Automotive Spark Plugs

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Automotive Spark Plugs - High-Performance Automotive Spark Plugs For Cars and Jeeps 

The efficient combustion process in the engines is the sole reason why gasolene-powered automobiles start. This category is about spark plugs which are the most important automotive parts required to produce a little spark that starts the combustion process by mixing air and fuel and generating electric current required for an engine to start working. The general working operation of this product is that it creates a spark when voltage is made to pass through the insulated center electrode that runs from head to toe of this plug which has one or two ground electrodes. 

Considering the smart and conservative lifestyle of people nowadays, many of the car owners choose to select parts of their cars that need to be replaced by themselves. They can get sufficient information on spark plugs for engines in this category containing leading brands involved in the automobile industry. These devices come in different sizes and are often made of different materials which vary according to the type of vehicle they are used for. 

There are four major types of spark plugs available in popular online websites for auto parts which are classified on the basis of the materials with which they are made. The types of these car parts are as follows: Copper, Iridium, single platinum and double platinum spark plugs. Copper plugs are more prevalent in older vehicles that were built before the 1980s, the reason why these are less common is that they do not last as long as the others and require more voltage but are still a nice choice for old vehicles. 

Products made of Iridium are the most efficient ones which will last longer and also use less voltage to create a spark but they are the most expensive and are used for vehicles that are rather an investment than a means of transport. Now coming to single platinum and double platinum spark plugs, these are the most common type in the market because of their reliability and ability to run without causing problems even in extreme weather conditions like rains and dampness. Bosch and NGK are both of the most recommended brands to consider while buying these automotive parts.