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Online Security - Protect Your Identity From Cyber Attacks

Did you know that the pandemic has led to an increase in cybercrimes by 600%? The crimes are committed through malicious emails created and customized for the recipient to click on the external links with the virus. Studies say that more than 92% of all the malware is delivered by emails, and Trojans make up 51.45% of all malware. Though very vulnerable, Online Security needs to be taken seriously since the majority of our activities have switched to the online mode. Majority of the population care about online security because we are connected to the web in some format or the other, and we all need to protect our data.

Online security is something that all of us use but are sometimes not aware of its existence. All websites and platforms use protocols while you access their world. Unique correspondences in the form of email and passwords are used by users to secure their digital footprint or, in other words securing all your files, communication, and actions online. However, given the scope of the internet, no security system can be completely secure. Some of the most common security features include a complex password system where users can create a password to enter a social media platform or a web site. With sophisticated hacking software at play, most sites ask users to input complex passwords with different characters that are difficult to hack.  Password Managers help to generate robust but easy to remember passwords for users.

Antivirus software can help protect your digital footprints. You can procure such software either at a price or free of cost. The paid versions come with advanced features of online security and protect your system from virus threats by blocking them. They run a complete scan of your system to check for any new virus regularly. McAfee is one such antivirus that protects your device from malware.

Security questions are another form of online security. You would have to set a question along with your password protection, the answer to which only the user would know. Most financial services enable users with this kind of security. There is also the dual-factor authentication where privacy is offered in two layers. One, of course, is the password system, and the other being the OTP system, where one-time authentication is set to the registered mobile or email id for security purposes. This OTP has an expiry time and cannot be used beyond that time limit. 

Online security has also expanded to other branches of online activity like Business Security Systems, Tools for protecting children online, Identity Theft Protection, and others. Keeping in mind that cybercrime is dangerous, all possible modes in the online world are being enabled to reduce any misdeed that could lead to a lot of personal information disclosure.

As said earlier, viruses are the biggest threat to the online security breach. The majority of the cyber crimes are through malware that either decrypt all confidential information or destroy the system in such a manner that the data stolen becomes non-retrievable. Keeping the context in mind, it is always wise to opt for software that champions the cause of online and personal information by protecting your computer from unknown threats. Norton Family not only secures your computer but is also a tool for protecting children online by enabling GPS location tracking with geo-fencing. It is easy to set up the software and comes with a screen time monitoring feature. The web world is vast in scope, but with it comes the threats as well. Secure yourself from the dangers.