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Spyera Employee Computer Monitoring Software | Spyera Features, Price

Spyera Features

  • Offer content of SMS messages, webmails
  • Record real-time GPS location
  • Perfectly safe from online predators, cyberbullies
  • Fully configurable with smartphones

Spyera - Monitoring Software For Mobile Phones

Check where your employees are and what they are doing just by sitting in front of the desktop through your home, and it monitors the business in mobile phones and assures in protecting your intellectual property. Its cell phone Spy phone platform provides the ability to check whether unauthorized persons or software tries to gather secret information.

If you’re an executive or manager, you’re probably aware that managing the business in cellphones is hectic. Real headaches and cell phones enable leakage of confidential data of both malicious and accidental. Through its lack of secure protocols and poor control over corporate mobiles, Spyera helps you change all that through its smart functionality system. It intercepts the changes, and it also monitors the employee messages, and it also records the phone calls. It captures and transfers the web account instantly with internet connection. you’re notified to join the call, and you can hear the whole conversation with the mobile application. Spyera comes with three different versions of the mobile, tablet, and desktop version Spyera to offer maximum flexibility and Spyera works in all languages and all countries. This software is quite expensive compared to Time Doctor and Win-Spy platforms. It also provides access to hack the most popular social media platforms with simple procedures.

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