Best Video Editing Software

Make eye-catching videos with modern video editing software containing cutting and perfecting tools within the budget for a stand out work.

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  • Automatic people recognition with smart tags
  • High definition 4k quality program
  • Instantly create a movie with slideshows, dynamic collages
  • Intuitive tool for an unparalleled art experience
  • Flexible and cost-effective video editing software
  • Customized with 600+ brushes for special effects
  • Multicam editing and filtration
  • Layering clips and green screen effects
  • Perfectly build with keyframing for sounds
  • Aesthetic videos with filtrations and 3D LUTs
  • Supports high-resolution 4K videos
  • Unlimited tracking with 4k video projects
  • Drag and drop media option to highlight the movements
  • Creative transition like face blurring, and other effects
  • Dynamic split-screen videos with custom layouts
  • Perfect for making thrilling videos
  • Create unique and interactive storytelling videos
  • Customize CTA (call to action) to promote business
  • Offer an animated font and colours
  • Ideal to make short films
  • Massive selection of instruments and loops
  • Digitalization and restoration with fast processing
  • 360° images for interactive VR experience
  • Suitable for marketing and live events
  • Precise sound recording for a studio environment
  • Get E2E screen recording for businesses
  • Online classroom for blended learning, assignments
  • Personalized client presentation with webcam
  • Best for conducting live meetings
  • Efficient tool for screen recording and HD screencasts
  • Project content include titles, stickers, audio files
  • Stream online events for remote work
  • Get captions and watermakers on photos
  • Best for youngsters to record action programs
  • Educational licensing for students and educators
  • 64-bit performance with 4k recording
  • Import footage with webcam recording
  • Best for 3x fast recording and save times
  • Hybrid application and business enterprises
  • Offer online video services with high speed
  • Cloud media processing system
  • Integrated Getty image stock library for projects
  • Boost product demos and e-commerce clips
  • Multiple versions videos for better performance
  • Learning algorithm to determine logos
  • Educational cartoon videos for kids
  • Flat audio spectrum music projects
  • High-resolution branding mockups
  • Integrated templates and edit function
  • Enjoy over 1500 filters and effects
  • Enhance streamline editing for workflow
  • Best manipulation and rearranging of videos
  • Offer unlimited stock content library
  • Compatible with Mac, Chromebook, Windows
  • Instantly discover insights on Instagram and other social media
  • Promote deeper learning with authenticity
  • Subscription includes stock videos and audio
  • Speed and reliable support from experts
  • Offer quality programs for an immersive experience
  • Best video editing software for beginners
  • Graphic designs for web, ads, and social media
  • Motion animations and bundled GIFs
  • Fast and better team management for workflow
  • Built-in ready-made video templates
  • Online animation software for editing
  • Stock footage from the video library
  • Share files with one-click on Facebook
  • Best for smooth panning and zooming moves
  • Timeline modes to arrange video clips
  • 96kHz high-resolution audio on youtube
  • Enhance picture quality with brightness, contrast
  • Creative videography to preserve memories
  • Share events footages with family and friends
  • Offer video testimonial like DIY samples
  • Seamlessly send files with security
  • Create a custom portfolio and embedded playlists
  • Best for shooting films and concerts
  • Reliable and professional live streaming
  • Split-screen and special effects in exotic locations
  • Simplified soundtrack, music, and voiceover recording
  • Share clips on social media applications like Instagram
  • Video infographics for visual representation
  • Studio quality animation programs
  • Collaboration to maintain workflow
  • Six video styles like a whiteboard, handcraft, typography
  • Offer online meeting and training support
  • HIPAA compliant Telehealth technology
  • Attention indicator to track audience
  • Perfect to create effects for an immersive glance
  • Monitzer webinar for marketing platforms

How to Choose The Best Video Editing Software For Beginners?


It is said that a picture is worth a thousand words. These days, it wouldn’t be wrong to state that a video is worth a thousand pictures. Videos are now the most sought after content among consumers on social media. Nothing quite grabs the eyeballs like a well-made video. The improvements in smartphone cameras and DSLRs are making it easier than ever to capture high-quality videos. That said, shooting the footage only serves as raw material. Editing is what packages this footage into a great video that can be viewed by millions of people all over the world.

