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  • Customizable chat playbooks for every scenario
  • Great tools for automated website conversions
  • Account-based marketing personalized experience
  • Pipeline management with CRM tools
  • Reliable and well-maintained platform
  • Universal inbox system to manage conversations
  • Zia to create chart and pivot table
  • Fine-grained filters with quick actions
  • Advanced animations for seamless connection
  • Easily plan, track and organise in one tool
  • Best AI marketing tools for online business
  • Manage and track your work with anytime
  • Easily enhance your business ranking
  • Universal platform with wordpress plugins
  • Best AI marketing tool for web-developers
  • Publish content from own blog and website
  • Schedule content with social media marketing
  • Automatically discover article and images your audience
  • Built with a revenue tracking system
  • Super customers support for clients
  • Manage multiple websites with teams
  • Advanced artificial intelligence technology
  • Best AI marketing tools for online web business
  • Track calls, emails and contact history
  • Integrates with modern signup forms
  • Ideal AI marketing tools for Email marketing
  • Includes drop and drag email editor for business
  • Quickly converts document images into PDF files
  • Automatically adjust budget across targeting criteria
  • Create high-quality documents with content intelligence
  • User-friendly interface for customers
  • Analyse news products and niche
  • Monitor competitor marketing activities
  • Perfect suits for business professionals
  • Automatically track your business activities
  • Built with advanced cutting edge technology
  • Tracks live to engage with duration, CSAT
  • Social networking platforms for marketing
  • High-security standards with SSAE16 and SOC 2
  • B2B marketing with lead management
  • Real-time personalization of email marketing
  • Performance testings with A/B testing
  • Quickly collects personalized views from customers
  • Customizable chat-based survey to run a website
  • Multi-message system through calls, emails and chats

AI Marketing Tools Guide – How To Choose the Best Tool For High ROI


Artificial Intelligence is revolutionizing the entire marketing industry. There are advanced marketing tools are assisting marketers and brands in driving more conversions, streamline the outreach efforts, and enhance the customer experience. When PwC did a study with marketers for the effectiveness of AI in marketing, 75% of the experts revealed that it is indeed an advantageous technology for businesses.

Marketers today are using artificial intelligence knowingly or unknowingly to improve their marketing efforts. Chatbots, speech recognition, generating content ideas, set competitive prices, high yielding ad targeting, searching for new trends, and much more. The new-age AI marketing tools have the potential to revamp your business and provide an unparalleled growth trajectory.

What are AI Marketing Tools?

In simpler terms, Artificial Intelligence enables machines to explore areas of improvement in processes and adapt workflows without human interference. The best AI marketing tools perform repetitive tasks faster with accurate calculations and data analysis.

80% of Business and Tech leaders state that AI tools for digital marketing help create jobs and increase productivity. Artificial Intelligence creates tremendous opportunities for marketers to pay off their investments. If that’s not all, effective implementation of these programs and software can also increase the yield and reduce ad spend manifold.

Due to their smart sequences that can perform thousands of calculations within fractions of a second, such tools can expedite your marketing processes. Be it analytics, content management, customer service, send emails, handling social media, or even ad optimization, AI can do it all.

You can only expect to construct a streamlined business procedure and create seamless customer experiences. Even if you want to use free AI marketing tools, they perform with similar integrity and accuracy as you can find with any other sort of marketing process.

Popularity of Artificial Intelligence Tools for Marketing

There are several reasons for flaunting the popularity of intelligent tools. For instance, AI can regulate A/B Testing of numerous variables at the same time to present a unanimous result. It has helped the marketers move from mass communication to personalized communication (more on this later). Further, with the inclusion of Chatbot, which is also a form of AI being used to create pleasant customer experience is yet another aspect of AI’s popularity.

Key Features of Artificial Intelligence Marketing Tools

Artificial Intelligence is going to replace the existing human-driven marketing realm. While doing so, it will create an impact on almost every aspect of marketing, from designing new campaigns to monitoring performances. What follows are the top features every marketing tool must-have.

CRM Integration

Businesses use CRMs to stay up-to-date with the customer’s expectations and showcase the product into a better light. The best AI tools for digital marketing will allow you to embed it with the existing CRMs for several benefits. This includes analyzing sales calls, creating optimum customer experiences, nurturing new leads, pinpoint the current trends, and provide intelligent customer service.

Chatbot Playbooks

Since automating on-screen chats with potential customers is becoming a trend today; AI tools need to have customizable playbooks. Chatbots are becoming an effective method to get the customer’s information and upgrade them from the awareness stage to the conversion stage. Thus, the marketing tool you choose should be able to help you make customizable playbooks for a personalized experience.

