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Improve learning and grammar skills with the best online learning platform that offers thousands of latest high-demand courses from top universities.

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  • Ideal for web-programmer
  • Offers Basic data analytic courses
  • Learn to write HTML and programming language
  • Perfect for students
  • Offers University level courses
  • Video chat with your expert lecturer
  • Professional certificates after completion
  • High quality learning process
  • Flexible subscription plans
  • Data structures and algorithms courses
  • Personalised recommendation for online course
  • Offers online courses like marketing design
  • Well recognised platform for students
  • Free certification of completion
  • Focused on data science skills
  • Best for learning data science courses
  • In-depth information for every exercise
  • Data manipulation and statistics
  • Innovative Blockchain technology
  • Global education platform for learner
  • Personalised recommended on videos
  • Interactive And Gamified Courses
  • Advanced teaching and learning process for student
  • Business management and marketing finance
  • Available on Android and IOS device
  • Offers creative classes from expert oscar winner and grammy
  • Provides tip and trick to attend exams
  • Best for Photographer and designer
  • Only available on iphone devices
  • Download session and watch them offline
  • User- Friendly design interface
  • Well suited for professional
  • Cutting edge technology for platform
  • Easily connect student with expert tutor
  • Dedicated customer service
  • Affordable prices for students
  • E-learning tutorials for new curricular activities and FRM courses
  • IT oriented courses
  • Data visualization and business management
  • 1500+ expert authors and lecturer
  • Free subscription plans with 10 day free trial
  • On- demand video for every assignment
  • Offer new opportunities for starter
  • HTML and CSS javascript courses
  • HTML and CSS Language
  • Easily attend online classes and sessions
  • Instant Feedback
  • Automatically renew subscription plans
  • Available on Android and IOS Devices
  • Photographer and graphic design courses
  • Best Social media marketing business
  • Dedicated affiliate manager for marketing
  • Daily and weekly class session with experts
  • Built in annotation tool as PDF and Photos
  • Best for learning education
  • Video tutorials for students
  • 100% money back guarantee
  • Provides Basic knowledge for learner
  • Compatible with Android and Iphone Devices
  • Information technology and service
  • View all updates,article and news
  • Compatible with chromebook
  • High quality training for learner
  • Short videos lesson for students
  • Ideal for students and teacher
  • Provides In-depth information for important chapter
  • High- quality courses for students
  • New syllabus with latest technology
  • Helps to build modern projects
  • Computer programing and networking
  • Perfect platform for kids
  • Offer basic maths and reading skills
  • Writing and grammar vocabulary
  • Offer practises exercises and instructional videos
  • Offer more than 2500 courses available
  • Massachusetts institute of technology
  • Audio and video courses and online textbooks
  • Provides best programs and sessions
  • Learning opportunities for students
  • Graduate and professional courses with certificate
  • Vice Provost technology for learning
  • Personalised recommendation for latest courses
  • Offers computer science courses
  • Training for learn foreign languages
  • Statistic and probability courses for data science
  • Offers Strategic management business courses
  • Best data science and causal reasoning
  • Flexible monthly subscription plans
  • IT courses with certificates of completion
  • PG and digital marketing courses
  • Blockchain technology management courses
  • Offline events for student and lecturer
  • Job opportunities for top students
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The Ultimate Guide on Online Learning Platforms

Online learning platforms are providing a new scenario of improvement, growth and efficiency. We all must be grateful for the existence of this much productive stream. You would be shocked after knowing that in 2020, 98% of companies have incorporated the aspects of online learning in their functioning. In the past five years, the e-learning retention rate has increased from 28% to 78%. Apart from that, there is an amazing hike of 42% in the income sources on a worldwide basis. This data is quite enough to portray the place of online learning platforms are in various fields of our planet whether it is education or business.

Concept of digital media

For understanding everything about the best online learning platforms it is necessary to start it up with digital media. As the name suggests digital media is the media which work mainly with five elements image, videos, audio, texts and graphics. The thing to make clear here is that online platforms relate directly to digital media only.

All about online platforms

A platform which originates from digital media for the purpose of accomplishing several targets such as- education, information, business, orientation and association. These online platforms are the kind of Learning Management System (LMS) also respective platforms are subjected to allocating reach to digital classes. In other words, one can decode the idea of online learning platforms as virtual classes. The sub-stream of free online learning platforms has become the most reliable source of learning and education.

