Best Induction Cooktops

Induction cooktop encompasses electromagnetic induction along with temperature control system for easy and safe cooking.

By Customer Feedback

  • Induction technology for instant cooking
  • Bright LED displays
  • Individual 150 minutes timer for each burner
  • Portable size ideal for small spaces
  • Two independent heating zones with separate LCD displays
  • Power-sharing features for electrical overload
  • Best induction cooktop for campings
  • High-level of thermal performance
  • 36-inch induction cooktop with 5 cooking zones
  • Digital sensor touch control with 9 power levels
  • Scratch-resistant vitro ceramic glass
  • Sturdy, durable cooktop
  • Multiple cooking modes with lock function
  • Configurable temperature with auto warm function
  • Built-in-turbo fan for a quick cool down
  • Best cooktop for all cooking types
  • High powered heating elements for quick meal preparation
  • Serves as portable cooktop for RV’s, and dorms
  • Immediate cool down of cooktop after pan removal
  • Patented dual-power technology
  • Digital LED sensor touch control panel
  • Overheat protection with child-lock safety
  • Auto shut-off and pan detection
  • Germany imported motion panel
  • Ultra-thin and lightweight design fit for an island kitchens
  • Built-in count-down digital timer
  • Multi-functional induction cooktop
  • Easy to use digital plush button control
  • Best portable cooktop for professionals
  • Push-button controls with digital display
  • Maximizing power technology with overheating sensors
  • Ceramic glass cooking surface
  • Diagnosis function for IGBT and self faults
  • 6 different pre-programmed temperatures
  • 100 hours of cooking functionality
  • 9-inch large cooking area with a circular design scheme
  • Small article and pan detection best for singles
  • NSF and ETL approved induction cooktop
  • Ceramic glass top for gentle cleaning

Best Digital Induction Cooktop Buying Guide


With changing times and the unbelievable number of inventions and innovative technologies produced in the market, life has become very easy. One of the examples for this is how rapidly induction cooktops are replacing old school gas cylinders. There are several advantages of owning an induction cooktop over a gas cylinder: they are more convenient; have better, more compact designs; and are very easy to adjust and store. Plus it is more eco-friendly digital cooktop compared to the other orthodox ways of cooking.

How does a Digital Induction Cooktop Work?

An electromagnetic field is created around the glass surface by a coil that heats the surface of the glass. The coil essentially turns the induction cookware into a heating element. The energy transferred from the coil to the base of the induction cookware and hence it heats it instantly

The electromagnetic coil creates a magnetic effect which attaches to the metal base of the cookware. This keeps the remaining part of the induction stovetop cool to touch.

Benefits Of Digital Induction Cooktop

As written earlier, the induction cooktop is in most ways more convenient to use than a regular gas cylinder.

  • The most striking feature is that they heat up extraordinarily fast. Since the heat is transferred by magnets, there is a direct contact between the induction cooktop and the induction cookware. So, heat flow is faster. Moreover, the temperature can be easily controlled as the temperature change can be reflected immediately.
  • It is portable and reasonably light to carry and place around too. Perfect for carrying across for a vacation or any other activity where there is a plug point available to connect the induction stove.
  • It is hassle-free cooktop . Cleaning it with a dry cloth will be enough. The switches are not too light and sensitive and do not get affected by hot spilled liquids.

Features To Look In Digital Induction Cooktop

The following features are the ones you should look for when buying the right induction stove top portable.


In terms of induction cooktops, the right size does matter. Depending on the size of the kitchen, or replacing the old traditional portable cooktop for campaigns and how frequently it is going to be used, choosing the right size is important. The most effective and convenient size to buy which fits in most of the requirements is 60 cms.

Safety Sensor

Since we are dealing with electricity, there is usually a concern of being electrocuted. So induction cooktops made from the right material are important. So go for induction cooktops that have a 'fuse' feature to cut-off the electricity if and when a failure occurs.

Auto Switch-off

Apart from being controlled by electricity and having buttons, newer cooktops come with smarter electricity conserving features. The most important being the auto switch-off which shuts the stove power completely if it recognizes inactivity for more than 4 more minutes. 

Auto Heat Controller

Certain dishes usually require higher temperatures to cook over a short period or you want to heat something faster by using a higher temperature. This is where most duxtop induction cooktop come in. They have an auto heat controller that automatically controls the temperature to a lower degree from being in a higher degree state for a few minutes, to control overheating.

Overflow Protection

Apart from being made of spill-free materials, the induction cooktop also has the feature to automatically shut the system down and notify with beeps to inform the user of spillage.

Power Management

Smart Induction cooktops have really good power management features where in-built efficient step-up transformers convert low voltage consumed to high voltage for output.


Induction cooktops use a reasonable amount of energy in terms of electricity and are a little difficult to install. Apart from that, they cost from a range of 200$-600$ depending on the features and models. So it is a one-time investment and makes life a lot easier. So, when buying an induction cooktop, make sure you take into consideration the above-mentioned points for a sound decision like cuisinart cooktop has fully featured yet reasonable to install at kitchen for better cooking.