Best Youtube Proxies

Acquire un-restricted content access in youtube and avoid all ads and bans with Smart Youtube Proxies that gives authorization to blocked and restricted media.

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How To Pick The Best YouTube Proxy Websites To Unblock Geo-restricted Content?


Proxies server are an essentially alters a user’s IP address, masks it with another IP Address without the need for online traffic encryption. This helps the user to surf the net privately on the web making it difficult for malware or any other harmful forces to infiltrate and acquire your browsing data and other information.

Asia leads other regions by a marked 30% higher rate of proxy server usage. The North American region is second on the list with 28%. A web proxy works by camouflaging or masking your identity (hiding your IP address), acting as the middleman, and conveying messages between your computer and the website you want to access.

The reason why using proxies is important while surfing through YouTube is because your usage patterns are shared across multiple platforms and accordingly if affected by malware, can hack your important information like bank details, credit card information, etc.

What is a Proxy and How Does it Work?

A web proxy works by camouflaging or masking your identity (hiding your IP address), acting as the middleman, and conveying messages between your computer and the website you want to access. The reason why using proxies is important while surfing through YouTube is because your usage patterns are shared across multiple platforms and, accordingly, if affected by malware, can hack your important information like bank details, credit card information, etc.

Going to the proxy section of Network and Internet settings of any device of any software like Windows, MacOS, or Linux and turning it on along with the setup script will create a proxy to your system. The procedure is quite simple and does not take much of your time. 

What are the Different Types of YouTube Proxies?

YouTube proxies are generally traditional proxies that help in downloading videos and movies from the streaming platform. The majority of users prefer reverse, anonymous, web proxy servers, and transparent proxies.

Reverse Proxies

These proxies redirect the users to a particular website on a server according to their request. It is transparent and is accessible by external users but provides protection to the actual owner.

Anonymous Proxies

They are useful to people who do not want to make an original IP address for streaming. The servers are still detectable, but it does a good job in concealing the actual device the user is utilizing. 

Web Proxy Servers

These types allow youtube to make HTTP requests to other externally hosted sources like videos and movies. They act as firewalls that monitor the traffic of multiple servers in the network.

Transparent Proxies

It acts as a cache for websites, which provides an uninterrupted policy over communication over several servers to share media. It does not hide the client or the IP address so that every process is tracked by other users to avoid doubts.

How to Download YouTube Proxy?

There are certain steps users have to follow to download high-quality videos from YouTube with a proxy with nothing going wrong. Follow these steps:

  • Install and run the software on the system after checking if it's compatible or not.
  • Open the options tab and select connection.
  • Enable the proxy by ticking the option and typing the ID. 
  • Copy and paste the required blocked YouTube video link on the main menu.
  • Start downloading the file.

Features and Benefits Of YouTube Proxy

Proxy List gives you a list of different and budget-friendly proxy websites that you could use to access YouTube as an anonymous user. There are premium proxy lists that charge on a monthly basis. They provide immense benefits if you want to stay hidden and avoid sharing user data, these are as follows:

IP Addressing Support

This feature helps to hide your IP addresses while browsing through YouTube. In simple words, it keeps shuffling your IP addresses so that if you are in a region where you are not allowed to access YouTube or a set of videos under a certain category that is blocked, a proxy can help you get access to these content.

In some countries, accessing YouTube is banned, or its usage is heavily restricted. There are many good learning and education videos, and the blazing YouTube proxy can provide and to access it, a YouTube Proxy list can be your best investment of accessing materials without being tracked. Free proxy lists cannot be trusted, but the paid ones do their jobs of spoofing your IP Address very well.

No Cache Entry

The cache is the mini storage where all your usage data is thrown in. The data includes usage patterns, interests in certain products, or products related to a certain topic by reading the number of searches for that topic, etc. To bypass this, the YouTube proxy list will deny any registration of user usage data to the cache completely. Thus, spoofing the application.

It is indeed annoying to get bombarded with advertisements of products which you are least interested in just because of the click of that single video. To get rid of this misery, the YouTube proxy list will provide you the best workarounds to access your YouTube peacefully.

