Best Two-Burner Induction Cooktops

Having a 2 burner cooktop with ceramic glass surface gives stunning look to your kitchen counter-space.

By Customer Feedback

  • Multiple cooking modes with lock function
  • Configurable temperature with auto warm function
  • Built-in-turbo fan for a quick cool down
  • Best cooktop for all cooking types
  • High powered heating elements for quick meal preparation
  • Induction technology for instant cooking
  • Bright LED displays
  • Individual 150 minutes timer for each burner
  • Portable size ideal for small spaces
  • 2000W and 1200W powerful burners
  • Perfect for a beautiful look in countertop kitchen
  • Residual heat indicator
  • Premium europe heating element for instant cooking
  • Durable german Schott ceramic glass panel
  • Precision analog control with 9 power levels
  • Safety devise with flameout detection feature
  • flawless smooth tempered glass surface
  • LED display with child lock safety control
  • High power heating with deep fry and grill
  • Exceptional temperature with timer functions
  • Power boost function for 5 minutes
  • Auto shutdown and overheating protection
  • Ideal for frequent travelers
  • Barbecue and flexible zone function
  • Quick to heat radiant element
  • Polar series with push to turn controls
  • 3 year product replacement warranty
  • Heat limiting cooking surface protector
  • Residual heat indicator
  • Best electric cooktop for small space
  • Plush-to-turn control knob
  • Built-in design complements kitchen interiors
  • Digital LED sensor touch control panel
  • Overheat protection with child-lock safety
  • Auto shut-off and pan detection
  • Germany imported motion panel
  • Ultra-thin and lightweight design fit for an island kitchens
  • Portable designed cooktop
  • Prevent from scratches, stains and rust
  • Auto on/off system for overheating
  • Low level of noise technology

Two Burner Cooktops Buying Guide: How To Buy The Best Cooktop For Your Kitchen?


Gas stoves exist since the 19th century and cooktops have emerged later. In most of the Indian households, you will still find a burner cooktop because of its features and types available. There are numerous types of burner cooktops like a 2 burner, 3 burners and even a 4 burner cooktop. You must be wondering which burner cooktop will be the most suitable one for you. Let's discuss a 2 burner cooktop and see how it functions.

What is 2 Burner Cooktops?

You can cook two dishes simultaneously on a 2 burner cooktop. If your family consists of 1-4 people, then this cooktop should be suitable for you. Burner cooktops operate with the help of gas cylinders and connected to the cooktop through a pipe. The gas cylinder contains natural gas or propane. When you light the burner, flames of fire appear, and the cooktop is turned on. 

Things To Consider While Buying The Best Cooktop:

Speed Is Important

No one likes starving. We all want our food to be ready as soon as possible. So here is some good news for you. The Cuisinart two burner cooktop provide the fastest heating than the rest of cooktops. As soon as you light the burner, it starts heating the utensil. It is because the appliances are in direct contact with the flames of fire, and no medium between them provides heat. Some other cooktops require preheating, which is time-consuming and inconvenient. However, this is not the case in 2 burner cooktops. 

Emission Of Heat

There is an extremely low emission of heat in a burner cooktop. As soon as you switch it off, it will cool immediately. This is an important and useful advantage of a 2 burner cooktop. It can operate continuously for several hours and still does not make the kitchen warm because of the heat it emits. Therefore, you will not feel uncomfortable being in your kitchen.

Temperature Control

One of the fundamental things while cooking is: Controlling the temperature at the right time. Be it frying, stirring, or just a little saute, there is a perfect temperature for every step. There is a constant fear of overcooking or burning your food. But with burner cooktops, you can gradually increase or decrease the temperature as desired. You can set the flame according to your requirements.

The food is cooked evenly in burner cooktops as well as electric cooktops. Since the burner is in a circular shape, the flame lights up equally. The heat is distributed evenly to the utensil. So all the worries of your food being half-cooked and half-burnt can be eliminated.

Save Electricity Bills

You will be saving your money on electricity bills since the burner cooktops operate on gas. They do not require any sort of power. Even if the power is down, you can cook your food and enjoy it. Burner cooktops are beneficial in areas where electricity shortage takes place.

Two burner cooktops are budget-friendly, consume less gas than the other cooktops. It has two knobs, one for each burner and the design comes in a stylish look. They have stainless steel and toughened glass top which can clean the stove in less than 2 minutes. However, you need to have a proper ventilation system if you opt for any of the burner cooktops. The fumes and smoke emitted is not very healthy. They need to be forced out of the house. You also need to be a little careful with where the gas cylinder is placed. It is, after all, Liquified petroleum gas.

Summing up, Nutrichef two-burner cooktop is trendy, reliable, and purchasing too for small to medium size families. Moreover, it has a very good lifespan of 10-12years. Compare the different models before you pick the right one.