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StaffCop Employee Screen Monitoring & Threat Detection Software

Staffcop Features

  • Inspect user behaviour and threat detection
  • Offer productivity measurements like time, work
  • Data transparency in workflow
  • Keystroke feature to capture communication activity

StaffCop - Advanced PC Monitoring Software

There are many options to choose from when it comes to the tracking software, but one has to be practical while choosing the right one. Staff Cop has high-value products and packages for home, office monitoring services. It offers the most effective monitoring software for small businesses. It is specially designed to track and detect malware, potential threats like hacking on the company's websites and database. It inspects the employee behavior and gives insights on their web searches as well as browser history.

Staff Cop has the perfect toolset that performs effective digging for finding out employee status, behavior, and criminal background if there is any to stay careful while discussing company promotions or important trade secrets. The keystroke feature of all is sure to have buyers' attention with its ability to capture high-quality calls, video chats, screenshots of errors in the work, etc. It helps employers get to know about their employees, their efficiency, and their work ethics. It can be linked to instant messengers on their smartphones with their consent to access and view their chats. This prevents the leaking of project information to opponent companies.

The surveillance can be of types like screen capture, live viewing from phone or laptop camera, Linux terminal capture, etc. These options may remind users of tracking software solutions from ActivTrak and iMonitorSoft. The only difference is that Staff cop is available at a lower budget and allows customers to use freely for a specific trial period.

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