Best SMS Marketing Tools

Expand business sales through display and message techniques with the SMS marketing tool that helps to interact valuable and targeted clients and investors as well.

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  • The real-time intuitive dashboard interface
  • Instant navigation with a responsive design website
  • Ideal for mobile marketing and engagement project
  • SMS marketing for better and effective sales
  • Quickly receive emergency notification alerts
  • Personalized SMS text messages to subscribers
  • Dual-way text conversation with staff members
  • API gateway SMS tool for business workflow
  • Compatible with android and ios devices
  • Fully responsive website at an affordable price
  • Easy to use control panel for customer comfort
  • Ideal to build loyal customer for brand promotion
  • In-built dashboard to send and receive texts
  • Two-way text messaging for scalable business
  • Best to enable data monitoring for result scanning
  • Drag and drop content widget and visual tool
  • Multi-channel chatbot templates for B2B marketing
  • Customized landing page and chatbot conversion
  • Two-way text messaging conversation feature
  • Best to strengthen customer engagement
  • Integrated link shortening and effective tracking
  • Offer automatic data collection technology
  • Mobile-keyword and data capturing feature
  • Customized API intelligent and other integration
  • Message scheduling to build loyal business
  • Filter and sorting technology to control marketing
  • Personalized messages with mass contact lists
  • Personalized mass messaging customer service
  • Mobile-friendly designed with ringless voicemails
  • Instant message delivery marketing campaign
  • High-end SMS marketing software for communication
  • Fully responsive landing page to gather information
  • Artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies
  • Text message scheduling for a quick response
  • Powerful and easy to use message marketing software
  • Automatic drip campaign tool to attract subscribers
  • Easy and friendly designed marketing tool
  • CRM synchronization to get new subscribers
  • Ideal tool to track in-depth analysis and response
  • Unlimited contacts to interact, customers
  • Powerful SMS gateway to increase sales value
  • Support PHP, NET, Java programming language
  • Supportive training session like live chat
  • Unlimited contacts to get efficient experience
  • Cheapest text message for customer bounding

Beginners Guide on Best SMS Marketing Tools

Today people are becoming more tech-savvy. Instead of traditional advertising with brochures or flyers, they rather prefer digital and Great Marketing Tools. And why not, it is easy to use, and with just one click, you can establish yourself on every platform digitally. But here we are not talking about any social media platform, but promotion through texts. This is what we describe as SMS marketing. People use SMS marketing software to send promotional messages to prospects or customers. Everyone uses mobile today, and thus, this strategy helps you accomplish your goal with no effort as text messages are quite short and therefore easy to consume.

What are SMS Marketing Tools?

SMS short for 'short message service' is also known as text marketing or brand marketing. It is different and a new marketing channel that helps you build relationships with your customers in a very effective way. It involves the use of various text SMS marketing tools to send unique promotional or advertising messages to drive customers towards you. It is a direct channel marketing where you communicate straight to your target audience. The communication channel varies from advertising information related to sales, offers, discounts, and more.

If you do not know how SMS marketing works, there are different free SMS marketing tools available that help you to get in touch with your prospects. These marketing tools such as IRIO, SMSEdge, EZ Texting, etc. send texts to thousands of customers in bulk very conveniently. You will not want to send these loads of messages manually. And that is why the SMS marketing platform is handy for one to one or direct marketing.

Good SMS text marketing software also gives access to a variety of applications and tools to get started with marketing in a controlled and scalable way. It facilitates you to enter contacts in bulk, frames a message, sends them to the customers, and further analyzes them for better performance in the future.

How do SMS Marketing Tools Work?

There are no such best SMS marketing tools, but all work with the same strategy and accomplish a similar goal. Text message marketing comprises the two major steps; initially, you need to allow your clients or possibilities to select in so they can get promotional messages through SMS. Secondly, when your subscribers signed up, you need to put on a service that drafts and sends custom-designed messages.

SMS text message marketing campaign has three foundational elements namely opt-ins, phone numbers, and auto-responses. Customers can opt-in to receive text via three separate ways; either they can use keywords to subscribe to the main text, go with web forms, or paper forms. Next, you need to decide whether your business should use a short code format or a long code. Auto responses tie all together i.e. when anyone submits a web form or a paper form, auto-response is generated in return for the information provided.

Besides auto-responses, a growing subscriber list is essential. This way more customers will receive your text messaging which means more clicks on links, and ultimately it will grow your business. Lastly, send out the text to your customers or prospects.

