Best Electric Cooktops For Home

Keep safe your family with a high-end electric cooktops that features control lock, auto shut-offs and thermocouple module of flame failure detection system.

By Customer Feedback

  • Eco-friendly and handy cooktop
  • Suitable for cooking delicious recipes
  • Five heating elements to control the temperature
  • Built-in timer and tri-ring burners
  • Double, and round cooking zone
  • Auto turn-off timer function
  • Suits to traditional and modern kitchens
  • Heat protection and safety lock features
  • Pots or griddle heating elements
  • Hot surface light indicator
  • UL/ADA compliant agency approved
  • Power plus boil and a warm zone
  • Best ceramic cooktop for kids safety
  • High-level of thermal performance
  • ETL Certified cooktop
  • Protect from fire occurrence
  • Support light-weight containers
  • 2500 watts of heating power
  • Stable top helps for easy cleaning
  • Perfect electric cooktop for moms, housewives
  • Frustration-free certified cooktops
  • Best for all types of cookings
  • Electric induction cooktop with 4 booster burner
  • Tempered glass surface for spotless cleaning
  • Adjustable temperature control
  • Durable ceramic glass panel
  • UL and EGO certified electric cooktop
  • Energy-efficient and time saving
  • 110V radiant burner
  • Residual heat indicator
  • Best electric cooktop for small space
  • Plush-to-turn control knob
  • Built-in design complements kitchen interiors
  • Flameless burner designed stove
  • Two circular heating panel
  • Stain-resistant nature for quick clean
  • 1800-watts energy power
  • Automatically shut-off technology
  • LCD control panel, pan detection
  • Reduce heat conductivity
  • Affordable pricing

Electric Cooktops Buying Guide


 You need a cooktop or a stove for literally everything. Even if you want to boil water, you will require a stove. They are the most important appliance in the kitchen. Since traditional stoves consume quite some time, opt for a cooktop that matches according to your convenience. Electric cooktops have become common in most of the regions due to the user-friendly nature and sturdy design.

How does an Electric cooktop work?

As the name suggests itself, electric cooktops only function on electricity. There is a coil present on the cooktop connected to a wire plugged in the socket. When you turn it on, the electricity runs through the wire and reaches the coil. Due to this, the metal starts heating. As you increase the temperature, the heating of the metal increases.

Neat And Clean

In today’s busy schedule, devoting time to cleanliness can be a problem. Keeping the kitchen clean and hygienic is particularly necessary. Do not worry about accidentally spilling something on the stove. Electrical issues will not give you a headache at the time of cleaning — no more hours of rubbing the stains on your stove. You can wipe out the dirt from an electric stove in a couple of minutes. You can clean it after every meal you cook because of the handy nature and simple design.

User-friendly Features

Are you the one who is terrified of getting burns accidentally? We all are. Electric cooktops have made it easy for the beginners and the professional chefs to cook food effortlessly with premium quality gas cooktops. You can turn it on and off with a button depending on the temperature you wish to increase or decrease. To avail this feature, simply turn the dial in your cooktop.

When you stand too close to an electric cooktop, you will not feel the heat as you get in a gas stove. The fan or A.C in your kitchen can still be turned on when you have an electric cooktop. How convenient!

Heating Element

Are you stirring the food continuously; but still getting uncooked food from some sides? This happens because many cooktops do not heat the utensil in equal proportion. You will never experience this with an electric cooktop. The heating takes place equally so that your whole food is adequately cooked.

Electric cooktops heat up fast as compared to other cooktops. For instance, water can be boiled within a minute at high temperatures. However, the gasland cooktop enables you to handle the food with care at high temperatures.

Energy And Space-Saving Features

An electric cooktop consumes less energy compared to the other cooktops. So let’s do a favour on ourselves and save the environment. It also saves you quite some space. A ventilation hood is not mandatory for electric cooktops as no hazardous fumes are released.

The design of the cooktop is basic and space-saving. Make sure that you live in an area where power doesn’t go off often, which can cause a problem since an electric cooktop is nothing without electricity. Moreover, if you live single or in a joint family, this electric cooktop will serve all your needs.

Reasonable Pricing

Apart from looks, the thing that impresses most of the people is the pricing of these cooktops. They are super affordable. If you compare the electric cooktops with other stoves, you will be surprised to see the difference. You will need no gas connections. Eco-friendly GE electric cooktop is an extremely easy to install. You just have to plugin and switch it on. Moreover, you will not require an expert or technician to help you set up. Just unbox your electric cooktop and start using it.

Wrapping up, electric cooktops are a good selection for your home as they function well for years and make your cooking hours happy and stress-free.