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Online tutoring platform is a great strategy to score higher marks with in-depth explanation through expert professional tutors to achieve good results.

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  • Provide financial advice and business solutions
  • Advance programming database development
  • Get office software technology services
  • Advance preparation for high grades
  • On-demand video calling with experts
  • Reduce social pressure from students
  • Develop logical and analytical reasoning skills
  • Perfectly suits for mathematic students
  • Data gets saved in PDF files
  • Certified private and native speaker tutor
  • Perfect leaning tool for busy schedule time
  • Personalized plans to achieve goals
  • Includes virtual whiteboard, chat via text, video, audio
  • College and high school level test preparation
  • 24/7 flexible learning options
  • Best effective teaching and learning tool
  • Advance digital technology for improve grades
  • High quality audio and video clearity for communication
  • Get connected with laptop and computer devices
  • Receive robust and timely metrics for progress
  • Make strategic tutoring plans and pilot programs
  • Best to eliminate travel timing for both parties
  • Original and plagiarism free content by experts
  • Provide high quality assignments for students
  • Personalized seminars at anytime, anywhere
  • Best for private learning environment without awkwardness
  • Private online tutoring sessions
  • Professional certification after course completion
  • Live instruction and group classes for students
  • Online tutors for in-depth explanation
  • Best for distance colleges students
  • Online masterclasses for main topic revisions
  • Offer on-demand tutoring for students
  • Easily support foreign languages
  • Solve math problems with online tutors
  • Online practise test and worksheet
  • Well- suited for college students
  • Compatible with all Iphone and android smartphones
  • Step by step procedure for statistics progress
  • Offer chinese videos and support languages
  • Easily share assignment to professional
  • Customizable learning programs
  • Online training classes for chemistry and statistics subject
  • Pick own topics for assignments
  • Regular counselling sessions with parents
  • Hassle-free connectivity for all smartphones
  • Advanced proven technology for safe and secure learning

A Buying Guide for Choosing The Best Online Tutoring Platform

With the global crisis due to the Covid-19 outbreak, schools and colleges across the globe faced lockdown, so there is a lapse in personal growth and learning in children. Students preparing for competitive examinations, higher studies, and specialization in specific branches cannot attend institutions in person due to contact transmission risk. Thereby, the education system has now accepted a new trend of online classes for students of all classes. Choosing the top online learning platforms can keep the students occupied with their regular unhindered studies while staying at home.

Are you worried that your kid misuses the time spent at home by playing games and watching movies or videos? Why not redirect their mobile or internet addiction to something constructive? What makes online learning more engaging to students is the utilization of multimedia that has multifaceted teaching opportunities instead of just bookish knowledge. Unlike conventional classrooms, these virtual platforms come with flexible timing according to the students' schedule.

How To Choose The Best Platform for Online Tutoring

While choosing the best online tutoring platform, you should understand the student needs, what the platform offers, and whether the program will be budget-friendly for you. Whether you are choosing the platform for your studies or your school-going kid, here are the factors that you should look out for online learning

User-friendly Interface

While being user-friendly for the tutors who are adults, the online platform should be easy to use by students of all ages. Students should be able to browse through different tabs on the site or online learning app. 

The best online tutoring platform offers easy registration and a one-step log-in process to connect their IM or social media profiles. Scrolling through different pages and getting a clear idea about the classes offered, the staff, the number of students allowed for each session will make the interface intuitive. Besides, you should also consider support for different payment modes and a glitch-free user experience.

Unlimited Accessibility 

While virtual conferences limit the authority of running the session to the attendees, choosing the best quality tutoring platform will give the teachers and students access. You would not need a learning platform for kids where the teacher runs a class, and the student just logs-in to stare blankly at the screen, having not much to do. 

Choose a platform where students can log-in anytime to access study materials and ongoing classes. Just as tutors get access to start, mute audio and video, chat and send files, the students should be able to do the same. 

Effective Communication 

The regular classroom sessions and online classes differ in terms of communication between the pupil and tutor. The best platforms for online tutoring are designed so that the student can access chat support, mail, or comment on respective live sessions or videos to clear any doubt. 

In offline classrooms, it becomes quite difficult for the teacher to attend to each query from each student. However, the online tutoring platforms give tutors ample scope to check on with each student regarding queries as these live sessions do not allow too many students. 

Live Sessions

Just as the online research survey platforms should offer flexible research opportunities with template designs and report analysis, the best tutoring platform for test prep offers regular mock tests to make the students efficient in time management and accuracy. 

The live tutoring sessions should be incorporated for teaching the fundamentals of the specific subject thoroughly, and students need to study materials to have a detailed idea.

This is also beneficial for both the tutors and students if they are absent or cannot cover the entire chapter in a limited period. Students having queries from a live session can easily clear the doubts with the offline study materials, and therefore the pressure on the tutors regarding numerous doubts will be alleviated. 

Experienced Teaching Staff 

Teachers and professional experts are hired by one of the top tutoring platforms like GlobalWebTutors to help students learn from experienced faculty. Students aspiring to business schools can get business solutions and financial advice from business-centric online tutoring.

Those preparing for high school examinations, college, and university tests can get help from different platforms dedicated to specific subjects such as reasoning ability, mathematics, vocabulary, communication, etc.

The courses should be structured for different academic levels, and the teaching staff should be specialized in those areas. Additionally, assignments, seminars, live group discussions, certification, and scholarship courses are also included in different online tutoring platforms to suit students' needs. 

Support Various Media Files

Extensive support for different audio and video files is required so that students can get a smooth live session experience. Besides, downloading help for the necessary files in different text formats such as PDF, DOC, and image formats for offline access. 

Platforms for specific subjects such as Thinkster as the best platform for online tutoring for mathematics will help students who need specialized analytical and logical reasoning skills. These sites offer regular mock tests and classes on variegated chapters of the subject to suit your requirements. 

Security from Malware

The best tutoring teaching platform should have a proper secured browsing facility. The online classes and database of teachers and students are not accessible to any form of hacking, malware, and phishing. As these platforms are accessed through computers or mobile devices, any virus or malware from online can harm your device and make your details vulnerable. 

The sites should be protected with antivirus to protect the study materials from corruption, while the payment gateway for the paid courses should have online transaction security. Ad blockers for irrelevant and explicit content must create a suitable learning and teaching environment for the tutors and students alike. 

Final Words

Overall, Prestoexperts is the best online tutoring platform for developing advanced programming databases and getting strategic business ideas. Online tutoring sites create a bridge between the students and the tutors, where they get educational guidance. The tutors gain experience by sharing the knowledge –both from the comfort at home.

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