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Encryption software is the best way to protect and encrypt files from hackers and intrusions with advanced AES encryption.

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  • Best encryption software for online business
  • Smart auto-reconnection mode to monitor network
  • Beautiful and minimalist design interface
  • Helps to secure your IP address
  • Eliminates security threats in third party software
  • Traditional local and cloud scannings
  • Traffic based malware detection system
  • Active protection against data leakage
  • Endpoint and incident management
  • Protection with trusted platform module
  • USB startup key to resume from hibernation
  • BitLocker password recovery viewer
  • Encryption tools of manage-bde and cmdlets
  • Enhanced storage feature with encrypted device
  • Free window desktop application
  • AES 256 standard encryption protection system
  • Supports 30+ cloud storage services
  • Ideal for smartphones and templates too
  • Two factors authentication system
  • Simple to use encryption software for Mac and IOS
  • Real-time synchronization with document management
  • Technical knowledge free encryption software
  • File content support of Microsoft office, images and files
  • Encrypt upto 5GB data with a free edition
  • Argon2, AES 256, and ECC cryptography for security
  • Perfect for entrepreneurs and researchers for storing confidential data
  • Secure sharing using public cryptography
  • 128 and 256-bit AES encryption
  • Integrates seamlessly with windows
  • Command-line interface for scripting and programming
  • Special portals for banks and credit portals
  • Stores files and images with simple drop & drag functionality
  • Browse on Mac, IOS, Android and Windows
  • Encrypted using AES 256 software
  • Integrated responses with threat hunting
  • Modifies and encrypts administration passwords
  • Attack surface reduction of device control
  • Auto managed policies and deception
  • Encrypt files with a cypher and checksum
  • Secured encryption algorithms
  • Various applications in different categories
  • Easy operation with flexibility storage
  • Advanced 256 bit AES encryption
  • Option to password protect USB drives
  • Features instant files and folder locking
  • Powerful password management system
  • Separate platform to shred your confidential files
  • Password protection using USB and external device
  • Shred and permanently delete files
  • Six seconds to scramble and lock up files
  • 256-bit military-grade encryption technology
  • Advanced feature of two-step authentication
  • Virtual keyboard for keyloggers
  • AES and XEX encryption with 384 bits
  • Ability to hide existence containers
  • Privacy feature of password management
  • Recover messages with iCloud keychains
  • Industry-leading privacy-preserving technologies
  • Instant and complete remote wipe of data
  • BLOWFISH, CAST, and 3DES encryption algorithm
  • USB flash drives for unlocking keys
  • Two factor authentication for secure vaults
  • Secured data vaults for windows
  • Encrypt the whole partition of storage devices
  • Guideline for creating a hidden operating system
  • Two pre-boot authentication passwords
  • Open source whole disk protection

How To Choose The Best Encryption Software

In the web jungle, we're not safe, and our privacy gets invaded now and then. When the world connects via the Internet, intruders can sneak into our personal, work-related documents quite prominently and misuse them against our will. The data encryption is the encoded information and transformed into text-only using algorithms deciphered by the person concerned. Using data encryption software maintains security for personal information and prevents them from getting into the wrong hands.

Why Do You Need Encryption Software?

When you don't have relevant information about encrypting data, you might think of what difference it could make. So in simple words, the encryption platform is a powerful tool to keep all the digital assets in the PC or any device safe making the whole process of computer security easier. We can prevent sensitive information from criminal or other threats. Here we discuss the need and importance for you to install any cryptographic platform over the computer.

Secure Information

Security of the data has become a threat nowadays where sensitive information gets into hackers and intruders' hands. We have to be aware of both physical and web-theft, just like installing home security IP cameras at the houses in the same way we need to keep an eye on the files digitally using encryption tools or platforms. The computer network data has to be immensely protected via three stages-encrypt, authenticate, and authorized.

Archive Large Files

Installation of the cryptographic software secures the entire communication, server, and data from attacks or cyber-threats. The software is capable of storing data without any failure. The large files get encrypted and can be accessed whenever you like. The encrypted data are in an encoded form hidden from getting hacked or data breaches. The security delivered by the application is commendable and protects the data from being tackled illicitly. The documents and files attached are susceptible to threat and attack as the medium is not safe by any means, but when you encrypt the file format, it ensures safety and security.

Protect From Malware

Here in this context, we will see what we need to do to protect data from infiltration and unauthorized access. It's not enough to store the sensitive data locally into the physical system as they need an appropriate archive to place. The malware attack is usual among the files and attachments shared over the Internet. Even though the medium believes to be safe, but the professional hacker knows ways to breach them. With the increase in threat, technology evolves into a safe and secure platform to use.

Data Encryption

The cryptographic of the data is quite simple if you try to understand the process. The readable text messages encrypted using the algorithm into an unreadable text usually ciphered text preventing it from getting access to it by the unauthorized or cyber-criminals. The concerned system with a decrypted key can decipher the text into a readable message.

Inexpensive Tool

The usage of encryption software is pretty simple if you know the technology behind the process. There are best and chosen cryptographic services like Heimdal Software, ideal for both Windows and Mac, which support local and cloud scanning. It eliminates security threats and malware attacks both from the third-party platform along with the server. The application offers a 90-day free trial. 

The above aspect and factors are essential in safeguarding the data from getting misused. The impressive services by the cryptographic software can cater to the above factors quite efficiently. And to ensure well-protected cyberspace, anti-malware software is a go-to solution. Therefore, it is a vital tool in protecting from objectionable media.

Secure the Password

Everybody has encountered the fact that we have to keep changing the password as we tend to forget it. But most of the cryptographic software can secure the password well without losing and protects the personal data efficiently. In such cases, we don't need to note down the password physically or change it all over again.

Easy to Use

The simple functioning and easy to use feature always attracts the users to install the software. There is plenty of cryptographic software that is simple and comes with intuitive interfaces that make them relevant to use repeatedly. The extensions should be compatible to use in various search engines. 


While selecting the cryptographic software, go for the one that is compatible with different devices. The easy installation in any gadgets makes them the best out of the rest. You can choose the application that's compatible with Windows as well as Mac. The compatibility makes it stand out, and the user finds it easy to install in devices.

Encrypt Hard Drive

The encryption of data and keeping it safe from breaching is the vital feature of the cryptographic software, but encrypting the entire hard drive protects the selected data and saves the system if it is lost or stolen infiltrator cannot access the system and files. So, choose the Softpedia Encryption Software For Protecting Hard Disk, which is ideal for users like you and me.

Automated Encryption

Some cryptographic software comes with incredible features that drive the user to get their hands on it. When the encryption mode is enabled, and if you add the new files to the software, it must automatically encrypt the recent data. Most of the software offers this feature, but some don't. While you install the software, look for the desired functions.


When we talk about cyber threats, we usually see the improvement and the security enhancement provided by the encryption software. Here the Encrypt Me is considered the best software that secures the IP address and looks good with minimalist design interfaces, best for browsing and securing the data.

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