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GE 36-Inch Electric Cooktop For Small Kitchens | GE PP9036DJBB

GE PP9036DJBB Features

  • Eco-friendly and handy cooktop
  • Suitable for cooking delicious recipes
  • Five heating elements to control the temperature
  • Built-in timer and tri-ring burners

GE PP9036DJBB - Smart Ceramic Glass Cooktop For Modern Kitchen

The GE PP9036DJBB is a 36” electric cooktop with a GE profile of 36 inches.

The ribbon heating elements of the electric induction cooktop assures it's consumers of heating and fast warming up times. The user can also use various sizes of pots and pan on a single 8”×5”.

The five-burner induction cooktop power boil is of 2400 Watts which is a flexible element that produces prompt and powerful heating along with a centre Tri-Ring element that delivers approximately 3000 watts.

The front controls enable the users to use the smart 5 burner induction cooktop with comfort and absolute ease.

The GE profile products promise the best and modern designed products that match with the most recent appliance technologies to revamp one's way of life and some four burner induction cooktops make cooking easy. 

It has a sportingly build and very dramatic look with state of the set features. This particular collection delivers its consumers and clients with the perfect blend of creativity and modé throughout the kitchen.

Some of the features are:

The five elements that include a 2400 watt power boil burner for rapid booking of liquids.

The power boil elements help the consumers fora 5” or an 8” heat ribbon.

The glide and touch controls are extremely precise with constant and immediate heating with one simple wipe.

The ceramic glass has a smooth surface that makes cleaning easier and more efficient for the consumers.

The product also constitutes a 1-year limited guarantee for the total appliance.

It also has a control lock capability that delivers the best ability to lock control to avert unintended or accidental activation.

You can now get your own GE products off the internet. Just lookup for “buy GE products online” or “online electric induction cooktops”.  Have a look on similar smart kitchen appliances GE Electric Cooktop with touch controls and Frigidaire Ceramic Cooktop for a modern kitchen.

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