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DeskTime - Employee Productivity Monitor Software With Time Tracking

DeskTime Features

  • Automatic track and calculate efficiency
  • In-depth view of document titles like word, excel, photoshop
  • Accurately estimate time for work done time
  • Cost calculation and project billing

DeskTime - Real-time Time Tracking Software

Desktime is the advanced and latest time tracking software for businesses and activities. This application enables employers to track employees' performance through remote locations and ensures the most significant productivity while on the company time. Through this software, you can save valuable financial and human resources, and the software allows with aids of several tools of app tracker, website tracing, and offline time tracking.

Furthermore, this software helps companies pinpoint inefficient tools and habits to increase employee productivity and provides tools to configure daily custom reports to analyze the weak links to resolve productivity securely. The software always stands next to the Hubstaff and TimeDoctor to monitor and track employee performance. This software absence calendar makes the difference more than any other; it lets employees log their leaves and absence. It offers the advanced functionality of smart mobile application functionality that enables users to monitor employees' actions and activities from anywhere while they are on-the-go.

The Desktime platform allows organizations and companies to monitor the productivity and performance of the employee. Through its smart features, it enables viewing which websites and desktop applications are being visited during the working hours and helps identify the productivity of employees individually.

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