while browsing the Internet at the same time. This type of proxy provides very less security as compared to a Dedicated Proxy.
  • Dedicated Proxy: A single individual can use a dedicated, or a private proxy. This proxy comes with an assured security and guarantee scheme and hence is preferred by every individual. This could be expensive but probably the best option.

Proxy Risks

The proxy server must be chosen very cautiously, keeping in mind the needs and benefits you require and the risks that can be confronted.

  • Browsing history log: The proxy server saves your original IP address and web request information unencrypted. It should be ensured that your proxy server logs and saves the data. The law enforcement cooperation policies followed by the proxy server should also be taken care of.
  • Free proxy server risks: Try not to make use of free proxy servers services, as they could be quite risky. The back-end hardware and encryption are not so supported in these types of proxy servers, as they are available free, obviously! These servers could give performance issues and data security issues.
  • No encryption: Using a proxy server without encryption is not using a proxy server at all. The requests sent without encryption are sent in the form of plain text. Important personal credentials are likely to get passed easily. Hence, proxy servers offering full encryption service should only be used.

Advantages of Buying Proxies

Proxies prove to be very useful for both individuals or personal purposes and businesses for security and marketing needs. Some of the reasons below explain the need for purchasing proxies.

  • Online Advertising: Different advertisements and web content are shown to clients via different locations. Hence, using proxies is the best way to enhance the user experience from various locations. You can keep a check over your competitors, as to what they are advertising from their locations.
  • SEO Tools and Web Scraping: Private proxies are used by quite a high number of Internet users as black hat SEO tools. The IP address of the machine can be blocked by making use of private proxies. It eventually helps improve your submission rate successfully.
  • Enhanced Online Security: Private proxy servers mask your device IP address which can prevent the risk of hacking. You cannot get traced by the hackers and hence you can fearlessly browse the Internet.
  • Bypassing blocked websites: You can bypass blocked websites to gain access to them by using private proxy servers. For example, sites such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc. cannot be accessed within some institutions or even at some workplaces as well.
  • Anonymous access to the Internet: You can hide your IP address with a proxy server. Getting access to the Internet with a proxy server enables you to log in to the system without an IP address. The proxy server works at quite a high speed which is quite easy to use.

Factors to consider while buying a Proxy

There are a few considerations which you should keep in mind while purchasing a proxy service. It depends on your business activity, though. I will list a few criteria for you so that you could buy the perfect proxy for you!

  • Reliability, Security and Speed: You should always purchase a proxy server with enormously high speed. At the same time, it should be safe and secure enough to safeguard the data. The MyPrivateProxy should be reliable and available as and when required.
  • Location of the Proxy: The private proxy servers must be present at the location needed. The location of the proxy must be chosen close to your physical location to obtain higher speeds.
  • Good Customer Service: Proxy Service should be contacted for support in case of any proxy issue. No proxy service can guarantee 100% accuracy and uptime.

Where to buy Proxies?

The proxy provider assists with the case of speeds, security and few other features. Different websites offer different costs for the proxy. You can get many free as well as paid proxies through many proxy providers available out there! You should check multiple aspects to procure the best proxy before hiring a proxy server.

I would recommend you to buy a private proxy. Private Proxies are one of the best proxies available in the current scenario. They are accessible only by a single individual.

How to Setup a Proxy?

The detailed step wise procedure to set up a proxy on Google Chrome is as follows:

  1. Click on the “Customize and Control” button on the top right-hand corner of the Chrome browser.
  2. Choose Under the Hood.
  3. Select the option of “Change proxy settings”, post which you need to click “LAN Settings”.
  4. Cross check the option of “Use a proxy server for your LAN” box.
  5. Next, enter the Port Number and IP address of the server and click OK.

Let’s see how to set up a proxy on Safari browser:

  1. Open Safari Browser.
  2. Select “Preferences” and then select “Advanced”.
  3. Click on “Change Settings”.
  4. Check on the Web Proxy (HTTP) box.
  5. Enter the port number and IP address of the server.
  6. Lastly, click on “Apply Now”.

Proxies Vs VPN

Here we are, finally at the conclusion with an additional knowledgeable topic. We will know about the differences between Proxies and VPN. There are a lot of differences between Proxies and VPNs. They both serve the purpose of concealing the identity of users or spoofing a specific location on earth. Some of the VPN Providers also offer proxy services. So, there are specific public proxy servers available out there free of charge! like Luninati proxy services.

A VPN is meant to establish an encrypted connection between the host server and your computer. Internet traffic is completely hidden. VPN Client is responsible for setting up a VPN. It has only one loophole, that is, it is expensive, and browsing is slow most of the time due to the encryption process happening.