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Why Leading Companies Trust BestValued

  • We help connect clients to leading companies in diversified categories
  • Help brands get more visibility on publishing platforms
  • Data-driven analytics that helps our product research team to discover industry trends
  • We Generate High Quality inbound leads for our partner brands



We give brands the opportunity to be visible to over 500,000 visitors each month who trust BestValued to choose the right Brands

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Our Marketing programs have helped thousands of B2B and B2C companies boost sales

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BestValued provides an opportunity for brands to publish verified unbiased reviews on your company profile on BestValued from existing clients collected by our Analysts to help customers navigate buying decisions with confidence

Sponsored Listings

Sponsorship is an excellent opportunity to enhance your brand visibility on our listing pages. We provide additional marketing resources and customer support to our sponsored partners. We have multiple sponsorship opportunities designed to support your business.

* Sponsored listings get clearly marked with “Sponsored” tag to help visitors

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Marketing Program FAQ

How does BestValued marketing program impact a buying decision?

BestValued Product researchers use data-driven analytics to pick the best product suitable for a category. Marketing Program not only creates an additional layer of trust with the potential clients but also makes your brand stand out from the rest.

How does BestValued promote companies to the right audience?

Our listings and promotions are based on what consumers intend. We have hundreds of niche-specific platforms that are specifically tailored to consumer preferences. We help brands get recognised and build visibility to high-intent consumers. Our AI-based Push Notifications also helps your brand to be recommended to customers based on their preferences which increases the rate of conversion.

What is the Leading Company Recognition program?

BestValued recognises leading brands in the industry each year depending on a number of criteria. Leading Company Program promotes and highlights the recognised brands on multiple platforms that build a layer of trust with their company’s customers. Awarded brands receive a Digital Badge and recognition certificate that they can share on their website and social platforms. Receiving a BestValued Leading Company Recognition is a great achievement that is also reflected on the Brands Profile. Leading Company Awards help customers pick the best brands/products in the industry that can help save them a large amount of time.

What are the benefits of leading Company recognition program?

Leading Company Recognition program is the highest recognised and the best marketing opportunity for businesses.

  • Get your brand published on 3 major publications
  • Press Release on 400 news outlets with your company review digital award and logo
  • Push Notifications about your firm’s accomplishments sent to over 500,000 subscribers
  • Get your brand featured in our monthly and yearly newsletters
  • Social media promotion and exposure about your company’s recognition to thousands of viewers.
  • Get listed higher on our listing pages promoted to thousands of visitors
  • Get recommended by our teams to high intent thousands of potential customers asking us for recommendations.
  • Get your badge featured on your brand’s profile along with additional features.
  • Get a digital award badge and certificate from BestValued that you can share with your customers.

What is the eligibility to take part in the leading company recognition program?

BestValued analysis multiple criteria to award and recognise Brands. The criteria to be eligible for getting selected as the leading brand is that the company needs to submit references to get verified reviews.

How does BestValued collect or gather information about a company?

BestValued research team collects data using data-driven tools by DeepBrainAI that analyse marketing trends and multiple sources according to the location of each brand/product in question.

How does Verification on BestValued work?

We offer 3 levels of Verification depending on the number of reviews our analysts gather for your company to help build an additional layer of trust with your existing and potential clients.

What is the cost of BestValued Verification?

Verification by our analysts is actually done free of cost, we strive to bring the leading brands to our viewers and recognise the best brands.

How does getting verified on BestValued help companies?

We provide additional promotional strategies to the companies who get verified. We provide brand visibility on target niche websites and content support to give viewers a better understanding of your brand/product.

What are the requirements of getting verified on BestValued?

To get verified the only eligibility is to agree to add the digital badge on the website. Other few eligibility criteria are:

  • A company is ineligible if it has filed for bankruptcy
  • Company is ineligible if it has inactive business registration status
  • Company is ineligible if it has submitted fraudulent reviews
  • Company is ineligible if it has significant negative marks on a credit report

What is Sponsored listing?

Sponsored listing helps brands/products feature higher on our multiple listing pages. Our listing pages are promoted on a large scale using multiple paid-media channels, this provides your brand/product gain better brand visibility to thousands of BestValued visitors.

What is the cost of a Sponsored listing?

Sponsored Listings is billed for 3 months. Your brand gets extra attention and a dedicated brand manager assigned. The cost depends on the number of listings you want to feature with higher ranks and the position you opt for your brand in our listing. Get in touch with our team to get the tailored sponsored listing package to have the maximum impact.