Top 10 Best Essential Tools to Create a Perfect Workspace at Home

Sreehitha | Dec 31, 2020


Every time a pandemic hit this world, the main factor that has seen a sudden downfall in every country is the economy. Health and hygiene are super important to a person to win over viruses, and for that, there were always certain measures taken by the people and the government as well. But, there was no alternative to increase productivity or earn remotely to overcome the financial crisis in the case of work and labor in the olden days.

Now coming to today's world, where we are facing health and financial issues due to the Coronavirus pandemic, the scenario of working and earning is a lot different and better. With the latest inventions in technology, everything has become easy to manage remotely. There is no need to be present in an office to be able to work efficiently; there are some tech gadgets, software programs, and other tools that are helpful for people who are forced to do work from home.

List of Work From Home Tools Required for Productivity Increase 


In offices, you have a special cabin or table assigned to you to do your work comfortably, but you will lack that facility at home. Get a useful desk for you like a piece of home furniture and is useful for placing your desktop. The ones that are spacious are much better for placing all the equipment like a keyboard, speakers, and the CPU in one place.

Being spacious is one thing, but being adjustable is also important for employees who have long shifts. Height and footrest adjustments will give ultimate support for performing tasks with no problems all day around. Choosing something minimalistic and lightweight is always the best choice for moving the system from room to room where there is less noise. Buy a good lighting table lamp available on popular home decor websites to put it on the desk to make it suitable for working at all times with sufficient lighting.


It is natural to suffer from pain in the neck and back muscles due to the hours you spend working every day. To prevent that painful experience every night because of stiff and sore muscles and bones, get a comfortable chair with proper lumbar support. The majority of the gaming chairs these days are the most suitable options for anyone who is looking for a perfect seat for work from home. 

These gaming chairs are easy to install, and the bases of these products are sturdy enough to withstand weights up to 500 pounds and more. The uplifting seat feature will adjust the height of the chair according to the person's height so that it is easy for them to reach the laptop or PC on the desk. Upholstered living room oversized chairs paired with ottomans are also suitable alternatives for this purpose as they provide unrivaled support for lounging and relaxing the body. 


For every working individual, laptops are essential tools for completing daily tasks efficiently. Battery life, portable design, sufficient USB ports for import and export of data, retina display, and many more features are necessary for ideal systems for employees. It is also necessary to have a lightweight build that allows the users to carry it around in the house or put it in the lap to avail extreme comfort. 

Business laptops from brands like Dell, Apple, and HP with a smooth performance that can tolerate heavy usage are always a go-to option for career-oriented individuals like writers, journalists, and software engineers. Devices with HD front camera and stereo speakers are useful for video conference apps for every day or weekly team meetings that usually take place in the company. RAM and internal storage also play a huge part in selecting these tech gadgets as every detail of your tasks needs to be recorded and kept safely for future references.



No matter where you work, you can not afford to have network issues if you want your schedule to be finished for the day. Especially for office use, when you run on strict schedules, you are expected to have a high-speed internet connection to have an uninterrupted connection with others. This is where Wi-Fi routers come to the scene, with the help of which one can get a good signal of internet connection and connect to several devices simultaneously. 

Top branded tri-band routers like the products from Asus and Linksys are responsible for loading large files within seconds and protecting devices against external factors like cyber attacks from hackers. Employees belonging to the digital marketing stream and bloggers who often need to stream videos and browse on the web for information are recommended to get these gadgets to complete their jobs on time. 

Project Management Software

When you are on a team and working on a project together, isn't it important for all to follow a certain timeline to carry out tasks? Software like project management tools helps team leaders or project heads draw an outline that their subordinates and those working under them have to follow to complete the job before the deadline and achieve the best results. 

This software helps the users review the time-to-time work updates of each and every individual involved in the project. It also helps in tracking the tasks of the clients and manage the work according to their liking. The live chat and video call features can be utilized to communicate with the co-team members to clarify doubts about the job to avoid mistakes. One can also compare the budgets of similar projects to estimate their enough funds until the end of the work. 

Video Conferencing Apps

Work from home means no one in the company will be in touch with each other unless one contacts others via calls or live chat. Many video conferencing platforms on the market are perfect for clear communication between co-workers to get the job without personally meeting each other. These apps and websites where one can create meetings and others can join are widely popular for their quality services.

