The Evolution of Education: Then & Now

Omer Mehdi | Aug 24, 2020

How The Education Is Changing With Technology?

Bestvalued Education, as we know, has been an integral part of human race for many centuries. Educational institutions such as universities, schools and colleges have been a common source of learning for each one of us, so much so that the knowledge gained through it has helped us evolve on many fronts. It has most importantly helped in us projecting our mental capabilities that in turn help us sculpt ourselves into becoming, the thoroughly learned individuals we want to become. It is a common ground held between people of all classes, coming from all walks of life to achieve a common goal in the light of constructive information. In fact, we as learned individuals for the past many years have been associated with great importance of having some or the other kind of educational touch in our lives, which also depicts our undying admiration for some of the most prominent figures in the field of education who with the help of their innovative mindsets, changed the face of education forever into later becoming all those who we look up to as the ‘greater outcomes of great education’, that of which include some of the most famous and remarkable scientists such as Einstein, Edison and Galileo Etc.

Education on a more concrete level has been attributed to various fields that have been involved in highlighting a gist of it through a series of interests concerning reasonable amounts of breakthrough knowledge with its incredible contribution in broadening the whole research system our society is based upon and adheres to, on a routine basis. 

Although, with the changing times’ education has formed a lot of intricacies in its approach as it has moved towards a number of advancements and modifications with the help of rapid growth in technology over the years which has also given rise to user-friendly access to all kinds of learning made easier with the help of many online learning platforms. Introduction of numerous best online learning platforms has given access to the highest-quality education irrespective of their geographical location. Moreover, the programmes available on those platforms are performed to the best of their potential and abilities to make online learning easy and lucrative.


Furthermore, with the sudden emergence of a global pandemic also resulting in a global crisis has now put a full stop to all the ongoing educational activities that involved being physically present in a room facing a blackboard or a projector with google cast for education in order to jot down notes being highlighted onto them.  However, this occurrence has brought about numerous noticeable changes in the way alternative education is now seen and is being welcomed all across the world, also due to the major safety reforms being enforced on to the faculties and students of all educational institutions around the world, which now helps them complete their tasks from home with the help of phones, laptops and desktops which have now become the new normal in the field of benchmark education, especially not in the retrospect of any of the things which were considered just another option have now become quintessential in their approach, so to say globally and not just limiting to one country or a few more than one. Bestvalued

Online tutoring platforms have additionally assisted students by providing the supplemental skills that a student would normally require, they are also significantly more cost-effective and convenient than traditional tutoring platforms. Furthermore, the idea of online studying has its own set of both advantages and disadvantages and to discuss them on a broader perspective is the need of the hour considering the sudden shift in the teaching patterns from then to now which is being present virtually unlike previously which was being present physically. However, being present virtually during a lecture has its own set of successes and failures and they are, either there’s just too broad an outlook on the information one receives on their study due to endless sources of information available online or there’s no useful information either going in or coming out of it due to the lack of focus or attention from the tasks that have been assigned to each of the students involved in the given assignment. There’s however no given information on either of the two opinions on how advantageous or disadvantageous the option of online study, outweighing each other. So, it is now for each of those involved in the online study program to tell as to what and what not should be done to make a global winner out of the very same.

Lastly, as we move forward with the whole technological evolution in the world of education, especially in the wake of a global revolution that we’re now witnessing, all we can hope for is a better tomorrow that will bring out the best in us.

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