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Extensive monitoring tool analysis of the employee’s work timesheet software which allow to get powerful data for more productivity.

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  • Automatically location tracking with geofences
  • Online timesheet software for invoice and payment
  • Easy to schedule work and attendance
  • Offer content of SMS messages, webmails
  • Record real-time GPS location
  • Perfectly safe from online predators, cyberbullies
  • Fully configurable with smartphones
  • Chat time monitoring system
  • Get timewaster alert reminders
  • Dashboard to glance of tasks, clients
  • SSL encryption for extra security on company data
  • Interactive online dashboard to view demos
  • Ideal to manage corporate property
  • Turn phone mic to listen surroundings
  • Suitable for all companies, from small teams to large-scale enterprise organizations
  • Improves the productivity, efficiency, and benchmark performance of employees
  • Provides real-time visibility and valuable insights for better teamwork
  • Track, analyze and optimize employee performance for powerful productivity
  • Automatic track and calculate efficiency
  • In-depth view of document titles like word, excel, photoshop
  • Accurately estimate time for work done time
  • Cost calculation and project billing
  • Automatically track and capture screenshots of tasks
  • Get clear picture of time and money
  • Securely transfer files with team members
  • Best to keep backup of work produced
  • Secure web account for remote monitoring
  • Enhance relationship of team and employee
  • E-mail, FTP, LAN log delivery
  • Offer microphone voice surveillance
  • Offer surveillance for productivity
  • Real-time remote monitoring for tightening discipline
  • Best to identify disloyal employees
  • Pre-defined trigger phrases for maximum security
  • Establish operational baselines for business
  • Ensure accountability by Analysing status and behavior
  • Reduce attrition of overworked to remote employees
  • Protect business intellectual property
  • Get live 360 degree streaming
  • Recorded call logs, VOIP history
  • Best to restrict from inappropriate accessing
  • Provide EAM auto detection to prevent confidencial crisis
  • Control user activities and filtration
  • Centeralized data security encryption
  • Support hybrid enterprises architecture
  • Easy and safe mobile application
  • View bookmarked websites of kids and employees
  • Track multimedia files and appointments
  • Quickly receive messages on social media
  • Best to protect against information leak
  • Control on web usage for distracting contents
  • Utilisation and attendance time tracking
  • Get reports and data based in dashboard
  • Self-control tool to improve efficiency
  • Access cloud-based time tracking
  • Integrated with simple interface
  • Perfect to save time and gain business insights
  • GPS tracker to trace codes
  • Read corresponding emails and other messages
  • Access multi media files as photos, videos
  • Monitor calendar meetings and events
  • User-friendly application to track teens and workers
  • Inspect user behaviour and threat detection
  • Offer productivity measurements like time, work
  • Data transparency in workflow
  • Keystroke feature to capture communication activity
  • Login securely with web browser like keystroke
  • Live control panel for live events
  • Filter block applications and control time
  • Online broadcasts employee tasks
  • Negligence and violation detection
  • Unique compressive algorithm videos
  • Data insider and threats monitoring
  • Anomaly analysis user behaviour
  • Data loss prevention like OCR, fingerprint
  • Compliance for GDPR, HIPAA, PCI, and more
  • Ensure vendor access management
  • Multi-authentication for shared account
  • Privileged sessions to accessing sensitive data
  • Offer remote vendor working
  • Quickly investigate internal incidents
  • Record emails, skype chat, and other communication
  • Best reduce liability risks for hostile work environment
  • Receive alert trigger by user actions
  • Web console for admins and supervisors
  • Application usage auditing and workstation inventory
  • Get reports for files create, copied, delete
  • Manage software licenses
  • Real time dashboard to exact status
  • Activities include mouse, scrolling, keystrokes
  • Manage remote team during work hours
  • Screenshot for bullet proof evidence
  • Record and trace user activities
  • Web filtering and website blocking to maintain safe work
  • Interguard and cloud-based control over employees

How to choose the best Employee Monitoring Software?


You might be concerned that your employees are spending more time surfing the Internet unnecessarily, viewing irrelevant or illegal content. Instead, they should be committed to accomplishing their official work and duties. According to research, 64% of US employees cannot avoid distractions and non-work-related stuff. But this is quite common and natural, as human beings have evolved to receive instant gratification. Discover exactly what your employees are up to every minute by monitoring software

Now, you can procure the best Employee Monitoring Software for yourself and your enterprise. You are free to choose the monitoring tool as per your needs and requirements! But don’t forget to consider certain general factors before the purchase, which you will be exploring shortly! Go through the below guide prepared just for the sake of your organization and its employees!

Why should you use Employee Monitoring Software?

