Best Instagram Proxy Servers

Check out the high-performance Instagram Proxy Servers that offer multiple account management and marketing tools for clients and gives high online security.

By Customer Feedback

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Instagram Proxy Buying Guide - Working, Features, And Benefits


Proxy servers were initially used only for privacy and anonymity. But as the Internet continued to develop, marketers started using proxies for marketing research projects. This is how Instagram proxies came into existence. They are developed for marketers and are used by them to automate several social media accounts simultaneously. There are approximately only 35% proxy providers that offer Instagram proxies as the social network platforms are highly restrictive websites and function under various regulations.

Most regular private proxies are blocked on these networks, as a result of Instagram proxies, youtube proxies, together with other social media packages, are virgin private proxies and are used by more than 55% of all users of the forum.

What are Instagram Proxies?

Marketing managers who handle a single Instagram account via a single device are not in need of the proxies; it is when multiple accounts are required, then marketing managers will increase the need for Instagram proxy servers. Instagram and various other social networks put a limit on the number of accounts managed from one single IP address to 5. Thus if a manager aims to control 10 Instagram accounts, he will risk having some or most of the accounts disabled or blocked by the social network.

In simple terms, proxies for Instagram are a tool used to connect an Instagram account permanently via a single allocated IP address of the proxy server. In this manner, a single manager can control multiple accounts. Similarly, one Instagram account can be handled by a number of managers or employees working remotely. However, the high proxy provide blazing fast,, uninterrupted speed for smooth accessing techniques.

Features Of Instagram Proxies

The most important feature of a proxy server is that it should be time-efficient. It does not imply idle time, but the extra time saved, which was previously used for manually managing the account on Instagram. Now this time can be used to manage other accounts.

Unlike the organic following, users can now easily start an Instagram account, amassing thousands of followers within just a few days, and automate the comments received, likes, and follows. This has proven to be very useful for digital marketers who manage several different social media accounts regularly.

Apart from this major feature, an Instagram proxy server should also provide the following features:

  • Instagram proxy servers should help marketers reach a larger audience with a better-focused marketing message.
  • It should help with better A/B tests and more precise results
  • It should allow marketing managers to focus on individual marketing verticals with targeted accounts to capture followers’ attention and boost the brand’s engagement.

These are the main features that Instagram proxy servers are expected to provide marketing managers.

Benefits Of Instagram Proxies

Hiding your IP address

As we have learned a proxy server will hide the original IP address and make the server control the target website unable to recognize a users' real address. However, there are times when these servers at some institutions prevent users from accessing particular websites. In these cases, Instagram proxy servers will come in use and enable users to access the website they want. On a larger level, there are certain countries that block their residents' access to certain websites or even a major part of the content found online. A reliable Instagram proxy server will help users to avoid these filters and freely surf through Instagram.

Filtering requests

Once obtained access to websites, Instagram proxy servers allow users to restrict certain websites to users using the network. If the user is a company, then they can get proxies which will stop the employees from accessing websites and Instagram content that can reduce their productivity or damage the network.


While browsing the Internet directly from an IP address without any proxy as an intermediary, the level of security is comparatively low, which leaves users at risk of being attacked by hackers and cybercriminals. The very fact that users IP remains unknown to the external servers while using proxies means that users are significantly protected. Some Instagram proxy servers even use a firewall as an added security measure so that users will have double protection from any potential hackers.


Some proxies for professionals use cached data. The reason for this is if a person using the same network as another user wants to visit the same page, the Instagram proxy server will not be required to go to the target website. Instead, it will extract the information from its own cached data and will make both the information transactions by making it quicker and reduce the load from the target website's server.


If for any reason, users would like to stay anonymous while being online, the Instagram proxy is the way to go. Users would be wrong if they thought that only hackers use proxies for these purposes. There are various users who prefer that their IP thus their identity remains hidden.

Location for businesses

If a user owns an international company and wants to show different content to visitors of the page on the basis of their country, they will need a good Instagram proxy server. It will identify the location of the users’ website visitors and load pages that are suitable for their local market.

As we can see, even if there are a single website and one marketing manager, by the division of the website's Instagram page's categories and creating one account for the respected category, the marketing message, promotions, customized hashtags, and recent inventory are better addressed and targeted towards the right people and forums.

If there are a total of 9 accounts, it's advised to use 9 Instagram proxies. In this manner, each account is connected individually to the social network. These accounts, with a planned and targeted message, will have much higher engagement than any other, lesser focused accounts.

Conclusion - Should I Prefer Instagram Proxies?

If users wish to grow an account out of a genuine niche following, it is recommended that users follow the organic process. However, if one wishes to grow their Instagram faster or manage more than five Instagram accounts on their device, then the storm proxy is the best and most necessary options one needs in order to get work done.