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InterGuard Remote Employee Monitoring & Productivity Tracking Software

Interguard Features

  • Screenshot for bullet proof evidence
  • Record and trace user activities
  • Web filtering and website blocking to maintain safe work
  • Interguard and cloud-based control over employees

Interguard Software- Full-featured Employee Monitoring Software

Find user-friendly monitoring software for PCs at InterGuard under your desirable budget with exciting features and benefits for your business, no matter if it is small or huge. It has an easy installation process and does not require much time to be downloaded and run on the devices. This employee tracking software is monitored remotely to get into employees’ systems to track their work progress.

What Are The Features of  InterGuard Software?

More Flexible

It is flexible enough to connect to several servers and extract data from all of them in seconds. Like most monitoring software solutions, it also has a screenshot capturing feature that allows the users to record the activity of the employees in the form of HD images to present as proof of work done.

Website  Filtering and Blocking

It has web filtering and website blocking functions to enhance employees’ productivity and to protect the work and the data in the devices. The time-sheets, project details, schedules of various departments, and everything that concerns the company’s activities are tracked automatically to notify the employers if there are any inconsistencies in the workflow, even when there is no network.It also has the setting options to delete all the data remotely from devices if there are stolen.

What Are Other Alternatives of InterGuard Software?

This is a wiser choice than the software products from other brands like Software Metering or Retina X Studios, which are available under a similar budget but with lower efficiency when compared to InterGuard.

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