Best Social Media Monitoring Tools

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  • Advanced reputation management system
  • Multiple resources with non-stop monitoring
  • Generates highly accurate predictive insights
  • Wide coverage of social media to fuel business
  • Real-time notification of sentimental analysis
  • Finest social and web monitoring tools
  • Enables to track influential users on the platform
  • Simple UX for monitoring brand reputations
  • Reveals competitors marketing strategies
  • Integrates with Google Gmail and Microsoft Outlook
  • Reliable and well-maintained platform
  • Intuitive and user-friendly design
  • Up To date technology for marketing trends
  • Social media and internal chat integration
  • Management for tracking deadlines and due dates
  • Handle multiple products with a single CRM account
  • Display relevant statistics and documents
  • Audience segmentation and customer engagements
  • Sentiment analysis with influencing tracking
  • Social media monitoring with reports and analysis
  • Automates reporting progress with analysis
  • Advanced monitoring tool for social media profile
  • Task automation with social media publishing
  • Offers content, planning, postings and scheduling
  • Ideal to immense customer reach and visibility
  • Increase response time to assign an effective task
  • Monitor activity and scalability across social network
  • Social media metrics for review monitoring
  • Real-time editing with task management
  • One platform for performing various tasks
  • Communication management for feedback collection
  • Latest campaign and management resource system
  • Social account, keyword and hashtag analysis
  • Powerful tool for analysing keywords
  • Tracking and reporting of social media accounts
  • Competitors and followers analysis
  • Identifies and engages with leading influencers
  • Automated publishing with keyword filterings
  • Social CRM tools for managing sentiment analysis
  • Multi-channel data collection mechanism
  • Social media monitoring of trend tracking
  • Engagement tracking with customizable reports

Ultimate Guide To Social Media Marketing Tools

Social Media has become part and parcel of our lives. Due to the huge expanse and outreach, marketers strive to build high-conversion strategies with a variety of Top-Notch Marketing Tools. The primary purpose of these tools is to streamline the marketing processes. If you are overwhelmed by the variety of social media marketing tools, read on.

The entire web of social platforms is so expansive that it becomes a complex task to amalgamate the efforts. With this in mind, find a comprehensive and best social media marketing tools guide here that underpins the selection criteria.

What are Social Media Marketing Tools?

Marketing as an activity is way too diversified to consider under a single heading. Social media marketing tools help streamline outreach efforts and help develop conversion-ready strategies.

Working on different platforms does bring its complexities in the form of platform-specific audiences and outreach methods. Social media platforms underlines the approaches to reach, create awareness, convert, and engage these audiences. The right marketing tools can make or break your outreach efforts.

Must-Have Features In Social Media Marketing Software

Almost half of the world population is online using one or the other marketing channel. Yes, that makes a pool of 3.5 billion users that any business can target. That is why this social media marketing tools guide is a comprehensive resource for selecting the ideal tool for your needs. Following up on the points given above, you must be able to filter down your needs and goals you wish to achieve while using a social media tool.

Marketing Goals

Choosing the Brandmentions social media marketing tool is preceded by identifying your needs and objectives. Marketing objectives can include enhancing brand awareness, attracting more traffic, driving higher sales, conversion, get new contacts, etc. These goals and motives require you to develop campaigns for your brand endorsements or advertisements. Thus, you must first define your objective in order to choose from the top social marketing platforms.

Past Experience

Marketers who are not happy with the marketing tools that they are using might want to look for a new one. In this case, they first need to identify the features that the existing tools do not offer. Thus, start looking from the perspective of the lags you face with your current tools and start comparing. For instance, if your current tool cannot automate the customer feedback response or it cannot help retarget your audiences, find tools to fill this void.

Ease of Use

Not everybody is able to use all types of software. Some people take time to understand marketing tools and techniques if they are not easy to use. To combat this issue, find a tool that has a less steep learning curve, and can help you achieve dual goals in one go.