Amazing Features of SMS Marketing Tools

Bulk Delivery

SMS marketing apps permit you to generate and list the messages in bulk. You need to frame a copy, and then include all the contacts to whom the message to be sent. This way you can send texts online to thousands of customers in just one click.


Top SMS marketing tools allow you to personalize the message by taking up the name tags in the message template. And your text will be modified with the real information for each entity to whom you are transferring the data.

Schedule Mobile Messages

You can also schedule the data in this software for SMS marketing. Scheduling messages gives you options for specific dates, time, distributed sends to the groups, or spread the sends over a particular period.

Easy Upload

SMS marketing tools help you in easy uploads of messages and further manage them systematically. Your contacts gathered by the specific factors, or characteristics that run for a specific campaign.

Two-way Channel

The feature includes a two-way communication channel where you can reply to the customer's message very easily in their separate conversations with Textmagic Marketing Tool for businesses

Benefits Of SMS Marketing Software

High Conversion Rates

Being one of the easiest marketing tools, SMS marketing is often preferred by every business regardless of size. This is so because SMS open rates are higher as compared to that of emails. It is indicated in one of the digital marketing magazines that about 75% of people want promotional or advertising messages.

Fast And Reliable Services

SMS marketing sends texts instantly, and they are read as well immediately as the text messages are received. It has been said that 90% of messages are read just in 3 minutes. This makes text advertising incredible for hyper time-sensitive offers.

Generate Leads

SMS marketing campaigns are quite helpful in bringing more and more leads. With the easy way available to set up short codes and long codes, they allow customers to opt-in for subscriber lists very conveniently.

Availability Of Free Tools

You can get many SMS marketing tools free online. All platforms help you to send free text messages online over hundreds of thousands of customers in a minute. These are easy to use and handle with no complications.


SMS marketing offers you the aspect of quick tracking. It tells you that your message has been sent successfully. Besides that, it provides you details of the recipients you saw the text and clicked on the links.

API Integration

The Call-loop SMS marketing with API integration lets you create the integrations and further you can manage the text marketing efforts from anywhere. API features add a value of the SMS campaign to the whole communication strategy. From marketing to customer relationship management integrations, API is all capable of doing anything for you. You do not have to build a text message platform but just plug into the easy to use API platform. It has all developed features and controls available for you. Some of them are:

  • It is just like the best texting app where you can send one message to the millions of people at one time. This is the flexible plan that any business can use regardless of size.
  • You can send and receive multimedia messages like photos, videos, or GIFs, and more using the API application.
  • Helps you to carry on one-to-one free online texting conversations. Moreover, you can collect and store data in no time. SMS API also helps you to keep eye on the subscriber list, or opt-in options.
  • With auto opt-out and subscription options, it is a flexible approach to every industry. It handles the unsubscribed requests automatically.

How To Run Successful Business Campaigns With SMS Marketing Tools?

As compared to the email campaigns, SMS campaigns have much different rules. In an email, you can send out your campaigns weekly, while it is never recommended to take a similar approach.

SMS business campaigns include new product launches, holiday announcements, promotions, etc. However, it is good to have a wide variety of campaigns that are segmented and filtered based on your subscriber's data.

Next to finding the right time to send out the campaigns is also essential. It depends upon your products and the audience to whom you want to sell. Some guidelines should be followed while working with campaigns.

When you are going on with your SMS campaigns, make sure that they are clear and easy to read. Insert a straight or direct call to action. You can add a character or a tone in the text with the use of an emoji. Finally, keep your SMS sound like customer touchpoints using a brand voice like websites, social media.


SMS marketing is a text message generator software that makes your business grow with mere steps. You do not have to put in a lot of effort, and your goal will be accomplished. However, you need to be careful while drafting messages. They should contain strong content that can drive the target audience towards your business. These promotional or advertising messages should be exciting as well as enticing enough to attract the attention of the audience.

There are in-bulk SMS marketing platforms available that can add a great value to your whole strategy when used correctly. And with so many features and benefits available, text marketing is now moving towards the new era. With the personalization feature, it is quite more comfortable to have a conversation with the customer and make him approach your brand. But as long as you follow effective practices, Protexting SMS marketing is going to make a significant impact while improving your ROI simultaneously. With some of these takeaways, you may run your business well in an efficient way in the future.

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