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Encryption software is the best way to protect and encrypt files from hackers and intrusions with advanced AES encryption.

By Customer Feedback

  • Best encryption software for online business
  • Smart auto-reconnection mode to monitor network
  • Beautiful and minimalist design interface
  • Helps to secure your IP address
  • Eliminates security threats in third party software
  • Traditional local and cloud scannings
  • Traffic based malware detection system
  • Active protection against data leakage
  • Endpoint and incident management
  • Protection with trusted platform module
  • USB startup key to resume from hibernation
  • BitLocker password recovery viewer
  • Encryption tools of manage-bde and cmdlets
  • Enhanced storage feature with encrypted device
  • Free window desktop application
  • AES 256 standard encryption protection system
  • Supports 30+ cloud storage services
  • Ideal for smartphones and templates too
  • Two factors authentication system
  • Simple to use encryption software for Mac and IOS
  • Real-time synchronization with document management
  • Technical knowledge free encryption software
  • File content support of Microsoft office, images and files
  • Encrypt upto 5GB data with a free edition
  • Argon2, AES 256, and ECC cryptography for security
  • Perfect for entrepreneurs and researchers for storing confidential data
  • Secure sharing using public cryptography
  • 128 and 256-bit AES encryption
  • Integrates seamlessly with windows
  • Command-line interface for scripting and programming
  • Special portals for banks and credit portals
  • Stores files and images with simple drop & drag functionality
  • Browse on Mac, IOS, Android and Windows
  • Encrypted using AES 256 software
  • Integrated responses with threat hunting
  • Modifies and encrypts administration passwords
  • Attack surface reduction of device control
  • Auto managed policies and deception
  • Encrypt files with a cypher and checksum
  • Secured encryption algorithms
  • Various applications in different categories
  • Easy operation with flexibility storage
  • Advanced 256 bit AES encryption
  • Option to password protect USB drives
  • Features instant files and folder locking
  • Powerful password management system
  • Separate platform to shred your confidential files
  • Password protection using USB and external device
  • Shred and permanently delete files
  • Six seconds to scramble and lock up files
  • 256-bit military-grade encryption technology
  • Advanced feature of two-step authentication
  • Virtual keyboard for keyloggers
  • AES and XEX encryption with 384 bits
  • Ability to hide existence containers
  • Privacy feature of password management
  • Recover messages with iCloud keychains
  • Industry-leading privacy-preserving technologies
  • Instant and complete remote wipe of data
  • BLOWFISH, CAST, and 3DES encryption algorithm
  • USB flash drives for unlocking keys
  • Two factor authentication for secure vaults
  • Secured data vaults for windows
  • Encrypt the whole partition of storage devices
  • Guideline for creating a hidden operating system
  • Two pre-boot authentication passwords
  • Open source whole disk protection

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