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Telemedicine software schedules and conducts virtual visits directly from ESR and enhances patient care through a secured platform.

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  • Customizable platform with text, images and CSS code
  • Advanced appointment scheduling system
  • Online forms for medical purposes
  • Fully functionality analytics and reportings
  • Enables portability for travelling patients
  • Perform online medical case discussions
  • Integrated audio and video for live consultations
  • Screen sharing feature to share medical records
  • All data is secured with bank-level encryption
  • HIPAA compliant strong security features
  • Personal calendar sync for online bookings
  • Automated ERA recording and invoicing
  • Allows to create schedules in minutes
  • Automate timesheets for perfect payrolls
  • Easily manages shift changes and communications
  • Organise medical staff with nurse scheduling
  • View real-time tracking of appointments
  • Automated text and phone reminder alerts
  • Huge library of customizable medical templates
  • Schedule and conduct visits directly from the EHR platform
  • Standard scheduling through the front desk
  • Handles RCM and billing tasks internally
  • Mobile-friendly cloud-based interface
  • HIPAA compliant telemedicine software
  • Generates patient treatments and health solution plans
  • Extreme customizations to support internally
  • Self-service portal of compliance tracking
  • Appointment reminders and scheduling
  • Video conferencing and one-to-one messaging
  • Device for remote patient monitoring
  • HIPPA complaint intuitive dashboard
  • AI-powered electronic health records
  • Allison smart medical voice assistant for accessing
  • Secure communication with smart messaging feature
  • Manage patient support with Care connect
  • Practise and revenue management system
  • 360-degree view of intelligence patient data
  • Better tools for gauging patient satisfaction
  • Monitors patient behaviour and recovery process
  • Innovative technologies for individual approaches
  • Military-grade 256-bit encryption
  • Custom intake forms for scheduling
  • Supports walk-in appointment function
  • Powerful appointment reminder alerts
  • Conversational care with secure messaging
  • Seamless integration with EHR
  • Automated patient sync function
  • Secure messaging and ID scannings
  • Schedulings and appointment reminders
  • Expert driven revenue management circle
  • Electronically fully integrated billing system
  • Advanced AR management tools
  • Powerful tools for routable tasks and alerts
  • Resource sharing and optimization process
  • Provides flexibility in design and deployment

Things To Know About Online Telemedicine Software


Are you located in a remote place and finding it challenging to access healthcare and clinical services? Are you facing shortages of medicines? If your answer is yes, then the Software can be of great help to you. The telemed systems are a revolution in the medical industry. Currently, with the advancement of virtualization and digitalization, it has become possible to create virtual clinics with the help of telemedicine software. Telemedicine software aims at providing healthcare solutions remotely. You can find many doctors practicing telemedicine successfully over many years.

Nowadays, telemedicine can offer solutions to health and mental issues. Emotional support, depression treatment are provided. Telepsychiatry companies provide tele-consultations to patients suffering from chronic depression. Telemedicine business is in boom currently and caters to a million consumers worldwide.

Key Features Of Telemedicine Software

Secure Storage of Records

Telemedicine software needs to be intuitive. The customers should be able to use it easily. Reimbursements methods should be easy and convenient. Most of the telemedicine software allows secure storage of records.

E-prescription method is allowed. The physicians can submit the prescriptions electronically without visiting the patients online.

Secure Communications

Most of the telemedicine software is based on a cloud-based network to provide faster and secure communication between patients and doctors. Some popular telemedicine software allows patients to stay connected to the doctors. The telemedicine devices are incredibly beneficial for the patients as well as for the health care professionals.

User Dashboard

User dashboard is another crucial feature of the telemedicine software companies. The virtual care interactions are skillfully managed and should have an analytics portal and data sharing service

HER/PM Integration

Recently most of the telemedicine video conferencing software is equipped with HER/PM integration which facilitates the video visits.

