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Paw Patrol is one of the influential cartoon shows aired on Nickelodeon for kids. Like many other animated series, it has also been producing toys for kids and toddlers over the years. Did you know the revenue these toys make in sales is nearly $300 million each year? That is how popular they are among the kids all over the world. These toys come with the characters that are in the show, so you can buy the ones your child loves to make them happy.

They come in different types, sizes and can be arranged in any way as the player wishes. The various types are based on the material they are made of. Babies who are nearly the age of one are prone to accidents like cuts and bruises with hard plastic toys. So, it is advisable to buy them the dolls made of cotton and cushion with which they even fall asleep. In this category, the best Paw Patrol toys include miniature car, crane, and fire truck vehicles. Initially, there were 11 characters in the show. Each character has its own vehicle, which comes collectively as an entire set called the parking lot available online. The toys we have recommended here have excellent quality and durability to sustain rough play for years.

The vehicles are made of long-lasting, robust BPA-free plastic with details like a real one used for clutching and dumping things. The height of these does not exceed two and a half feet, suitable for growing kids roughly around the age of three. They are equipped with exciting sounds and colorful lights, bringing more fun into play. Also, to be able to move from one place to another, they are made extremely lightweight and handy. The best examples are Paw Terrain Vehicle and The Patroller, which have high-quality wheels and a battery that last an entire day used for playing adventures and rescue missions. The quirks of these toys help to sharpen young minds. Choose the ones that are adored by your kid to surprise them for their birthdays and other events.