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Teramind Employee Computer Monitoring Software | Teramind Pricing

Teramind Features

  • Anomaly analysis user behaviour
  • Data loss prevention like OCR, fingerprint
  • Compliance for GDPR, HIPAA, PCI, and more
  • Ensure vendor access management

Teramind - Remote Employee Monitoring Software

To ensure your employees are right on track with the schedule on completing their tasks, one should make use of a feature-rich employee monitoring software. The best packages are available at Teramind, which can be previewed by requesting a demo to tour all the perks and benefits of them so that the buyers have a better understanding of buying a suitable product for their company.

The software products from this brand are GDPR, HIPAA, PCI compliant, which ensures safety and security for all the personal information that you enter into the system. It detects unauthorized actions on the company database and notifies the users of them with real-time alerts. Issues like data loss can be prevented by incorporating the devices of employees and others with high-security DLP features of this software like OCR, fingerprint sensors, content discovery, etc. It identifies suspecting behavior and predicts potential threats to give employers an idea of the crisis to prevent that.There are tools that record calls, chats, and video footage from camera surveillance from the personal devices of the employees like phones, laptops, etc. to see all the user actions. It also ensures vendor access management and monitors tasks diligently like SpyEra and The OneSpy. Choose the right one for your business from the three packs, Starter, UAM, and DLF, offered by Teramind according to your requirements.

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