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Workpuls - Smart Time Tracking And Employee Monitoring Software

Workpuls Features

  • Suitable for all companies, from small teams to large-scale enterprise organizations
  • Improves the productivity, efficiency, and benchmark performance of employees
  • Provides real-time visibility and valuable insights for better teamwork
  • Track, analyze and optimize employee performance for powerful productivity

WorkPuls - Automatic Time Tracking Software

WorkPuls is an innovative and advanced employee monitoring software that provides time tracking and time mapping solutions. It helps companies analyze and optimize employee productivity and efficiency at regular intervals of time as Employee monitoring software provides the ability to ensure teams stay on the track. In contrast, workings, the application also tracks the computer activity and automatically captures the screenshots to encourage productivity during work hours. It also follows the project levels for added accuracy to improve the workforce.

The softwares comes with built-in reporting and invoicing capabilities that ensure tp manages the project progress and optimizes productivity through advanced API integrations. It performs the automatic time mapping, which eliminates manual time tracking for projects, and assigns work to the project without any input from workers. As many of the  Spyera And Hubstaff software platforms. It also provides the additional functionalities and features for project management monitorings and this software allows managers to add projects and tasks and you are also able to set the urgency levels to complete the tasks, that helps team members to focus on the most important tasks through its kanban -style dashboard management, managers can set the budget for projects depending on time spent and hours worked.

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