Apps such as Zoom and Google Meet are used for weekly and daily meetings in teams to share ideas and methods of enforcing them to the full extent so that they produce good results for the company's productivity. The user-friendly interfaces and features like VoIP, automatic transcripts of call recordings, reminders for scheduled meetings, and many more benefits to businesses.


Cloud Storage

Wouldn't it be troublesome if there is a faulty internet connection in your area, all the work you have done till then has not been saved? For that purpose, it is advisable to use cloud storage, which buys space in your system to autosave all the tasks you have done second to second without missing one. They help safeguard your data in your devices by preventing malicious cyber attacks.

Installing these software programs on laptops and PCs is not that big a deal that it needs help from a technician. They are extremely user-friendly with a simple interface and various cloud options that allow imports and exports of multimedia files such as videos, photos, and documents. These files are kept concealed by high standard 256-bit AES and SSL/TLS encryption technology, which need password access from the company to open.

Team Collaboration Tools

Team collaboration tools are beneficial in increasing teams' efficiency by providing high-performance features like live chat and screen sharing tools, which allow the users to efficiently communicate with business clients and team members to enhance business productivity. The messaging tools and file-sharing options enable the employees to send and receive softcopies of reports to and from team leaders and colleagues. 

The cloud-based tools safeguard the data transferred on the messenger tools with encryption technology not to be visible to the outsiders. Timesheets are tools that help track every employee's work duration like login and logouts daily to see if they are diligently completing their daily targets. 


There is nothing more significant than protecting the company's work and saving the trade secrets from getting public. Top standard security tools will help find criminals in crimes like cyber thefts, where they steal one's work and pose it as theirs, which is commonly called plagiarism. Other tools like VPNs can block unauthorized access to the systems and protect users on the internet while browsing blocked content for information. 

Password managers are responsible for creating new passwords and login credentials for the employees in order to stay clear from hackers. Encryption software programs are also a part of a system's security issues that help in concealing highly confidential data from the public's eyes. 

Wireless Mice and Keyboards

Wires which come from a certain source are always a problem when it comes to comfortability. A big mess of chords disrupts the flow of your work, which is why people choose wireless mice. These mice are connected to the devices via Bluetooth so that the users can place them anywhere on the desk and operate the monitor from a distance. 

It is the same case with wireless keyboards, as one can place them anywhere, like on desks, on laps, or on computer stands, and type with comfort. These computer accessories' mission is to provide the users with a work environment where they can work with complete focus and convenience. 

Other Required Essentials

Aside from all the main essential things, there are some additional tools to look into for working at home without any disturbance. They are simple products that we can use for our daily activities even after the pandemic.


Wireless earbuds for Android and iOS devices help cancel the background noise and provide the best sound quality while video conferencing.



Though all the documents are softcopies stored carefully in the devices' cloud storage, it is also nice to have hard copies to have quick references instead of searching for them all over the system. For that purpose, a high-quality printer is necessary to have all the docs scanned and printed whenever there is a requirement. 

Essential Oil Diffusers

Being holed up in a room for many hours will take a toll on your immunity, which is not something anyone would want during the pandemic. Use premium quality air humidifiers and diffusers to purify the air and kill viruses and bacteria that enter the house.

Speakers and Headphones

Sometimes, one might get bored of all the piled up work and might lose confidence to continue with it after hours of continuously performing the same task. For those times, Bluetooth speakers and wireless headphones with high performance to create crisp audio and sound effects must listen to some soulful music to get back the focus.

Coffee Machine

Sitting in the same position and staring at a monitor for hours is exhausting. One has to have a cup of tasty coffee to get the lost energy back. Coffee machines with advanced features to make delicious macchiatos and lattes are available on home depots.

Virus Prevention Tools

You can never be safe enough from all the invisible viruses, and with the pandemic spreading like wildfire these days, it is getting harder. This is more the reason why Coronavirus prevention tools like sanitizers and wipes are supposed to be placed at the work table.


Time to go back to the olden times where the entire world population is busy running on schedules. It is still unpredictable as the Coronavirus pandemic's advent is nowhere near ending, and there is still no vaccine in sight. This list of work from home essentials will help you increase work productivity while being at home. Utilize the tools mentioned above and get ultimate comfort to carry out daily work tasks without any hassle and in the given time.

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