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Get an excellent printing quality with a versatile 3D Printer has z-axis dual linear rail to ensure a smooth surface for a joyful experience.

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  • Wifi, micro SD card and USB connectivity
  • Supports ABS, copper fill, steel fill and bronze fill filaments
  • 3.5 inch IPS panel colour screen for easy and simple operations
  • 0.4 mm extruder diameter with a max temp of 260°C
  • Ingenious and Imaginative printings ideal for STEM projects
  • magnetic build surface with extra glass hotbed
  • Fully open-source code to improve innovative printings
  • UL Certified Meanwell Power Supply
  • Extrusion technology to reduce plugging risk
  • Fused deposition modelling technology
  • Noiseless technology 3D printer
  • Compact design with easy to follow instructions
  • Prints PLA, ABS, HIPS and PETG materials
  • Built-in sensors for auto levelling and firmware adjustments
  • Smart overheat and overload protection
  • Ideal for professionals and hobbyists discover
  • Levelling sensor with filament deduction technology
  • Compatible with Windows and MAC operating systems
  • CNC machined Y-axis mounting slot
  • Extruder designed printer to reduce clogging
  • V-slot POM(polyoxymethylene) wheels for precision printing quality
  • Compatibility with 1.75mm 3D Filmation
  • Offline printing directly from USB
  • Unique industrial design with screw levelling for printing
  • Accurate printing with a 2K HD masking
  • UV photocuring technology for 3D printing
  • Best for DIY and education
  • Self-developed intelligent operating system
  • Automatically suspends printing when filaments run out
  • Unique tempered glass design on the heated bed
  • Resume printing technology even after a power outage
  • Suitable for creativity with sparking technology
  • Filament broken deduction with linear guide

Affordable 3D Printers for Arts, Manufacturing Industry 


Earlier, 3d printers were used only in the industries, but today many people are using this printer due to the drop in prices. The 3d printers are widely used to make the jewellery, gifts, art, and dolls in a wide range of shapes. You can make a doll or chocolate using this printer. 

According to the statistics, many corporations are ready to spend a huge amount of money on 3D printing processes, and this amount would reach up to USD 26.7 billion. 93% of the companies who were surveyed revealed that they would like to use 3d printing into their existing process. The cheap 3D printers will offer excellent quality printing output despite the price, and who doesn’t love being a tech-savvy, right! For those, Touch screen 3D printers are a boon. Each company would have a different purpose for using 3D printers. Few would want the printer that would produce less noise while a few want the printer that can print at a jet speed and come with the 3D printer connectivity options. You can buy the one as per your requirements and budget. 

Features Of 3D Printer Kits

Support different types of filaments

The heated build plate along with the extruder temperature would let you carry out the printing job on any of the filament, be it the filament is of ABS or PLA. You can also use the advanced filaments such as conductive PLA, wood and dissolvable PVA. 

Support various operating systems

The printer would support various operating systems such as Mac OS X, Linux, and Windows. Comgrow Official is one such great 3D printer which is compatible with all the most used operating systems.

Round the clock customer support

The best 3D printer manufacturer would offer you with the round-the-clock support to resolve the printer's issues. 

Compact size

The open-frame design of the printer is compact and would occupy less space on the desk. You can also carry this from one place to another with ease.

Ready to print

The printer comes assembled and is also calibrated. There is a sample PLA filament that is equipped to the printer along with the Micro SD card. This helps you to start the printing process as soon as the printer is delivered to you.

Offer high stability printing

There is an improvement made to the Y-Axis to boost stability. The control box unit would be moved slightly to the bottom, which makes the printing job perfect.

No fluctuations

The printer's power supply would deliver stable power and reduce the fluctuations in the temperature even if you are carrying out the printing tasks for a long time. You must heat the hotbed quickly before printing. 


The 3D printers are made of quality materials that are highly durable and require minimal maintenance. 

Amazing Benefits of 3D Printers


The key advantage of 3D printing is the usage of rapid prototyping. This enables you to design, manufacture as well as test the customized part in no time. It is easier to modify the design without taking a toll on the speed of the manufacturing process. Before introducing the 3D printer, it would have taken a long time for the companies to prepare a prototype. If there is any change in the prototype, it would add up a few more days to release the revised prototype. Using 3D printing techniques makes it easier for companies to design the part and manufacture it using the 3D printer. The companies can create anything without having to use expensive machinery. The parts and products are easier to customize.

Cost-effective 3D Printers

3D printing will let you have a cost-effective manufacturing process. The traditional methods would need expensive machinery, and the labor cost would also be high. You also need to hire experienced operators. When you use the 3D printers, there are only a few manufacturers required to make a part. There would be less wastage of material.

Highly Flexible

Another benefit one can reap using the 3D printers is that you can create anything with the printer's build volume. If you are going for the traditional method, you need to use a different tool for each design. With the 3d printer, it becomes easier for you to feed the part design and print with no physical machinery change. You can create and manufacture geometrics using this printer. The best thing is that you can create hollow cavities with solid parts. You can use multiple materials to make a single object. There are different colors, textures, and mechanical properties that are used to make the part.


The poor designs using the traditional method would give poor quality prototypes. If you have to bake a cake, you mix the ingredients and then put in the oven to let it bake. In case the ingredients are not mixed properly; it results in air bubbles and loss of taste. The same happens when you use the conventional injection method. The 3D printing would let you assemble the parts with ease and boost the quality of parts.

Printing Consistency

When you use Wi-fi 3d printers, it becomes easier for you to print the parts in succession. You can keep track of the individual part and detect the errors in real-time. This reduces the number of failed parts and does not let you waste the material. More importantly, the quality of the product would be consistent.

Reduce Risks

Many risks are possessed while printing, and it can be reduced using 3D printers. The product designers can validate the product prototypes prior to starting the manufacturing process resulting in inaccurate products.


Well, there are different models of 3D printers available in the market. Each one has a different set of features. If you ask for our suggestion, the Monoprice 3D printer stands out as the best 3D printer available in the market now. However, the customer must choose the 3D printer that allows them to prepare the products accurately. The 3D printers would reduce the wastage of material and let you attain high accuracy in manufacturing the product.

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