Best AI Chatbots

Scalable platform with multichannel live chat functionality to build an engaging customer relationship through the dedicated and robust speed AI chatbot software machine for huge firm success.

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  • Conversational intelligence technology to increase sales
  • Build blocks for business framework, woocommerce
  • Best to prevent errors and live disputes
  • Sentiment tracking techniques for quality customer service
  • Communication via live chat, e-mail, and messenger
  • Boost the sales by instant customer response
  • Automatically manage repetitive stuff for more sales
  • Pre-made templates to make tailored business
  • Customized conversation chatbot templates
  • Email templates tracking and documents library
  • Mobile optimized forms, pop-ups, banners websites
  • Best for monitoring customer data and gaining insight
  • Automatically transferred with CRM, emails
  • Reduce human errors while recording data
  • Interactive dashboard to track client behaviour
  • Best platform to approach global markets
  • Leading generation engaging tool for better relationship
  • Online eCommerce shopping assistant services
  • Best to increase self-service with low costs
  • 100% money-back guarantee within 30 days
  • Drag and drop chatbot builder for easy usage
  • Integrated dashboard to get marketing updates
  • Book demo calls and engaging quiz with virtual assistant
  • Perfect for proactive customer interaction
  • Capture contact information to build relationships
  • Hassle-free drag and drop interface
  • Automated conversation for product sales
  • In-built schedule messages to every user
  • In-person digital experience to transform process
  • Offer conversational marketing certification to every customer
  • Get online live events and webinars for sales
  • Better lead generation and nurturing
  • High cart abandonment function to add items
  • Increase product pages for user understanding
  • Instantly conversational responsive website
  • Cost-effective chatbot software platform
  • Customized and easy to implement bots templates
  • Intuitive and user friendly builder for seamless flow
  • Optimal content for human agents to solve queries
  • Conversational intelligence dashboard for better performance

Buyers Guide To Choose The Top AI Chatbot Platforms


With ever-advancing technology, new tools strike the market every year. Recently, developers came up with a unique method to simplify interface and communication between humans and computers. They are called the Chatbots or Virtual Assistants. Many developing and developed companies use this technology for personal gain, whether in the banking industry or even the multimedia industry.

What is a Chatbot?

A chatbot is nothing but a program, or a subset, of Artificial Intelligence (AI) capable of stimulating a real-time conversation with a user in everyday language with the help of any messaging apps, webpages, or even through a phone.

Technologists often refer to the best AI Chatbots as a significant breakthrough and claim it is a step ahead in the field that tries to bridge the gap between humans and machines. But you should not confuse chatbots with real robots, as they are only a representation of a sophisticated question answering system.

How Does a Chatbot Work?

From an external, less complicated point of view, the working of an AI Chatbot is pretty simple. It is a two-step procedure that makes communication between the user and the computer easy and possible.

User Request Analysis:

This is the first step in the process. Here, the chatbot analyses and processes the user's request and tries to figure out their intent. When they know what the user wants, they try to search their database for relevant entities to prepare their response.

This is perhaps the more critical step out of the two. The live chat AI chatbots are good at processing user's requests and deciphering the intent behind them. If the chatbots are unable to understand the user's request, they will never be able to provide the appropriate response to their messages.

Returning the Response

Once the chatbot can identify the intent behind the user's request, it tries to respond with the most relevant or appropriate response. One of the primary reasons scientists and technologists developed chatbots and see it as a breakthrough is their application in the world of customer service. The best AI chatbots are efficient at streamlining interaction between people and businesses, making the experience better and convenient for the customer. Moreover, they also provide the companies with better options to improve their engagement process and cut costs when it comes to hiring more workforce in customer service.

Benefits of Chatbots

A digital revolution is underway in all the industries. Most of the businesses and companies are turning to newer methods to modernize several aspects of their model. The most important of these aspects is customer communication. Studies show that a vast majority of businesses and enterprises plan to incorporate artificial intelligence into their strategy.


The primary use for AI Chatbots would be their application as virtual assistants. They are fit to engage customers 24*7, which is either not possible or expensive in case humans were to be employed to do the same.

24*7 Support Service

Customer service is an essential link between consumers and businesses. If customers believe that a specific business is lacking in professional customer service, they discard it. People cannot rely on support staff to be available all the time to solve their queries. Chatbots, on the other hand, are always ready and equipped with information to solve their queries with automated responses from a vast database.

Instant Solutions

It is never a good experience for customers to wait a long time for support agents and help staff respond to their queries. But unfortunately, customers have to wait almost every-time even for the agents to process their requests. Then they take a long time to come up with a solution. The best AI chatbots save a lot of customers time by providing solutions almost as soon as they receive any queries.

Streamline Process

Some of the businesses even exploit the many applications of chatbots to ease their day-to-day activities. A large number of customers are now accustomed to buying items or services directly from a chatbot. Businesses are keen to leverage their chatbots to automate and streamline the process of bookings and orders for the customer's convenience.

For Businesses

There is a fine link between customer satisfaction and profits that a particular business might earn. Most of the customers feel that having a chatbot in customer service is now an essential requirement. Companies can face a lot of benefits with the help of these chatbots.

AI Chatbots Generate Good Revenue

Nowadays, as part of their digital marketing program, most of the businesses sell across various channels. This may include Facebook, their own website, and other such platforms. AI chatbots make it convenient for the customers to get in touch with your businesses.

They can personalize anti AI Chatbots to track customer journeys and make recommendations based on that to help them come to a decision. These chatbots play a vital role in converting visitors into potential buyers. They give them personalized information and recommendations based on their journey to lure them into buying their services.

Builds Relationship Between Customers and Businesses

Customers easily discard business even at the slightest of inconveniences. They are particularly annoyed if the customer service process is slow. Earlier, there was no way around this issue, apart from spending a big chunk of their budget into hiring a solid support staff that works throughout the day. But now, businesses and companies have the option to install their very own AI Chatbots.

Chatbots make the overall customer experience better by being at their service at all times. They also have an immediate response time, which is good for customers who hate waiting. Here's how chatbots can make customer service easier.

Chatbots can actually solve some basic queries themselves and reduce the number of customers who need to speak with actual representatives. You can even design chatbots that learn based on their experiences and customer interaction. Over-time they will be able to solve more and more queries as they interact with more customers.

Save Service Costs

As it is such an important business node, companies tend to invest a lot in their customer service and support staff. The costs may include - salaries, training, and infrastructure and equipment.

You will indeed have to invest handsomely to incorporate the best AI chatbots in your business portal. But that investment is not the same as maintaining and paying for the upkeep of a whole team. Chatbots prove to be efficient when it comes to reducing the workload of existing agents. This allows businesses to reduce the number of employees in their customer service. Although it might seem like a small relief from the outside, saving up on the salaries, benefits, and insurance costs of even a single employee is a large sum of money.

Optimizes Work-Efficiency

Support agents can only, at best, deal with a couple of customers at one time. AI chatbots are not limited in this regard. They can converse and solve the queries of thousands of customers at the same time. That is why you will see so many big companies using chatbots on their website portals.

Reduces Errors

Any shift from manual labour to automated service means that the number of errors being committed will be reduced. Manual work is risky, and sometimes it might lead to mistakes that can cause great problems. Chatbots, being automated, are efficient in providing error-free services.

Final Thoughts

There isn't a significant service platform left where you cannot find an AI chatbot. It has become almost essential for any business to survive. They facilitate orders, streamline bookings, manage customer services, and have a lot of other applications. They are, indeed, a technological breakthrough. check out the Activechat AI chatbot for productivity.