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With the latest smart technology spreading rapidly all around the world, everything in the daily routine of human lives has been digitized. The traditional blackboard teaching in schools has been converted into a comfortable online learning and teaching process which can be accessed from home for personal growth and learning. According to the latest reports, the E-learning market has recently made a revenue of about $200 billion. It is predicted that it won't stop there and is anticipated to increase its annual growth rate. Here, in this online learning blog, we give insights into the process of learning and teaching on various online learning platforms that offer students of any standard from primary classes to postgraduate diploma courses that help promote you in your career. There are also courses apart from the curriculum that mostly covers current affairs and introduces you to a new world full of inventions and discoveries to keep you informed on the latest developments in different fields. These online portals include digital marketing, Artificial Intelligence, Ethical hacking, Coding, Machine Learning, etc.

These online learning platforms focus on the growth of knowledge as much as traditional schools and universities. They work on giving theoretical lessons that are mainly concept-based and interact with students in a more practical way, giving them examples and activities. People who have made it into prestigious universities do not have to worry about traveling miles a day. Just connecting your laptop or PC to a reliable internet connection will do it. Well-recognized platforms like Linkedin learning and Udemy offer the best video classes for programming languages, marketing design, data science courses, etc., and provide the students with a free certification with scores after the completion of the course instantly. There are also drawing tutorials, coding, and biology lessons for kids that can be accessed on apps in any device of Android or iOS software.

Learning platforms for kids are more fun with brain-teasing puzzles, quizzes, diagrams, drag and drop interface for answering assignments, etc. There is a pictorial scoreboard that shows the progress of the children, which helps in building confidence and motivates them to learn more. Our blog also gives information on the monthly and yearly subscription plans in some of the e-learning services for users' convenience. It also gives tips on which one to select according to the learning requirements, budget, and curriculum of the customers. SimplyCoding and several other websites also offer free trials for 15 or 30 days. There are coding boot camps that give information about data visualization, career growth, and cybersecurity analytics programs, which help in enhancing your position in your career. These boot camps also teach people teamwork and team spirit with their collaborative classes and workspace.

Also, as many of us know, well-structured language learning platforms provide classes beginning from the basic alphabet to forming sentences and conversations with tutors in one-on-one teaching sessions. They will leave the learners educated with the writing, reading, and talking skills of a new language. The lessons basically have pronunciation audio clips, translation notes, animations, and vocabulary to ace in the learning process. It is a bit hard to believe that there are online driving lessons that make new drivers learn about traffic rules and regulations. These lessons are given by traffic instructors who are experts in their profession so that the learners will have trustworthy knowledge and reliable services from them 24/7. They also offer driver safety training courses, which usually give notes on how to stay vigilant while driving.

Various other programs like typing courses, Amazon FBA courses, photography and editing lessons, etc., increase one's skills and potential. Although virtual learning has its own advantages and disadvantages, it is the best solution for people who seek education worldwide. It gives you an opportunity to communicate with people you may never meet in your life. It gives you a broader outlook on every aspect of your subject and life in general. And with the global pandemic and other natural disasters the world is facing nowadays, it seems to be the perfect solution to stay in touch with academics.