Best Whatsapp Marketing Tools

Massive reach and engagement WhatsApp marketing tools have personalised unlimited messages, videos, images to share with contacts for brand promotion.

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  • Quick replies with single click technology
  • Powerful dashboard to save media and messages
  • Fully-fledged CRM management for sales funnel
  • Helps to build strong customer engagement
  • Target search audience via social media platform
  • Send bulk messages, emails with WhatsApp tool
  • Affordable and expert supportive marketing software
  • Helps to provide real-time service for customers
  • Promote and advertise brand via videos, photos
  • Contact grabber, blocking technology
  • Support Windows 10 operating system
  • Best marketing tool with 64-bit
  • Self-managed tool to share bulk messages
  • API intelligent documentation custom text
  • Cross-platform accessibility like PC, laptop, tablet
  • Best to reach a targeted audience for productivity
  • Import multiple messages via CSV and TXT
  • Get sending log, scheduled sending and number filters
  • Hassle-free announcement with audience
  • Best marketing tool for business promotions
  • Direct advertising option towards clients
  • Helps send meeting, conference invitations
  • Best for long-distance surveying facility
  • In-built filter technology for contact numbers
  • Full transparency and controlled marketing tool
  • Sleep control and auto group posting features
  • Best mobile-friendly marketing tool for customers
  • Easy and fast tool with API integration
  • Two-factor authentication to add security level
  • Perfectly suitable for developers
  • Fully functional onboarding management system
  • Easily create reseller and sub-accounts
  • Share transaction details with customers
  • Audio speaker technology for typing-free conversation
  • Intuitive Whatsapp panel interface for hassle-free use
  • Best platform for better interaction
  • Cloud-based data security technology software
  • Effective classic fax for communication
  • Best push marketing tool for industries
  • Compatible with HTML emails and PDF files

A Comprehensive Guide For Picking The Right WhatsApp Marketing Tool

If you own a business or a company, then having a robust social image presence is vital. Most people establish a strong image on common social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook. They tend to overlook the vast opportunities that offer and fail to exploit the many benefits of the app's user percentage. WhatsApp is a platform of supreme quality marketing tools that are an efficient asset if you wish to boost your organic growth and establish an even prominent social media presence.

What is a WhatsApp Marketing Tool?

It is unfortunate news for business owners that WhatsApp has a strict 'no advertisement' policy of their own. As a result, you cannot work directly on the application to increase your customers using their paid services. However, many developers came up with a solution to this gaping problem and came up with marketing tools.

What these tools do is that they make the process of advertising one's business easier and more user-friendly. The primary aim of all these WhatsApp marketing tools is to enable or empower small and large businesses, brands, individuals, and even enterprises to reach a wider audience range in a lesser period than usual. Since there is no option to purchase paid advertisement services, you must rely on these external, third-party tools to do your bidding.

The internet has no shortage of such WhatsApp marketing tools, which come in many forms – software, tools, services, and scripts – that allow you to expand your marketing campaign and garner a quicker and more efficient engagement with your target audience.

Reasons For Including WhatsApp in Your Media Strategy

Most businesses establish their presence on generic social media tools such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and so on, but fail to consider that they can also operate through WhatsApp.

When you think of the number of people using social media applications, Facebook is the leader. But we also need to consider that Facebook has been around for a long time, and a significant percentage of their user-list might be inactive by this period. On the other hand, messenger apps like WhatsApp are the new rage in the technology industry. They have over 1 billion active users who are more than the total number of users on Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn combined. Therefore, if you use WhatsApp for active engagement to procure customers, you are more likely to succeed than in the case of any other social media platform.

Secondly, we must also consider that the response rate for WhatsApp is significantly higher than that of Email marketing services. While sending out EMails in bulk quantities to your target audience has proven to be efficient, we can estimate that the open rate for your messages will be around 40-45 percent at best. On the other hand, you can send your advertisement message via WhatsApp. There is a ninety percent possibility that your customers will at least read or open your text message.

Benefits of WhatsApp Marketing Tools

Even though WhatsApp harbors many users who participate and engage actively with each other in an interconnected network, you cannot reach out to a wider audience on your own. At the same time, you cannot hire a team of workers for the job either; it will neither be enough to make a large impact nor be economically feasible. WhatsApp marketing tools come in are designed for businesses and corporations to send their messages and product information to a wider audience in a less period in an automated manner. So here's what these tools can do for you:

Send Bulk Messages

This is the same thing as sending your advertisement to a large audience through EMails, only it is practiced through a more refined media channel called WhatsApp. You need not worry about having to send out your advertisement and product solutions to tons and tons of people on your own; even the most basic WhatsApp and SMS marketing tools have the option to send bulk messages.

Quick Replies

One thing that dampers a healthy relationship between a customer and the business is a one-sided conversation. Only the customer raises queries, and the businesses don't return any response. Through these marketing tools, you can prepare a pre-written message for your customers for various problems. At the same time, you can use the scripts available to choose from among your most common responses for selected queries. This will increase engagement with your customers and, at the same time, reduce the response time and increase the response rate.

Target Search Audience

Another attractive feature for some of the advanced WhatsApp marketing tools from providers like Whatsender and Whatso, is its target search feature. Using this, you won't be sending out bulk messages to random people but actual customers who would be interested in your product. This feature uses social media activity to determine the appropriate target audience for your product and taps into that market with great effectiveness. 

Cross-Platform Accessibility

Another great thing about these marketing tools is that you can use it on your laptop and your desktop. The latest versions even work well with a 64-bit operating system. These tools are generally mobile-friendly as well, so you won't have to worry about flexibility as you can use it from anywhere, whether it is from your office or in your bed, while resting during a cozy afternoon.


WhatsApp is the leading social media platform in the world right now. It might be hard to believe, as it isn't flashy like Instagram or Pinterest, but it harbors more users than both of them combined. Keeping that in mind, it is a shame that people still don't tap into their potential for marketing purposes. But with WhatsApp marketing tools from WhatsHash, your job becomes ten times easier, and you can build a solid presence on the text messaging service for your company.

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