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Best Chatbot Platforms for Sales Marketing and HealthCare Industry

Chats give the business wings to communicate with the world in a new way, especially the customers. There is a steep rise in its usage by companies to offer round the clock support to customers. Do you know 67% of businesses have used a chatbot to provide support to the customers, and 85% of the customer's interactions would be handled with human agents presence by the end of 2020? However, 40% of consumers do not bother about giving them help until their purpose is served. Chatbots would save 30% of customer support expenses and help the company save a lot of money while serving the customers immaculately.

Chatbots opened a new communication realm between the machines and humans. Like every business having its target customers, even chatbots must be targeted to a specific audience. They bridge the gap between the seller, buyer and must learn the preferences of customers and act accordingly. 

Chatbot for websites can be integrated with ease to the websites. The bots are made using scalable and highly reliable technologies. The best part of the chatbot is that it lets the customers interact in their native language offering ample comfort. It reduces human resources in providing round the clock support to customers. 

In this case, the websites would need a chatbot that is easier for them to integrate and work reliably. Two of the best chatbots that are available for websites include Collectchat and hellotars. These two are perfect to fit in the requirement of every website. This has an interactive and appealing template and a dashboard to visualize the data. There is an email notification that is sent in real-time to offer a rich experience to customers. The Hellotars chatbot is automated and has a powerful dashboard platform. You can use this bot to improve the PPC conversion rates.

On the other hand, there are chatbots devoted to working for the healthcare industry known as healthcare chatbots. The chats offer speech and text communication with the patients and connect through the Bluetooth enabled devices to track their health. The two best healthcare chatbots include – Virtualspirits. The interface of the chatbots is simple and offers seamless integrations to healthcare apps or websites. The patients can have on-screen chats with the pre-configured bots. The Virtualspirits offer excellent support to the patients on medication and let them book the appointment schedules.

Overall, all the chatbots are unique in their way, and there is fierce competition between each other. However, customers can understand their preferences and choose the one that meet their requirements. And many chatbots available in the market are cost-effective, which you can integrate into the website or healthcare app. Well, keep in mind that the chatbots you are going to use would improve the customer service and take your business to new heights.