Best Data Reporting Tools

Broad spectrum of reporting techniques has valuable data to assist well-informed decisions and robust speed analytical results for streamline processes.

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  • Google data studio and BI tool for track marketing
  • Automatic manual reporting tasks
  • Equipped with snapchat marketing, mailchimp
  • Actionable information for better decision making
  • 24/7 active business analytics and auto reports.
  • Tracks your site activity with no technical help.
  • Low maintenance and dynamic updates in events.
  • Customizable and scheduled daily and monthly reports.
  • Make cross functional report and dashboard
  • Built-in artificial intelligence, machine learning technologies
  • In-house wide range of relational database
  • Analyses geographical data with map chart
  • Estimated CTRs and over 45 SEO metrics
  • Organic traffic share with one-click
  • Analyses valuable content and backlink profiles
  • Suitable for competitiveness and profitability
  • Monitor competitor ad budget and keywords
  • Accessible with multilingual languages
  • Technical SEO and backlink audit technology
  • Best to improve employee satisfaction
  • Simple analytics dashboard tool
  • CVS file import system for data source
  • Best for bulk creation and editing services
  • Automatically report connect with dispatched mails
  • Label dashboard for custom URLs and designs.
  • Get alert notifications for effective performance
  • Customized dashboard templates to increase traffic
  • Databox designer for automatic visualize data
  • Cutting-edge data intelligence for more productivity
  • Automated data processing system
  • Multiple file versions to access KPIs business
  • Drag and drop indicator on workspace
  • Best for optimize operational and forecasting
  • Get maximum search engine optimization visibility
  • Page authority and algorithm links metrics
  • Step-by-step process to audit sites
  • Perfect for increasing revenue level
  • Equipped mammoth database with 3 billion keywords
  • Advanced data and handy filtration
  • Seamless location-specific ranking track technology
  • Best for increasing the workflow
  • Get financial structured planning for business
  • Partial ownership rules and statutory reporting
  • Increased agility for optimize experience
  • Provide excellent data visualization
  • Comprehensive financial planning, reporting, and analysis
  • Get encrypted by ensuring safe storage and access
  • Automated data integration framework
  • Perfect for examine customer behavioural prediction
  • Cutting edge embed component for workflow
  • Enables user configuration dashboard of business
  • Fully responsive design with consistent experience
  • User-friendly interface to create ad hoc reports
  • Personalized multi layer security requirements
  • Ensure full horizontally scalability to server cluster
  • Pre-built dedicated data connectors
  • Encourage data driven and remove guess work
  • API-first cloud technology to make data mashup
  • Powerful visualization and actionable component
  • Compatibility with Linux and Window devices
  • Revolutionary visual SQL solution
  • Create dashboard to keep focused and productive
  • Embedded web pages to share slack channels
  • Support extensive documentation, live training, and more

Everything you Need to Know About Data Reporting Tools


Do you have a proper system to ensure the reporting of data? If you’re still unaware of the right method to use your business data, then take the help of the Data Reporting Tools and Software. It can be a great way to develop your business quickly without facing any complexity in data management or transformation. If you start using the best data reporting tools, it becomes helpful in managing the reports creation or sharing process. In every business, a significant function is linked with data reporting. In such a case, don't let your business service fall into any trouble and get the best solution.

7 Major Features of Data Reporting Tools

Data Reporting Elements

In the data reporting tools, the existence of elements links to the view of your report. When willing to perform visualization of data, you can do it using different components, including maps, graphs, or images. If your analyzed data is not presented in a well-manner, then it is not going to showcase each in-depth detail about it. With the usage of reporting tools and Data mining Software, you can add visual effects on it, which makes your report well-presentable along with information.

Designing Feature

When the report is created, this feature helps design it. It is not about the aesthetic look of the report but technical upgrades. After the extraction of data is done, it is organized with proper visualization. Such features add up a base on the report. Blending, Grouping, Filtering, Pixel-perfect format, Sorting, etc are some of the famous features in data reporting.

Creation of Reports

For the creation of reports which are best suited with the right templates or customizations, it is best to use the data reporting tools. When you get the available templates, it becomes easy to create reports. If you’ve had any things to add in your report, then use the customization feature.
Benefits of Data Reporting Tools

High Connectivity

In the first step, before heading to the data visualization step, it is necessary to avail of the data. After the data accessibility is done, it is a must to have the connectivity in it. With the usage of data reporting tools, it is possible to achieve high connectivity in it. Such tools help in establishing connectivity with the sources of data, which enables a smooth report creation process for end-users.

Visualizing Data

With the reporting tools, it becomes helpful in achieving the visualization of data. This can be an effective way of smoothing the process of decision-making.


After availing the raw data, it demands the right transformation. With the successful transformation, it becomes easy to create it meaningful. It is only the complete information which is going to be useful. This feature makes the data reporting tools a great weapon used in data transformation.

Raise the Web Portal Value

In your business application, using the reporting tools can help raise the value of your web portal. This can be an easy job that can be done by employing the right tool.

What are the Different Types of Data Reporting Tools?

Analytical Reports

Within the analytical reports, there are solutions present to tackle the problematic conditions. Feasibility reports, Scientific research, Real-estate reports are some examples for analytical reports.

Information Reports

In this report, there is crucial information available which carries the objective or purpose of creating it. Personnel reports, Financial reports, Annual reports and many more reports are available based on the design. The purpose of creating internal reports is using it in the organization only. On the other hand, external reports are used for outside purposes. The external reports can be the annual company reports.

Data Reporting Tools Price

Don’t wait to sign-up for the mangools data reporting tool which can help you create professional reports. Use the free version or buy the premium package to avail of the benefits.

Data Reporting Tools Working Process

Many businesses and the developers of different reports rely on the best data reporting tools to ensure the quality and maintenance of proper reports. Such tools come with different functions, including graphic effects, sources of data, formats, filters, and much more. In the working process of data reporting tools, they follow a 3-step procedure:

Creating The Report

In this step, you'll get the chance to add your data sources and content for the report. There's no restriction on the type of report, whether it is professional, analytical, short, or any other.

Herein, you can add any custom features which you want to see in your reports. This helps let the report developers make a copy of what they think in mind!

Layouts And Other Additions

Choosing the right template can embrace the report information. With the semrush tool, you get some default templates that can be used in your report. Or add an eye-catching layout in it.


In the present time, every business has to create reports, whether analytical, external, internal, or other. In such a case, the zoho data reporting tools which come with advanced features for formatting and layouts.

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