Some incredible features of online learning platforms

Moving on, before preparing your list of online learning platforms it would be better to explore some of its remarkable features for the purpose of choosing the right one for yourself. These features of online learning platforms are as follows-

Mobile and Desktop Compatibility

What are you up to? You must be running your fingers over your laptop or occupied with your mobile phone. These two devices are holding everyone, an online learning platform tracks down outright mobile and desktop compatibility for a soaring approach.

Hyper Interactivity

We all wish to make our education truly interactive, fortunately, online learning platforms serve the scope of hyper-interactive for all the members.

Real-Time Factor

Everything you find here is based on the mechanism of real-time. This is the reason a huge portion of the current population is rapidly moving towards online education instead of offline education.

Live Feedback to all

Good performance always inspires us to finer, all online learning platforms attempt to give the live feedback of your performance for measuring your capabilities in the right direction.

Student Information Management System

Yes, this above-mentioned feature tends to be very beneficial especially when it comes about online learning platforms for schools. To access the full information of the student from the student information management systems helps you in gathering proper records.

Variety of courses

Guess what? You won't be able to find this kind of versatility even in the offline learning platform because an online learning platform has extended the presence of several courses. All you have to do is select your desired subject and join the course.

Data Analysis 

Not for standard subjects but online learning platforms have shown their magic in the niche of business too. Data analysis features of online learning platforms for business are turning to be the biggest plus point.

E classes from experts

Today, we are witnessing the wonders of e-learning. These online learning platforms arrange regular sessions from different subject experts. This feature eventually shapes the accurate skills of students. E classes are the form or virtual classes in which experts share their teachings through an online medium.

Effective aspects of online learning platforms

Without any doubt, the human race has depicted a different version of education. We are noticing sustainable development towards the highest space of learning, It is needless to specify the contribution of online learning platforms in the same brook. Below mentioned are the prominent aspects of online learning platforms-

Two-way model of online learning

If we look back, we will find out the traditional offline mode of education in which the attention essence gets tough for every student. But online learning is coming forward as a boon to mankind. Nowadays with the two learning models of the online learning platform, each of the enrolled students is collecting personalized attention along with the opportunity to interact with the online subject experts.

Open educational resources of online learning

The principle of open educational resources applies mainly to the distance learning courses. By getting in touch with open educational resources all candidates obtain access for evaluated online study material. Open educational sources also establish a flexible environment where it forwards the liberty to teachers or students for the aim of customizing the learning content.

Combination of Augmented reality and Virtual Reality

The inclusion of augmented reality and virtual reality makes these online learning platforms more promising. VR opens the door of interactivity with the study material which ultimately falls for massive engagement. On the contrary AR aids teachers for the advancement of teaching techniques.

Types of Online Learning Platforms

The nature of these e-learning platforms varies from discipline to discipline. You are free to pick your online learning platform by keenly researching your field of interest. These types are as follows:

Online learning platforms for small business

If you are dreaming to build a strong foundation for your small business plan then you must learn the trending tactics, ideas, and theories at the first stage. Language learning platforms bring a wide range of solutions with progressive methods by featuring business development, business orientation, customer engagement, study of market trends, study of customer behavior for all entrepreneurs.

Online learning platforms for kid

Making learning pure fun is the sorted way for letting your kid enjoy the strength of the study. Coursera Online Learning Platform is working rigorously for resolving their objective of classic learning by integrating subject based learning, arrangement of fun learning, multimedia for your little ones.

Online learning platforms for artists

Art knows no bother, no matter if you are a painter, a poet, a writer or a filmmaker, there are infinite alternatives of e-learning destinations like in-depth engagement, interactive learning sessions, experts training for all aspiring artists. You can figure out your genre and can start your journey of perfection with no delays.

Why should you choose an online learning platform?

Constant support

Online learning platforms are continuously giving great support to the users through chats, email or phone calls. Every top-notch online learning platform serves with constant support in the manner of regulating the supreme quality of education.

Free Vs Paid services

Online learning platforms convey these two kinds of services first is free and second is paid. It is up to which service you would like to prefer. But we would like to give you the suggestion of going with paid services, so that, you will attend to maximum benefits.

Final Words

Now you must have better knowledge about online learning platforms and it's benefits. Why not try joining one such platform for improved learning like linkedin, or core education. We believe that our article would be helpful in casting the perfect online learning platform for you. 

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