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TheoOneSpy Employee Activity Monitoring Software For PC & Mac

TheoOneSpy Features

  • Protect business intellectual property
  • Get live 360 degree streaming
  • Recorded call logs, VOIP history
  • Best to restrict from inappropriate accessing

The OneSpy - Advanced Computer Monitoring Software

Monitor all the activities of your employees by setting up a top standard monitoring software to the company’s devices. The OneSpy offers an exceptional standard software program for small businesses to keep track of their daily duties. It also protects the company’s confidential data like promotional ideas, login credentials, and company intellectual property, assets, etc. It also provides protection to recorded calls and chats between business associates and workers.

This software program is effective in preventing unauthorized entry to the company’s database for information. There is a facility to track via spy 360 live cameras to streamline live conferences with the employees to inform them about their day-to-day activities and conduct virtual meetings. Lets the users know about the contact details of their subordinates and clients via call and VOIP tracking of incoming and outgoing calls along with the timestamps. This feature also helps to find the geological location by using the phone number. It also gives access for the employers to control the front and back cameras of the smartphones remotely.

Like most of the monitoring software solutions from SpyEra and Win-Spy, this also acts as a virtual spy that helps employers know where their employees meet who regarding what purpose. They send out alerts to the users to stay vigilant of the online hacking, phishing, and other cyber attacks.

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