Region Lock

As mentioned earlier, YouTube proxy lists can also be used to access YouTube from regions where the access is completely denied. This also comes in handy in different work sectors too. Certain companies that provide official laptops to their employees have YouTube locked from the device itself, or the IT department has barred the access of that laptop by blacklisting the IP Address. Here is when the Proxy list comes in handy.

Please note that going against office rules is not recommended, but with the consultation of the IT department, the use of a proxy can be granted to the employee to access YouTube for research purposes. There are many proxy websites that offices effectively use for instant access to information which would usually take a lot of time otherwise to get clearance from the IT cells.

High Definition Content

Due to high usage traffic, there are many places that YouTube has limited the video quality to only 480p. This is annoying for some users because usually the devices they access YouTube from are of very good display quality, and they would like to watch HD Videos on their HD Devices. To get around this, the Proxy servers will spoof your IP address for another Country and help you get access to HD Videos without many problems.

There is nothing like getting access to HD Videos because the clarity it provides is unmatchable. Plus, many of the high-end devices support 4k videos too. So, there is nothing like getting access to those contents in a region where you are not able to.


Using the best and high performing proxies for surfing YouTube does provide a huge amount of Security to you. Your location, IP Address, browsing cache, and other important information are protected and cannot be misused by malware to spam you with advertisements.

Some of this malware can even get access to your passwords on different sites which is very dangerous. YouTube itself has an in-app payment that can prompt you to pay for a membership to certain channels and hence require you to give in your card details which have a high risk of being misused by anonymous sites. So, investing in a decent proxy membership for regular protection from such malware is indeed a good option.

Video Caching

Some internet video services, specifically YouTube, take advantage of the caching features of proxies on the web. This helps promote potential channels to you related to your content to keep you entertained and expose you to more adverts and potential places where they might want you to invest. The YouTube Proxies hence bypass the web proxy and help keep your Video Cache clean.

It is a good practice to keep clearing your YouTube cache regularly, but practically not many of us have the time to do it as a regular practice. These things are taken care of by the proxies for YouTube.

How to Use YouTube Proxies Free?

Proxy servers are very easy to install and set up on devices no matter what the operating system or the software is. Before going all the way through the process of turning it on and using it efficiently, one has to make sure that the proxy chosen has a low rate of risks regarding security issues. Every proxy provider company has its own set of rules and steps that users have to follow for setting it up and using it. Depending on the browser one uses, the procedure of proxy usage may have slight differences.

How to Unblock YouTube for Free?

A proxy server works in the same way as a VPN (Virtual Private Network) to unblock youtube videos that are geo-restricted at offices and schools. Although unblocking is quite easy and does not look like a big deal, proxy users have to be careful not to use it for highly restricted content and schools for; there will be legal problems. The following steps describe how to unblock youtube videos by proxies for free. 

  • Download a proxy server of high-security features and run it on your device. 
  • Open the proxy and make it default to youtube by changing the settings. 
  • Insert the link of the video you want to watch in the input dialog box of proxy and get access to it for streaming.


If you are thinking of surfing your YouTube without much tension of your data being transferred under your nose and used by various sites that pay YouTube royalty, the smart youtube proxy, which you can download and use on your cell phones as well as laptops to help you watch any video of your liking without any interference. Checkout some shared proxies for business purposes. 

It is always recommended to use a premium proxy that will provide genuine servers with high Security and seamless streaming. They have a very small membership cost of around 5-10$ a month which is enough to have you well protected online.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is a Youtube Proxy?

It is a tool that is used for hiding a user's IP address from trespassers, by this way they could easily have access to youtube videos that are blocked in their country. It removes the censorship that youtube has put on its content to view them without any trouble.

2. How to unblock youtube videos with proxies?

There are websites on the internet that do not cost a single penny to unblock youtube proxies. Just typing in the URL address on the bar given on the website homepage and setting the options to your liking is enough to click "Go".

3. How to download geo-restricted youtube videos?

It is a very simple process to download youtube videos that are restricted in your country. All you have to do is install and run a proxy server on your device and activate it by going to settings. Then copy and paste the video link on the proxy tab to download it.