Here listed are some perfectly amazing reasons as to why you should mandatorily make use of an Employee Monitoring Software in your organization:

Social Networks: Companies observe a high percentage use of social media websites like Facebook during the daytime which they highly avoid paying.

Flexible Working Schedule: A flexible attitude and relevant working hours are required for creative positions. Several working hours serve HR as evidence of their projects’ input.

Abusing Software Usage: Companies aim to save money and raise productivity. They like to minimize their costs spent on licensed but unnecessary software.

Remote Managerial Control: Despite being busy, business owners want to be aware of the daily business routine situation. It gets quite simple for them to monitor their employees remotely through this spyera software

Productivity: Employees being aware of the business, monitoring their Internet usage, search strings, networking, etc. helps boost productivity. This makes them overall disciplines and self-organized as well.

How does an Employee Monitoring Tool work?

Let’s discuss some features under Employee monitoring software meant for increasing productivity:

Time Tracking: You either download a desktop app or clock in to clock in when you turn your computer on. A timedoctor employee monitoring software offering time tracking also offer a mobile app to keep track of your work and meetings away from your desk.

Computer Activity Monitoring: It collects data that assists you in observing what websites do employees visit and how much time do they spend.

Attendance Tracker: Allows you to track holidays, attendance, days-off of the employees.

Work Scheduling: You can assign team members to specific projects and tasks and even schedule deadlines.

Types of Employee Monitoring Software

There are several means of employee tracking. Let’s take a look at some of the popular categories of Employee Monitoring Software:

Network Monitoring: Business tends to monitor the traffic which comes and goes over their network. A router or firewall keeps the record of the content and addresses received or transmitted over the company’s network. Network monitoring keeps a check on whether who is accessing the files and how those files are altered and transmitted. It can detect bad and redundant Internet requests as well.

Virtual Private Networks (VPN): VPNs are used by large companies that carry the job of providing access to company files only to those who are logged in. A VPN is sort of a website containing all files and programs which the workers can use and access. This incorporates security in terms of system files, at the same time enabling workers to contribute their part in handling the information.

Email Monitoring: Most companies tend to use their email hosting services having admin access allowing the IT team to check up on emails. Companies can monitor the server to see the comings and goings of mail to and from their company. They will cut down the bandwidth and security risks by actually filtering out spam mails before they reach the inboxes of the employees.

Keycards: Every employee possesses a keycard nowadays, provided by most of the corporations. Each card contains a chip that is swiped by the employee on the access door. An employee can’t enter without the card, otherwise, it would trigger some alarm system. The software behind the keycard chip tells when the employee came to work, which part of the building he has currently accessed.

Factors to consider while choosing an Employee Monitoring Software

Every product out there has to have some pros and cons! It’s your call which features you want your product to have as per your requirements.  But there do exist some general factors which you ought to consider before purchasing any product. Therefore, in this context, let’s talk about some of them you require before going for an Employee Monitoring Software:

Choose the software wisely that will grow with your business: As the company grows over time, so do change the business goals. You need to ensure that scalability is offered by the software. These are the features you should consider:

Flexibility: It should be flexible enough to accommodate all servers and should be versatile as well. A good, versatile employee monitoring software will provide a good user experience overall.

Data Encryption: Data Security should be a priority for monitoring software.

Ease of use and customization: There should not be any requirement of technical expertise for the process of installation and customization.

Transparency: Always be transparent about monitoring. Set well-defined monitoring policies to provide sufficient information on monitoring.

Find out best players in the Employee Monitoring Market: Get in touch with experienced field-proven employee software providers and vendors. Broadly, there are two methods to achieve it, namely,

Search in Google for the experts in the field: You should search for software providers with extensive knowledge in the field of employee monitoring. This will, in turn, lead to you having a broader understanding regarding the features you require.

Top review websites to obtain general feedback: Reviewing top sites is indeed the best approach to get acquainted with the market. Although it has a major loophole of the approach of making assessments, based on the number of features.

Research the Employee Monitoring Software Market: A proper research must be done over the entire Employee Monitoring Market without haste. Vendors tend to add more and more features and functionalities so that their products look basic. Not all of these features are good but are heavy and consume enough resources too.


Hope you would have obtained enough knowledge about Employee Monitoring Software after going through the above guide. It is worth realizing the need for an Employee Monitoring Software for the growth, reputation, and well-being of any organization. You just need to invest some of your time, money and energy researching and purchasing the software. You will end up getting high returns from your employees and organization with just some worth applied efforts. Moreover, in this highly advanced tech and youth generation hubstaff employee monitoring software, with all this standard lifestyle, it has become of utmost importance to just go for the same!

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