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TrackMyFone Cell Phone Monitoring Software | TrackMyFone App

TrackMyFone Features

  • Read corresponding emails and other messages
  • Access multi media files as photos, videos
  • Monitor calendar meetings and events
  • User-friendly application to track teens and workers

TrackMyFone - Smart Cell Phone Monitoring Software

Keep an eye on who your employee is in contact with by incorporating their personal and office devices to the top-notch activity monitoring software from Track My Phone. The features of this software are explained with every little detail in the live demos issued by the expert team of Track My Phone to let the users know about what they are dealing with and how.

As the name suggests, this software helps employers keep an eye on their employees by installing trackers on their phones. It allows them to access multimedia files such as photos, videos, PDF documents, and more. This tracker also gives powerful insights into web browsers to collect data on search results and browsing history. It also remotely controls the GPS tracker, camera, audio recorder of the phone. It monitors chat engines like whatsapp, skype, Facebook, and others. The features of this software may differ from android to iOS devices.

It is compatible with all the devices like other trackers like Monitask and Teramind. They are also useful in monitoring emails, incoming and outgoing calls like Track My Phone employee tracking software. Try these great business tools to make your company perform well in sales, promotions, productivity, etc. They are legalized and trusted by many users over the years, which ensures safety and offers security to the company's assets.

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