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  • Equipped with RSA 2048 and ECC 256/385 keys
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Definitive Guide To Purchasing Cheap SSL Certificates Online


How many times were you prompted to enter your personal information when browsing through a website? If you were browsing a site with HTTP, then there were chances that your information was not secure as it was not encrypted by SSL. On the other hand, as a website owner, you might have wondered many times what the use of getting an SSL or which SSL will be the best for you is. With SSL Certification sites for privacy

Now-a-days Google forces the website owner to get a Secure Sockets Layer. The https browsers enable a secure connection. Chrome Firefox and other reputed navigators have even announced the users that unless a website has an SSL certificate, it is not secure.

Hence if your Website is dealing with your personal information, then getting an SSL certificate becomes a mandate. When you have decided to get an SSL certificate for your Website it may be prudent to get a cheap SSL certificate. A cheap SSL certificate may work as efficiently as an expensive one. You can also buy a cheap SSL certificate from Google, SSL certification for WordPress

Key Features Of SSL Certificates For Websites And Blogs

Signature key: the SSL certificates come with a signature key. Through digital signature, it is ensured that the contents of the message are not altered. The session key refers to the randomly generated encryption and decryption key.

Automatic Client Authentication: Users can authenticate to an SSL-enabled server. Identity verification is an important part as far as security is concerned.

Extensibility: A Comondo SSL certificate utilizes encryption algorithms and hashing algorithms. If you want to buy a cheap SSL certificate for a website, then you can consider buying an Extended Validation certificate.

Domain validation: Some cheap SSL certificate India includes only the domain name in your certificate and not your organization's name.

Public and Private key: While doing the authentication public-key cryptography is used. The public key cryptography consists of a public key and a private key.

Asymmetric and symmetric encryption: The best cheap SSL certificate must have both symmetric and asymmetric encryption. They can distribute, store or revoke digital certificates.

Advantages Of SSL Certificates For Securing Websites

Better Credibility

By using an SSL certificate, browsers will label your site as secure. If your site is labelled as secure, it ensures better credibility and enhances website traffic.

Uplift In Conversions

People seem to be more interested in the websites when it is protected by SSL, and hence the presence of an SSL certificate indicates that you are more serious with customer's data and hence it helps in uplifting the conversions. It was proven in research that a website with SSL certificate earned more revenues as compared to the websites without SSL

Protects Data From Phishing Activities

Usage of SSL encrypts data, and hence data is protected from malicious use. Having an SSL certificate can be useful for protecting sensitive information from malicious usage. SSL certificate uses unsurpassable encryption technology, and hence hackers attempts to decipher the data becomes futile.

Comply With PCI/DSS

Do you know that for accepting online payments your Website needs to be PCI compliant? One of the primary requirements of the payment card industry is the presence of SSL.

Enhances Search Engine Ranking

Currently, Google has made SSL as a mandatory requirement for SSL certificates, and it flags the Website as inappropriate if it does not have the SSL certificate. Even for the non SSL sites, Firefox Mozilla displays the site as 'not secure'. Hence if you do not have an SSL certificate for your Website, it can mean a loss of customers for you. Hence you must get an SSL certificate if you want to do business effectively.

How To Choose A Cheap SSL Certificate

If you have already decided to get an SSL certificate of a website, then it is one of the most prudent decisions that you have ever taken to grow your business. You can buy a good SSL certificate online. Scroll below to know the guidelines of choosing a cheap SSL certificate

Effective Nature

You might have saved some bucks by going for a cheap SSL certificate, but you need to be sure if your SSL certificate is worth or not. The many options in the market may be mind-boggling for you, but you need to check whether the SSL certificate will be effective before you decide to install it.

Refund Policies

You can check for the refund policies before installing the SSL certificate. In case you think that the SSL certificate is not doing the job, then you can return the same and apply for a refund. Also, look for the warranty of the SSL before buying it.

Speed To Issue

This is an important factor before buying the SSL certificate. You need to choose a product that can be issued soon. Many cheap SSL certificates are available in the market which will provide issuance in less than fifteen minutes.

Wildcard SSL Support

While choosing the SSL, you need to check if it provides a wildcard SSL support or not. The wildcard support ensures that your domain and subdomain can be secured on a single certificate. This makes the usage of SSL certification more effective.

Conclusion - Which SSL Certificate is good for my Website?

If you have decided to go for an SSL certificate choosing a cheap SSL certificate can be a great idea as it can save a lot of money which you can invest in other things. You can also buy an SSL certificate for free, but you must check the products before buying.

However, you need to be speculative and do a comparative analysis of the features and prices before you make your final purchasing decision. The cheapest SSL; service providers can be found online. You can also check out the user reviews before you buy a cheap SSL certificate. The sslstore cheap SSL certificate 2020 can be found on the internet.