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Get your work checked with billions of web pages, and improve writing efficiency with the best Plagiarism Detection Software.

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  • 24/7 customer supports
  • Personalised guides from proofreaders
  • Automatic article rewriter and grammar check
  • Supports RTF, XLS, ODT and FB2 formats
  • Grammar and spell checker to eliminate mistakes
  • Best plagiarism checker for research papers
  • Best Plagiarism Checker For students
  • Analyse data and build 100% accurate result
  • Ideal for education related -writing
  • Advanced text -analysing mechanisms
  • Flexible subscription plans
  • Secure your web contents from hackers and cybercriminals
  • Build in citation tool and spelling check tool
  • Unlimited suggestion to improve writing style
  • Built-in Anti-plagiarism checker
  • Supports txt, pdf, doc and docx formats
  • Compares content similarity with other websites, blogs
  • Support API integrations and URL page scanning system
  • Well-suited for bloggers, freelance writers and content creators
  • Software with deepSearch technology for contextual plagiarism
  • Built-in spelling checker and citation tool
  • Provides Three-days trial period
  • Technological excellence and initiative design
  • Check plagiarism in your business ecosystem
  • Offers mobile app along with MS Word
  • AI machine learning technology to detect similar and paraphrased text
  • Upload and scan multiple document at once
  • Dedicated customer support and Ad-free browsing
  • Fast and free plagiarism detection tool
  • Instant reports in PDF formats
  • Shows unique content with the percentage
  • Checks plagiarism by URL and rewriting of plagiarised content
  • Automated scoring level and writing suggestions
  • Free online proofreading and identify mistakes
  • Allow to scan 50 plagiarism text in single day
  • Check website statistics and domain authority checker
  • 256-bit SSL encryption mechanism
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  • Duplicate checker improve SEO, visibility, and readership
  • Scan content and grammatical errors
  • Analyses keywords position
  • Cloud-based authentication platform
  • Scans files and physical papers
  • Helps to check duplicate content
  • Access through Google voice
  • Detection technology for plagiarism detection
  • Natural language processing algorithms for analysis reports
  • Over 60 countries are using high-speed plagiarism tool
  • Available in English, Spanish, German and more languages
  • Offers smart and creative writing instructions
  • Authorship technology examine paper content
  • Accessibility with .doc, .txt and .PDF files
  • Checking of plagiarized content in the live web page
  • Ability to search content all over the internet
  • Deepsearch technology
  • OCR technique for plagiarism checking
  • Instant plagiarism checking software
  • 100% free and reliable plagiarism detector
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  • Perfect plagiarism checker for Bloggers
  • Accessibility with.doc, .txt and.PDF files
  • Google alerts for your content against plagiarism
  • Plagiarism check content over10 million web pages
  • Highly-detailed scanning process with 56 languages
  • Check plagiarism on images, text, PDF or URL
  • Ad-free content duplication checker
  • Spelling grammar and plagiarism checking
  • Rephasing analysis and contextual rewording

Top 3 Plagiarism Checkers Review


There would be no discoveries in this world if everyone kept on copying each other's work. How awful would it be if someone copies your creative ideas and claims it to be their own! Plagiarism is considered illegal, and also, it questions an individual's integrity. A plag checker is introduced to prevent this. You can now proofread the content to see if the work is original or not.

Plagiarism Checker

Plagiarism Checker for freelancers is one of the finest apps as it provides you with accurate results quickly. It has quite a following of the users; from SEO experts to students to teachers, everyone can use this app easily.

Since the app does not save any of your information, it is completely safe to use it. The results are produced in literally seconds which is a great plus point. Users can upload an image, check for duplicate content and even check for plagiarism by simply copy-pasting the text.

Besides, the results give you a percentage of your unique and plagiarized text. You can change it accordingly to make it 100% original. Plagiarism checker will not only make your life easier, but it will also prevent you from landing into any trouble.


Skandy is a plag checker app that is quite popular amongst the students. With thousands and thousands of users along with a good rating, this is undoubtedly one of the best apps. This app is compatible with both iOS as well as Android.

Users can take pictures of a printed text or upload it from their phone's gallery. Click on "Check Plagiarism", and you will get the result in seconds. Skandy's algorithm works as follows: 1-25% is a small match, 25-65% is evident plagiarism whereas 65-100% is direct or complete plagiarism.

Moreover, the input file formats are RTF, GIF, DOCX and several others. Skandy has a super easy user interface to help students with their papers. Also, this app targets educational institutions as well as SEO experts as their audience. However, using this app may be a bit expensive for some people, so look out for that.

Small SEO Tools

Small SEO tool is the whole package that any writer would dream about. It is a complete set of tools which helps in enhancing your content. All of the features of this website are legit and work perfectly fine.

SEO tools are a very important feature for all bloggers and content creators. This website allows you to check your text for plagiarism and gives you a result after carefully analyzing it. You can also trace your website's ranking based on some particular keywords.

Apart from the plag check, it offers more than 50 tools to help you improve your text. You can upload various formats of documents to check for plagiarism. Also, you can do so through a website's URL, which is quite simple. Since all the features of small SEO tools are free, it attracts a lot of users.

Advanced Plagiarism Software 

You have to pay for an advanced plagiarism checker. This will give you access to various tools. Advanced plagiarism checker is mainly used by professionals. If you work for commercial websites then your content should be 100 per cent original. This type of software benefits you in situations where free checkers cease to be of help. 

Cross-Language Detection

Advanced yet free online plagiarism checkers provide you with cross-language detection. Various words and translations are stored in this software. Hence, it can check the content easily. 

Variety of Languages 

These types of checkers have a wide variety of languages available. Plagiarism can be detected in all languages.


Advanced grammarly plagiarism checker give 99.99 per cent accuracy. They can recognize plagiarism in a few seconds or minutes.