Best Comodo SSL Certificates

Establish online trust and reliable security with a comodo SSL certificate to ensure data integrity for every business transaction.

By Customer Feedback

  • Encrypted communication website with HTTPs protocols
  • Integrated elliptic curve cryptography technology
  • Get instantly domain control validation SSL certificate
  • Powerful sectigo site seal on home page
  • Equipped with 2048-bit RSA signing key security
  • Include domain extended level validation
  • Get secure unlimited subdomains with wildcard SSL
  • 30 days money back guarantee
  • Business authentication prior to issuance
  • Offer robust encryption with private keys
  • Get 256-bit encryption SSL certificate on private data
  • Mobile-friendly and domain validation feature
  • 100% online process to give hassle free experience
  • Easy SSL encryption installation with experts support
  • Perfectly suitable for personal website usage
  • User-friendly and knowledgeable supportive team
  • Safely unblock content and change virtual location with ease
  • Fast and secure streaming, data transferring
  • Get advance multi-domain security
  • Get 256-bits of encrypted website for clients
  • High-level of organization validation technology
  • Offer padlock and HTTPS option to access address bar
  • In-built intuitive cPanel SSL certificate plugins
  • Equipped with 128/256-bit encryption privacy
  • Ensure data warranty and liability protection
  • Industry-leading expert support for customer
  • Improve conversion to boost customer value
  • Get browser recognition with 256-bit encryption
  • Multi-domain SSL/TLS certificate to website
  • Unique visual indicator for organisation usage
  • Fully domain validation SSL certificate function
  • Get visual compelling assurance website
  • Give dynamic trust logo site seal technology
  • Display domain and business name on certificate
  • Increase visitor conversion for effective sale
  • 100% authentication on confidential information
  • Simple and convenient platform for small business
  • Fully qualified domain with high level of security
  • Web and mobile browser compatibility
  • Encrypt customers sensitive information
  • Build trust with lock icons or a green bar function
  • Ultimate assurance and secure indicators for users
  • Hassle-free certificate management process
  • Access with all web browsers, servers, and clients
  • Ideal for vulnerability scanning technology against threats
  • Update automatic wordpress plugins website
  • One-click recovery and backup storage
  • Industry-standard 256-bit encryption at low price
  • In-built organization validation to protect visitor data
  • Email signing certificate for identify email sender
  • IoT device authentication message certificate
  • Strong SSL encryption website
  • Automated domain control validation
  • Support unlimited reissuance policy
  • Instantly receive email notification to clients

A Ultimate Guide On How To Choose Comodo SSL Certificates Online


Would you like to receive a Comodo SSL website certificate? Would you like to know how to get a Comodo SSL website certificate? Comodo is a popular brand in web security advertising. This firm offers numerous discretionary arrangements, from EV to UC, to Wildcard SSL authentications, to SSL testaments from Comodo that are reasonable for little and enormous online organizations.

Comodo SSL provides a variety of functionality, including fast certificate issuance and authentication, 256-bit encryption, 99.9% faith in the platform, 30-day money-back guarantee, free "Trust Badge," which helps to improve conversion and faith.

Features To Look At Comodo SSL Online Certificates

Extended Validation

A green address bar can help you improve revenue by making your buyers see a noticeable safe sign. It has the green window address bar, which is unique to EV SSL cert, guarantees that site users work on a widely respected and protected domain.


Trust Logo is like an honor badge for installing the Comodo SSL (DV) certificate for your site. Whenever a customer visits your website and mouse's over the seal, they see a genuinely authenticated "point-to-check" business credentials. Genuine and implicit circumstances such as these affect the mindset of consumers and enable them to create confidence in their company and re-visit their website for potential acquisitions.


Comodo Antivirus and Internet Security Software have been installed on more than 50 million household and mobile devices. That is, the name and logo of Comodo are immediately connected to confidence and security for your customers. Get your SSL purchase to the maximum by making the Comodo brand work for your company.


99.9% of site and apps and handheld devices are remembered. This device has a capacity of 2048-bit signatures with 256-bit encryption and has unlimited software licenses. The Domain Name (FQDN) also includes the and the domain.

Fast, No-Hassle Issuance

100% online request, validation and issue mean that within minutes of your purchase, you can issue your certificate. You will collect the license and website stamp in no time and can be able to conduct business electronically and do not have paperwork or papers for faxing.

Industry Leading Expert Support

As a trusted SSL member, you are supported with the professional assistance of the first level for problems or queries during some aspect of your SSL Credential application, implementation or life cycle.