There is plenty of great software out there that can be used to edit your videos. Some are even bundled with the Operating System of your laptop or PC. The trickier bit is figuring out how to choose a Video Editing Software that best suits your needs.

Types of Video Editing Software

Based on the platform: There are two categories of video editors - Downloadable Editors and Online Editors.

Downloadable Editors: These are installed on your computer or mobile device. They usually support more advanced features than their online counterparts. They can also be used without relying upon internet access.

Online Video Editors: These video editors run on your browser. Your work is usually saved into cloud-based storage so that you can seamlessly work across multiple devices by simply logging into your account.

Based On Price And Expertise Level: As far as choosing and using video editing software goes, these two factors tend to go hand in hand. The types of video editing software can be divided as follows.

Consumer Level Video Editing Software: These are video editors that are perfectly suited for the casual user, or folks who are just getting started with video editing. These will provide all the basic features without costing you a bomb. There are plenty of options to choose from, in this category.

Prosumer Level Video Editing Software: These video editors come with a huge array of features that will let you do pretty much everything you would want to do with a video. These are ideal for experienced video enthusiasts looking to really expand their skills and are also well suited for most professional users.

Professional Level Video Editing Software: These are state of the art video editors. They are considerably expensive but are equipped to deal with any type of video editing requirements that may arise. These are used by the top professionals of the industry.

Features To Consider While Buying Online Video Editing Software

User Interface

If you are a beginner, you are likely to take some time to adjust to the user interface of most video editors. This is because good editors come with a very large set of features. The best video editors are designed to be intuitive and easy to use. Once you get a hang of all the features you will find that you can work quickly. However, if you find yourself referring to the user guide frequently despite using it for several weeks, then you might want to try some different software.

Input and Output Formats

The sheer number of video recording sources and devices means that there is a multitude of file formats. Ensure that your video editor supports a large variety of input formats. Especially the ones that you are most likely to use. Similarly, you want a video editor that supports a variety of output formats so that you can share them on the platform of your choice without worrying about compatibility issues.

Audio Options

A powerful editor is one that enables you to work effectively with audio. This means that audio has its own track in the timeline and you can separate it from the video track. The ability to add music and noise reduction effects also come in handy.

Adding Text To Video

This is an important feature, especially to make videos without sound. It enables you to add subtitles, key takeaways and annotate parts of the screen. An editor that provides control over fonts, colors and text effects are preferred.


This refers to what you can do while moving from one shot to the next. Effects such as fading and swiping are useful depending on the type of video you want to make. Transitions are also useful during the start and end of videos. A wide variety of transitions are always preferred.

Aspect Ratio

The most popular or best-looking aspect ratio varies from platform to platform. Therefore the option to change the aspect ratio of videos ensures that you have maximum flexibility to optimize videos across platforms.

Filters and Overlays

These are features that help to jazz up your videos and give it a polished look. You can also use filters and color overlays to give your videos a signature look and help them stand out from the crowd by preferring the corel video editing software.

Free Trials

When it comes to free video editing software, free trials are extremely useful. They help you test first-hand whether the software fulfils your particular needs. Checking out multiple software can also determine which one is easier to pick up quickly. And last but not least, you can observe how the software runs on your computer or device. Irrespective of how great the features of a video editor may be, if it does not run smoothly on your system it will prove to be an absolute pain to work with.

Software Upgrades

Some manufacturers offer free upgrades to their products. But even those that don't, will have options to upgrade to premium versions of their software. It can be advantageous to look at the whole range of offerings by a manufacturer so that you can upgrade to a premium version as you improve your skills.

Customer Support

The availability of tutorials and learning resources on the internet indicates the popularity and usage of the product. This means that it will be easier to get support for any queries you may have. Responses from the manufacturer on the user forums of the product is also a good indicator of the support you can expect while using the product.

Final Words

The quality of editing can make or mar a video as it dictates how the content is viewed. You can increase the pace or add music to completely alter the viewing experience of the video. It is thus an indispensable step in the production process. This is why it is important to use adobe Video Editing Software. This best choice will depend on your budget, level of experience, the cameras used to capture the content and the platform where it will be posted.