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Retinax Employee Performance Monitoring Software | Retinax Pricing

Retina-X Studios LLC Features

  • Login securely with web browser like keystroke
  • Live control panel for live events
  • Filter block applications and control time

Retinax - Computer Monitoring Software For Employees

Are you on a hunt for the best employee monitoring software for android devices? Then give Retina X Studios a try. It is one of the cheapest software for thriving small businesses. There are three major packages on the Retina X website available for purposes like parent tracking children activities and office activity monitoring. From them, SniperSky is a great choice for businesses. It is the most effective tool for keeping track of your company’s day-to-day activities.

There are many remarkable features that support carrying out daily tasks on time without delays on track with other activities of the company. There is a simple dashboard that allows employers to view everything the workers do on their devices. There is a screenshot feature which shows all the active programs on their browsers. It also enables them to monitor all the website history and the time of viewing to know better about their tasks. There are logging keystrokes which give insights into the posts or the online searches the employees usually do. It also tracks Facebook, MySpace, PC activity logs to see who they are in contact with and when.

Like the tracking software from Work Examiner and Screenshot Monitor, Retina X Studio has multiple computer management features that helps the users in monitoring numerous PCs and laptops from a single account. It enables them to perform various tasks from a single window.

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