Advantages Of Comodo SSL Certificates

High Levels of Security

Comodo SSL Certificates bolster 128-piece encryption levels and have 2048-piece signatures following post SSL key quality proposals of the US National Institute of Standards and Technology.


A key element in selecting a cheap SSL-provider is your browser compatibility. 99.9% of the present Internet population trusts Positive SSL inherently.

Industry Leading Expert Support

Comodo has a proven reputation for industry-leading client service and professional support behind every certificate which they offer. You can expect brief help for any issues you may confront or have in any phase of the application, establishment or utilization of your SSL declaration as an acknowledged client.


SSL Certificates from Comodo are very trusted EV SSL certificates that provide the industry standard for entry-level encryption. It is a paperless validation system that only validates domain ownership.

Such certificates feature a padlock and user trust of 99.9 per cent and are suitable for non-commerce sites that need encryption. With positive SSL certificates, with the clock your customers will seek to ensure that your site is secure, you can have high levels of security in minutes. A Valid SSL certificate given within 10 minutes would ensure that consumer purchases are processed efficiently and cost-effective. Furthermore, the clients will be confident of the protection because confidential information is secured and is privately owned.

Secure Payment

For all electronic payment retailers, the Credit Card Industry Protection Quality Board, an agency that comprises the world's largest car manufacturers, made SSL mandatory for all traders. If you do not, you could be in some real trouble with yourself. That is why SSL is a must if online payments are accepted.

Google Rankings

Just get it right, you have got a page, so you want it to rate above a search engine list. Everyone wants that, and that does not matter. Most traffic comes directly from the results from the Search Engine, and this traffic is visible for you. What if we told you that certificates of SSL / TLS help you? In 2014, Google, Search Engines' undisputed leader, declared that it would prefer an HTTPS web site more as part of its task to encrypt the whole web. It does not have a significant impact, of course, but you must make the best of everything, right?


About the encryption component, an SSL / TLS certificate protects the transit details. You send/receive all details on an SSL-enabled server (HTTPS). That sectigo SSL certificate features reliable symmetrical 256-bit encryption, which is thousands of years, cannot be broken on the world's largest supercomputer. So, get away from your data security concerns.

How To Pick The Comodo SSL Certificate?

To prevent confusion at the last minute throughout the buying process, here are the details you need before you buy one.

Warranty Amount

SSL certificate guaranteed amounts differ from certificate to certificate. The guarantee amount the higher the certification degree, the greater the value of the assurance. The certifier receives compensation for paybacks in the case of a defraudatory incident for the clients. The increasing the sum of the offer, the safer it is for you.


This aspect is also the main element when choosing the right Comodo SSL certificate. Several variables influence the quality of the SSL certificate. This involves model, the form of SSL, the period of validation, etc. If you choose to set up SSL for more than one year, the multi-year alternative offers the price significant benefit.

Customer Support

It is good always to have a skilled person to guide you on the way in case of trouble. You can save trouble by having access to customer support. Look for a Comodo SSL provider that supports you 24/7.

IP Address

For each SSL Credential, you want to use a different, unique IP address. If your IP address has several sub-domains, an SSL certificate from Wildcard may be obtained for them. And you can secure these domain names with a Unified Communications Certificate (UCC) if you have multiple domain names on one IP address. You must set up an SSL host header for that purpose.

Certificate Signing Request (CSR)

It is an encoded message specially formatted. CSR is sent to a certificate authority (CA) from an 'SSL applicant' and generated on the web server before ordering the SSL certificate. To generate the SSL certificate, the CA requires details such as the name of the company, the encryption key etc. found to CSR.
According to the criteria, the applicant's information is validated for a particular domain name by a certificate authority when buying an SSL certificate.

The CA must verify its authority to order a certificate and ensure that the domain name is the property of you. This cross-checking is carried out by comparing the business name and address provided during order placement with the details in WHOIS documents. Most CAs that contact the telephone numbers mentioned in the WHOIS database deliver an electronic mail to the ID provided to ensure that the information submitted by the customer is legitimated.

Documents For Business Validation

Business must be scrutinized if you buy certificates of high insurance. CAS often checks online government databases to verify if your company is registered. You can also be required in certain situations to submit a government registration form. Validation requirements may vary somewhat depending on the CA involved.


Comodo sectigo SSL Certificate creates a brand of security and confidence that provides customers with the knowledge that the websites are protected against malware. The ECommerce merchants are growing their confidence and creditworthiness, thus creating high-end profits for the business, by effectively safeguarding the battle against malice. Keep ahead of risks that every day you and your clients encounter. Do not be afraid when you and your consumers are subjected to an assault.