In-app Support

In-app support is another essential feature of telemedicine software. The telemedicine software may be excellent and very easy to use, but there will be questions from time to time. Hence, in-app support feature is useful. The in-app support can deal with the queries efficiently.

Benefits Of Opting Telemedicine Software

Get Medical Advices From Comfort Of Home

With the Charm Telemedicine Software, you can seek medical advice from the comfort of your home. If you browse the internet, you can find much free telemedicine software which can be useful to you. The top telemedicine companies, doctors, consultation and many other services will be available at your fingertip.

More Patients Treated In Less Time

Due to the telemedicine software, more patients can be treated in less time and hence it will be beneficial for the doctors. In this way the medical practitioners can earn more money as well.

Prenatal Care Is Facilitated

Telemedicine software allows prenatal care which is extremely beneficial for the would-be moms as the transportation and pain of visiting the gynecologists', again and again, is reduced to a significant extent. This would be especially helpful during the first trimesters where the chances of miscarriages remain at the higher end.

Constant Monitoring For Chronic Illness

Chronic illnesses like diabetes, high blood pressure requires multiple doctor visits and constant monitoring. With the help of telemedicine software, the numerous visits to doctors are reduced. Now the doctors can be consulted online, which has proved to be very beneficial for the patients.

Reduces Multiple Visits To Hospitals

Diseases like cancer involve an intense period of treatment. It gets hectic for the patients to do multiple visits to the doctors. Thanks to telemedicine software, now some of the doctor’s consultation can be done online. Patients can reach oncology providers in remote clinics by utilizing telemedicine software.

Waiting time is reduced

It reduces the waiting time for the patients, and thus better health outcomes can be realized. Online therapy software is also useful for providing medical advice to patients.

Eye Treatments

Telemedicine ophthalmology software and retinal telemedicine software are highly beneficial to the eye specialists and for the patients who are having persistent issues related to eyes.

No Cancellations

During the face to face consultations, lot no shows and cancellations occur especially at the last minutes. It becomes inconvenient for the doctors and other staff to manage.

Reduce Transportation Cost

Efficient telemedicine software programs can reduce the transportation cost of the patients. The train ambulance and air ambulance services are costly. Some telemedicine software can serve the purpose, and hence the transportation cost can be minimized. When the patients can save unnecessary cost in transportation they can spend that money in medicine and other services which results in better result-oriented outcomes.

Increased Satisfaction

Telemedicine software increases the satisfaction of users and providers. Consultations can be more relaxed and less time-consuming. It was portrayed in a recent survey that the patients seeking tele-consultations are happier and more satisfied that the patients taking the face to face consultations.

How To Choose Telemedicine Software?


The telemedicine software cost should be affordable. If the software is too costly, then it would not help much as the usage will be limited to the elite class only. You can avail online telemedicine at a low cost.

Secure Payment Gateways

Telemedicine software should have an online payment facility, and they should have secure payment gateways.

Data Confidentiality

A telemedicine software deals with many data and medical history of patients. They should be safe on the platform. If the data are leaked, then fraudulent people can use them for malicious purposes. Hence when you choose telemedicine software, you need to be sure that they maintain the confidentiality of patient’s. The telemedicine and biometric integration software is in popular demand due to their ability to retain confidential information.

User Interface

Good telemedicine software should have an easy interface. If the interface is too confusing, then there can be an understanding gap, and it won’t serve the purpose.

Easy To Contact

You should choose telemedicine software which will allow both the providers and patients to initiate communications. You can read the health care providers review to choose the Simple Practice companies.

Final Verdict

Wrapping up, telemedicine software and devices have changed the configuration of the healthcare industry. It is beneficial and profitable both for the patients as well as for the health care professionals.

Nowadays you can download the best telemedicine apps on your mobile for iPhone and enjoy all the benefits listed above. The Zing Tree Telemedicine software development requires a lot of time and efficiency, but the result is quite fruitful. The telehealth technology tools are evolving day by day, and the future is bright for telemedicine software companies.

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