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iMonitorSoft Employee Internet Monitoring Software | iMonitorSoft EAM

iMonitorSoft Features

  • Provide EAM auto detection to prevent confidencial crisis
  • Control user activities and filtration
  • Centeralized data security encryption
  • Support hybrid enterprises architecture

iMonitorSoft - Monitoring Software For Business

Protect the company's confidential data and trade secrets from leaking to your opponents by tracking every single detail and function in action in your workplace. This is possible by installing an activity tracker software to the central operating system of the company. IMonitorSoft is one of the practical work analyzing software for any business. It filters out the most important tasks and gives users permission to control employees' devices to track their location, work status, timings, and more.

iMonitorSoft provides EAM auto-detection technology to prevent any actions that may cause a confidential crisis to the business. The databases full of information are encrypted at a high standard and stored safely in the cloud-based vault. This vault can only permit employees and their employers to have access. It is compatible with all devices of android, iOS aslo all operating systems like Windows, Linux, Mac OS. There is an expert technical team at your service to deal with any technical difficulties or installation process.

This software's features and benefits overlap with Desk Time and Work Puls software programs' properties, but with a difference in storage capacity of recorded calls, messages, emails, etc. and efficiency. Also, suppose you want to enhance the interaction in the workplace between various departments and between team leaders and their teams. In that case, it is suggestable to use monitoring software as the interface.

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