Plan, Track, and Organize

With artificial intelligence, marketers have been able to optimize the overall performance of the ad campaigns. This is because AI helps plan, track, and organize the ads to ensure the best possible results boasting minimal errors. Marketers realize the optimization of the campaigns when AI Marketing automation tools process the ad campaign data to make changes. Functions like keeping a tab on ad spend to results analysis, and targeting is modified to ensure the best results.


Ensuring that your brand has a continuous flow of posts and content on all the social media channels can be a daunting task. However, with marketing AI tools, such processes are taken care of automatically. Your job is to create posts and fill up the stock within the tool. Rest, the tool will take care of publishing, tracking, and recommending changes for the future posts extrapolated to get better results.

Content Creation

Some of the best AI tools in marketing will also let the users create content on the platform itself. Such tools increase productivity by suggesting the types of content that will get the best response from the target audience.

Types of Tools

Even though the majority of the tools have a one size fits all approach, you can also diversify them on the basis of specific functionalities. Read on to know more about the types of digital marketing AI tools.

Analytical Tools

In a world where data is the new oil, working with specialized tools that focus on creating a sense of the data is imperative. With this in mind, the best AI marketing tools 2020 are the masters of analyzing the vast amounts of data from the campaign. Efficient analytical tools allow marketers to weave a personal connection with every potential and existing customer.

Content Management and Suggestions

Good content that resonates with the customers is an asset to your marketing efforts. AI tools for content marketing help the marketers write error-free content and ensure that the language is in sync with the existing professional standards of writing.

Ad Optimization

In a competitive business world, online advertisements play a significant role in getting new leads. However, the ranking of your ad is the deciding factor in acquiring those leads. That is why optimizing the ad campaigns across all platforms is essential. Ad optimization tools have the ability to monitor and make changes to the existing ad campaigns on all the channels. Since they automate the entire process, such marketing automation AI tools are imperative to run a successful campaign.

Email Marketing With AI

Automation is going to be the new normal in a few years of time. Within the sphere of emails, artificial intelligence can assist in running email campaigns. Moreover, they can also help marketers send replies in an automated manner for customer acquisition and retention. AI tools for email marketing can assist you in building personalized buyer personas, segmenting them on the basis of CTR and impressions, and regulate the entire workflow.

Power-Packed Benefits of AI Marketing Analytical Tools

Besides speeding up the work, digital marketing AI tools can also uncomplicate marketing strategies. Any business irrespective of the market or industry aims to connect with its target audience. Where the journey from a potential lead to a sales qualified lead is concerned, artificial intelligence allows building high-yield funnels.

One to One Optimization

Even the free AI tools for marketing agencies help create a personalized connection with the target customer. By integrating machine learning, automation, and smart analytics into marketing, marketers can significantly reduce ROI. The collation of these marketing efforts allows marketers to make strong connections with the audiences via personalized messages.


Any marketing strategy is not a panacea for all the products and services. When innovation helps acquire a higher yield, it is essential to ensure testing new strategies regularly. AI tools for affiliate marketing helps with faster A/B testing and analyze the results with better efficiency.

No Guesswork

One of the greatest things about the best AI marketing tools for small businesses is that they remove the need for guesswork. Consequently, as a marketer, you are able to get accurate, data-backed, and authentic predictions about a potential lead. Case in point, when the ecommerce advertisements display on the basis of the user’s search history or interaction with the posts on Instagram or Facebook.

Prompt Customer Support

Around 75% of the customers bounce off due to longer wait times. Chatbots powered by artificial intelligence can help speed up the customer service response and also cater to their requests promptly. Moreover, this Hubspot Tool chatbots project a human-like impression on the user, which further increases the interaction.

Automated Lead Scoring

Both lead generation and lead scoring need to be regulated and streamlined for better conversion rates. The highly popular zoho zia AI marketing tools will help you rank the leads on the basis of their likelihood to convert. If that's not all, with AI tools, you will find it easier to get new leads, and the potential to convert them is also higher. This is because you will only be reaching out to those leads that are sales qualified or if not this, then they are already on the decision stage.

Pricing Details

You can buy or subscribe to the marketing tools or use them for free with limited features. However, the paid versions of these tools are not too expensive. Once you have set your goals and objectives, choosing a tool as per the requirements is easy and beneficial.

Few Words To Conclude

Marketing always entails a budget constraint whereby the marketers have to rely on experience and gut feeling to get results. However, with artificial intelligence, they can easily make decisions that are backed by data and authenticity. To help you choose the best AI marketing tools for small businesses, scan through the list above and implement future-ready marketing strategies easily and among the entire list Dirft Marketing Tool is the best choice for businesses. 

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