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Lightweight Home 3D Printer allows quick setup and hassle-free operation to make assignments for a school child.

By Customer Feedback

  • Round edge and fully enclosed nozzles
  • Ensure reliable performance by 3D printer at affordable price
  • Smartphone and WiFi connectivity for easy control
  • Perfect for school and libraries
  • Breakpoint printing function with specialized textbook
  • Built-in 720 HD camera to control over 3D printer
  • Air circulation technology
  • Smooth and accurate 3D printer
  • Two-way cooling technology to prevent filament jam
  • Support Windows, Mac, Linux operating system
  • UL Certified Meanwell Power Supply
  • Extrusion technology to reduce plugging risk
  • Fused deposition modelling technology
  • Noiseless technology 3D printer
  • 3D printer allows saving time and energy power wastage
  • Fast heating and resuming temperature
  • Access OBS and STL file format system
  • High precision guide rail with stable temperature
  • Power failure detection technology with auto levelling sensor
  • Multiple synchronous belts for fast molding
  • Best to create large and complex models
  • CNC machined Y-axis mounting slot
  • V-slot POM(polyoxymethylene) wheels for precision printing quality
  • 2.8-inch colourful touch screen with black diamond glass
  • 32-bits of the self-developing mainboard
  • Filament run-out deduction system
  • Durable and aluminium construction 3D printer
  • Removable glass plate to avoid edge wrapping
  • Support 2GB micro SD card and store sliced GCode files

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