Best SSL Certificates For Wordpress

Encrypt wordpress websites data with a standard SSL certificate to prevent malicious activities that damages your online business.

By Customer Feedback

  • Secure encryption connection with a browser
  • Lock-down your site with website security
  • Provide stable protection for online business
  • Enterprise-grade SSL management platform
  • Track all activities of the collaboration team
  • Get latest news and updates from smart devices
  • Safely unblock content for any website
  • Anonymously browse an unlimited website
  • Hosting and managing domain at affordable price
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  • 2048 bit CA encryption for website visitor data
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  • Accessible with all major browsers
  • Get unlimited domain and subdomain
  • Provide easiest way to make website and blog
  • SSL integration secures online transactions
  • High security certificates for wordpress sites
  • Encrypts all website data for safe web browsing
  • Encrypts client and server connection
  • Displays green address bar and seal in browser
  • Enhanced payment protection for eCommerce sites
  • SSL certificate secures multiple domains
  • Improves conversion rates and SEO rankings
  • Standard SSL avoids browser error messages
  • Fast platform to encrypt and secure domains
  • Professional Wordpress site management solutions
  • Reliable and secure SSL certificates for wordpress
  • SSL certificates activate HTTP protocols
  • Provides seal of trust for browsers
  • Fast and quick domain validation options
  • Certificates provide lower bounce rates
  • Delivers unique IP addresses for customers
  • Manages security and data transmission
  • Domain validated certificates for multiple websites
  • Standard encryption guards against cyber threats
  • Comprehensive protection for sensitive connections
  • Strong encryption and identity security services
  • Managed SSL certificates secure network connections
  • High assurance SSL certificates asserts organizational identity
  • Provides highest business-level validation
  • Expert SSL options for business websites
  • Offers encrypted connection for browser
  • High encryption secures sensitive
  • SSL certificates compatible with all browsers
  • Gives Identity with Seamless end-user deployment

Step-By-Step Guide To Purchase SSL Certificate for WordPress Websites

Should a WordPress site have an SSL certificate? If you have a successful website and if this question is constantly popping in your mind, then scroll through this article to get an idea.

There are a lot of reasons for which you must install the SSL certificate for WordPress. In case SSL is still a fancy term for you, then it stands for secure sockets layer. When a website is secured by SSL, it becomes more secure and gets more credibility.

Content management is an important way of boosting sales, and if you have WordPress, then all your content management needs are sorted. If your website does not have payment gateways, then SSL may not mandate; however, to get the credibility of the clients, it is important to have an SSL certificate for WordPress. Do you know that some of the reputed browsers like chrome and Firefox mark your website as non-secure if you do not have an Best SSL certificate or https? So now you know why it may be prudent to get an SSL certificate.

Key Features On Online SSL Certificates

HTTPS Transport

The Digicert SSL certificate enables secure https transport. The additional S in the HTTPS means secure. The site URL and home URL are transformed to https with the help of SSL certificate. Hence, If you are thinking to get an SSL certificate for a WordPress blog, it may be a great idea.

Secures Traffic

SSL certificate secures traffic in the WordPress site. You must get secured traffic on your site to prevent any mishandling of data. You always need to be extra cautious when handling the client’s data. Data in wrong hands can lead to malicious usage of it.

Password Protection

Having an SSL certificate for your WordPress enables password protection for you and other users. If you have an encrypted connection between visitor and website, then it is the safest way of capturing sensitive information.

Domain Name And Public Key

The WordPress SSL will let you have a domain name and a public key. You can have a specific domain name, and the information will be available to the user when clicks on the secure site button. It will also guarantee the legitimacy of the domain. Clients get attracted more to a legitimate domain than a non-legitimate one.

Multiple Plugin Support

Using an SSL with WordPress ensures that many plugins are combined. Hence all the good effects of several plugins can be experienced. This will help to get better website traffic.

Mixed Content Scan

Having an SSL certificate in a WordPress site allows a mixed content scan. This will help you to have better contents for the website. Better contents will definitely attract more eyeballs, and hence your website traffic will increase as more people will visit your website. Hence this is quite helpful.

Advantages Of SSL Certificate For WordPress Websites

Secures payment gateways

SSL certificate becomes a mandate if you are accepting payment in any way. If you don’t have an SSL, then the payment gateways are not safe. Clients will submit much confidential information while paying you like a credit card, debit card information etc. Such information can be used for wrong intentions. Hence it is necessary to have SSL for payment gateways.


SSL certificate for WordPress enables additional warranty.

Detailed feedback

Through SSL on the WordPress site you can get detailed feedback on the configuration page.

Prevents phishing

When contents are protected with SSL phishing is prevented. This is highly beneficial in building credibility. Customers actually check for the small green button on the side of your web page to check the credibility.

Enhanced brand value

Namecheap SSL website increases your brand value as more customer prefer using the website with an SSL certificate. Even some of the browsers do not display the contents of the site which are not secure. Hence if you want to have better brand value, then you can consider investing in an SSL certificate.

PCI compliance

When SSL is enabled to your website, it makes you PCI compliant. It helps you to manage vulnerability and any possible security threats.

SEO rankings

SSL certificate helps you to have better SEO rankings with an ameliorated brand value. SEO plugin.

How To Select An SSL Certificate For WordPress Websites

It is imperative to choose a good SSL certificate for your WordPress site so that you can see the effectiveness. The many options available in the market may be mind-boggling for you. Scroll down to understand which SSL certificate will the best for your WordPress site

Certificate Type

If you own a WordPress site, then getting the Domain validation certification will be a prudent decision. The other certificates like, organization validation and extended validation, will have a more stringent validation process.

Free Certificate

There are many free SSL certificates available in the market. Using a free SSL certificate may be tempting as it can save you a lot of money, but it will not offer you the same features as the paid ones. Hence you can find free certificate for WordPress website, but it is recommended to go for the paid ones.

Encryption certificate

Check for the encryption functionalities of the SSL before investing in a product. You can browse the internet for the best SSL certificate for WordPress.

Check Guarantee

Your SSL certificate will come with a guarantee, and it will be prudent to check the guarantee before you invest in the product. The guarantee of the SSL certificate will give you credibility.

Hence enjoy better content management with the help of Godaddy SSL plugin with word press and deliver amazing quality contents for clients. WordPress enables you to monitor the results and the contents so that you can get quality traffic.