Best Ceramic Cooktops

In contrast with traditional gas stoves, ceramic cooktops are highly efficient due to the temperature control levels, sturdy design to store and carry effortlessly.

By Customer Feedback

  • Eco-friendly and handy cooktop
  • Suitable for cooking delicious recipes
  • Five heating elements to control the temperature
  • Built-in timer and tri-ring burners
  • Pots or griddle heating elements
  • Hot surface light indicator
  • UL/ADA compliant agency approved
  • Power plus boil and a warm zone
  • Best ceramic cooktop for kids safety
  • Instant cool-down option to reduce heat
  • Intuitive control board allows power setting
  • Best energy-efficient ceramic cooktop
  • Reduces the risk of gas leakage
  • Double crystallite glass cover
  • Available at low price
  • Compatible with a tea kettle, glass, aluminium
  • Ideal ceramic cooktop to scramble eggs, soups
  • Safety/USA and Canada ETL certification
  • 180 minutes of timer functionality
  • Best ceramic cooktop with minimal counter space
  • Tempered glass allows intense heat
  • Various settings for simmer, steam, deep fry
  • Adaptable with magnetic cookwares
  • Effortless spill cleaning
  • 1800 and 1200 watts of power elements
  • Best ceramic cooktop for singles, dorm’s students
  • Durable vitro ceramic exterior
  • Over-heating protection system
  • Best ceramic cooktop for housewives
  • High power burner for cooking needs
  • Multiple cooking modes with lock function
  • Configurable temperature with auto warm function
  • Built-in-turbo fan for a quick cool down
  • Best cooktop for all cooking types
  • High powered heating elements for quick meal preparation
  • Adjustable temperature knobs
  • Best ceramic cooktops for adventure-seeker, campers
  • Heat-sensitivity with infrared technology
  • Supply 1500watts electric power

Ceramic Cooktops - Buying Guide


If you are a kind of person who craves for flashy cooktops, then there's no way you can get your eyes away from ceramic cooktops. There are all sorts of cooktops like an induction cooktop, gas cooktops, but when it comes to the sleek design and flashy appearance, none can beat ceramic cooktops. So, if you are looking to décor your kitchen with some good looking ware, you must take your hands-on ceramic cooktops. Compared to other types of cooktops, the ceramic cooktops are new to the market like frigidaire; however, due to increased demand, their numbers are increasing day by day.

One of the biggest reasons for this increase in ceramic cooktops is their ease of maintenance. Sure their stylish surface is one of the factors, but cleaning is a matter of more significance. Who would want to spend minutes cleaning off leftover from the surface? With the surface of ceramic cooktops, the cleaning becomes much easier. Apart from that, there are other factors as well that you need to pay attention to. So let's take a look at them.

Shape Of The Cooktop

Usually, ceramic cooktops come in two shapes; square and rectangular. Depending upon the requirement of your application, you can select either one of them. Most people get rectangular tops because of more space, but if you want a compact design, then you can go for a square one. Before purchasing the cooktop, you can measure the space where you wish to put your top, as per the requirement of space, you can select the dimensions of the cooktop. Also, you will have to ensure that there is sufficient room for ventilation to dissipate heat.

Cooktop Type

Ceramic cooktops come in various types. Some of the most famous ones are Halogen cooktop, semi-halogen cooktop, and Ceramic radiant cooktop. In the Halogen cooktop, the Halogen bulbs are used as a source of heat. In case of the semi-halogen cooktops, a combination of a halogen bulb and coiled metal element is used to supply the heat. As for the ceramic radiant cooktop, it uses coiled metal elements for the production of heat. These are all as good as others. The only difference between them is the method of supplying heat, so the amount of heat supplied is the distinguishing factor between them. If your application requires more heat, then select the one that supplies more.


The ceramic cooktop that you purchase must be suitable for your kitchenware. It means that the cookware you use for cooking stuff should perfectly sit on the cooktop. There are various things you can look at in design. You can take a look at a number of stations where you will put down your kitchenware. If you want to cook a number of things simultaneously, then opt for the one with more number of cooking stations. If the cooking pots are of larger size, then get a cooktop that has a larger station. The tops also come with different sizes of cooking stations which are usually known as dual-a element cooktop. In that, you can place small size pot as well as large size pot at the same time and eliminate the problem of stirring.


It comes without saying that cleaning a surface of the ceramic cooktop is a lot easier compared to other types of cooktops. But still, the surfaces come in variety as well. An ideal cooktop will be easily able to wipe off any dirt that sticks on the surface of the top.


Just like any other gas or induction cooktop, ceramic cooktop also comes up with regulating knobs that regulate the heat. The regulators should be easy to control and remove for cleaning. In addition to that, there should be clear marking for indicating the amount of heat being supplied.

Safety Indicator

This is just an additional feature which holds a lot of significance. Ceramic being refractory remains at higher temperature even after switching off the knob. So there should be an indicator that tells when the cooktop has cooled down enough to be touched again. When compared to market brands the GE electric cooktop is famous and money's worth product for moms.