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Activtrak Employee Monitoring And Activity Analysis Software

ActivTrak Features

  • Establish operational baselines for business
  • Ensure accountability by Analysing status and behavior
  • Reduce attrition of overworked to remote employees

ActivTrak - Cloud-based Monitoring Tool

Installing the best employee tracking software will help you know the activities of your company well and instruct them to do what and in what way. ActivTrak has great solutions regarding laying guidelines and rules which the workers should abide by. It has an effective, user-friendly interface, which makes communication between the employers and the workers easier without interruptions or technical difficulties.

It has many advantages and benefits that fit the bills of small to large companies. There are a bunch of features that are only available in ActivTrak that makes this a smart buy. The first credit goes to the most intuitive dashboard, which allows the managers or the team leaders to pinpoint any errors in the work and allows the users to get insights on everyday productivity. Also, it gives an overview of working hours to schedule meetings, to maintain balance in the timings from one employee to another. Analyses status, behavior, and communication with colleagues and clients. The features of ActivTrak are very similar to those of other monitoring software solutions like Hubstaff and Screenshot Monitor. The capacity to generate leads, company insights, the history of contacts, etc. all are the same. In fact, they could be apt replacements for this program with more benefits and helps produce work reports which are to be submitted on-time to measure the productivity in overall sales and promotions.

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