The Number of Social Networks

Look at the number of social media platforms that a marketing tool can embed. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, GMB, Instagram, Tumblr, and whatnot. If you have some specific platform to target, your chosen software must work with it.


The social media marketing tool’s success ratio is proportional to the extent of the functions it can handle. Some software might perform only one task, like publishing the posts or monitoring the campaign’s performance. In contrast, other popular social tools can handle every aspect of ad campaign management.

Campaign Analytics

Mere scheduling and publishing posts is not enough. You also need a tool that can help analyze its performance. Analytics will help a marketer identify the performance lags in the existing campaigns and modify the future ones for better engagement.

Engagement Type

In this social media marketing tools guide, you will find tools that exemplify your engagement efforts. Engagement stems from different purposes, like either you want to reel in more potential leads or keep delighting the existing ones with new content.

Social Listening

96% of the time, users do not tag any business even if they are conversing about it on Social Media. This means that even if they are endorsing your brand, it won’t get leads or conversions because people won’t have a direct way to reach out. Thus, you need a tool that can help you listen to the brand mentions that can further help you find potential leads.


If you have a team working on your campaigns, then a tool that allows adding multiple members is super-beneficial. A platform where your team can interact, discuss and allot tasks can help enhance productivity.

Ability to Integrate

The last essential feature in this best social media marketing platform consists of integrations with additional tools. Choose a tool that allows you to connect with 3rd party applications for a higher level of convenience and usability.

Types of Social Media Marketing Tools

Lead Generation

Lead generation is not only about persuading a person to click on the “Visit Us” or “Contact Us” button. It is more of a tactic to get the potential lead’s information and understand the buyer persona. Once you have the contact, it will be easier to reach out to them.

Buyer Persona

Majorly the social media marketing software for small business falls under this category. Creating a buyer persona is essential to convert a lead. It helps you transform the lead’s outcome and turn them into a recurrent customer.

Analysis Tools

Most-recommended amongst the top social media marketing tools 2020, you need analytical tools to make sense of your ad campaigns. Without understanding the current and past performance, developing new strategies is like shooting blind arrows.

Content Creation

All the other tools answer the ‘when’ and ‘how’ of social media marketing, but content-oriented marketing tools have the answer to ‘what.’ They help curate content that is trending and has higher chance of piquing the customer’s interest.

Graphic Making and Designing

Graphics speak more with fewer words. That is why they hold an important place in social media marketing for more followers. A well-designed graphic can increase interaction and amp up the engagement levels. Adding a picture on a tweet can increase engagement by 35%.

Campaign Monitoring and Sharing

Campaigns cannot run endlessly. You also cannot wait for an eternity to get results. Thus, using monitoring tools, you can get concrete numbers of the campaign’s performance to strategize the way forward.

Inbound Traffic

Social media is a diverse community of people sharing their lives from all corners of the globe. By leveraging the power of marketing tools, it becomes easier to attract new customers who are not already aware of your brand.

Better Rankings And Brand’s Authority

Not directly, but using Hubspot social media marketing tool for a prolonged period of time can pave the way for better search engine rankings. Building brand authority is possible through effective and consistent communication. Due to an expansive web of online platforms, you need to be abreast of all of them to get the best results. Thus, using the top marketing tools makes it easier for marketers to initiate and sustain communication.

Free Vs Paid Social Media Marketing Tools

The most common benefits include higher brand awareness, a rise in customer engagements, improved customer loyalty, easy analysis of performance, and creating leadership in the market. When it comes to pricing, you can either go for the free social media marketing software for business or also get the paid versions. However, the paid versions are affordable, cost-effective and feature-packed. So, based on your usage and preference, you need to decide whether you want to select a free one or buy a subscription.

Few Word To Conclude

With this social media marketing tools guide, it will become easier for you to develop, monitor, and modify marketing strategies using the right tools. First, it is okay to test some tools before you start working with the Awario Marketing Tool. Once you know which software to use, it is time to sit with your team and start building result-oriented ad campaigns.

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